Cool Tattoo Placement Ideas for Every Personality

Tattoo Placement

Getting a tattoo is not as easy as you think. Or should I say as our parents think? Everything needs planning. Even when you are going to get ink, you will need proper planning, from which tattoo design to which tattoo artist. And before all the hustles, the vital question is where to get a tattoo, and on which body part? Once if you get clear with the tattoo placement selection, then you can move on to finding the best tattoo design.

When tattoo defines the message you want to convey, its placement adds glamour to the tattoo. It is said that you can get a tattoo on any part of your body. But tbh, we think there are certain places where you should not get a tattoo. ‘It’s not that you ‘can’t, you can, but you ‘shouldn’t opt for those places. Why? Because they can be harmful to your body and your health too.

There are certain best places as well. Of all, Arm Tattoo Placement is the most common and the best one. Some issues can reduce or increase the durability of the tattoo on your skin. Like, too much exposure to the sun can increase the possibility of fading of the tattoo. Several body parts tend to get stretch and sink, and these will affect the design as well. You know, the life of the tattoo gets short if there is too much rubbing of clothing on it.

What Is This Article About?

You may get a tattoo without even thinking, but you must consider all these factors before getting ink. Your tattoo artist will also help you in knowing the tattoo process better. We are here to give you an overview of the tattoo placement ideas. Whether you are getting a big or small tattoo, its placement should be select accordingly. So, this article is all about the best and worst places to get ink with rational reasoning.

So here we go,

Best Places For Tattoo Placement

Firstly we will go through the best spots so that you have an idea about the places you can get ink with eyes close.

On Back

Tattoo Placement On Back

If you want to go for a bigger tattoo, then the best body part is your back. Larger tattoos need more space with even ground, and back is the right place. Still, if you are in doubt, that it may get wrapped or stretch, please consult your artist beforehand. The decisive point of getting a tattoo inked on the back is UV rays ‘can’t touch it directly on a daily basis. And hence that improves the durability of the tattoo.

Anchor tattoo like this one will look amazing on back. Plus back is a place where both men and women can get inked. Plus point is for women, as they can show off tattoo by wearing backless. But if we talk about men, they will be able to show it off either on beaches or in the gym.

Shoulders and Calves

Tattoo Placement on Shoulders and Calves

Shoulders and claves are the body part whose skin ‘isn’t affected by aging. This symptom is to be taken care of as skin aging does affect the tattoo. You would have noticed, how other body part’s skin gets stretched or shrunk but skin at the shoulder and calves will remain as it is.

Plus, this is the spot where you can get an extensive and detailed tattoo like shown in the image. Tribal art tattoo has been in trend for the calves and rose or lion tattoo for the shoulders.

Hairline (Backside of The Neck)

Tattoo Placement on Hairline

Hairline or say it the backside of your neck! The most tempting and attractive area to get inked. And if you are someone who considers keeping hair tied-up when out for partying, then this is your soul tattoo. It is one of the unique locations and best for small tattoo placement. But you will have to protect your teeny-tiny tattoo from the sun rays, in order to make it last longer.

Mostly girls prefer to get a tattoo on the backside of the neck, but it ‘isn’t a bad option for boys as well. Justin Beiber has also got one.

Outer Collarbone

Tattoo Placement on Outer Collarbone

The best place to get a tattoo! This place meets our criteria for protecting the art. The outer collarbone isn’t readily exposed to the sun rays, and the skin on collarbone stays on the area for a longer time. So you can get a tattoo drawn there without any hesitation.

It may be a little painful, but its result will satisfy you. For this spot, you should look for smaller tattoos or the one with vertically lengthy like flying birds.

Worst Places for Tattoo Placement

Now we will tell you the about spots of the body that you ‘shouldn’t get inked. Even if they look appealing to you, ‘don’t go for them. They have side effects that you ‘wouldn’t want to go through.


Tattoo Placement on Abdomen

The body part that is more likely to fluctuate is your abdomen. Stretching is the most expected one, reasons can be pregnancy or overeating (haha!). You can still control overeating (if possible), but during pregnancy, it’s natural that your stomach will stretch and it will result in the stretching of tattoo that too clumsily. You ‘can’t deny that it will definitely look ugly.

Yeah we know, it will bounce back as well, but there ‘isn’t guarantee that it will bounce back to its original shape. Either it will stay stretched or will shrink too much. You probably ‘don’t want to have a messy art on your abdomen.

Crease Line (Wrist)

Tattoo Placement on Crease Line

The worst part to get inked is the wrist. Yep. The wrist has crease lines that tend to stretch and shrink daily. Or you can say it has the highest movement. The constant pulling of the tattoo results in the cracking of tattoo, the healing process will slow down, and in addition to that, it will also cause damage to the lines and colors of the design.

Inner Ear (Pinna)

Tattoo Placement on Inner Ear (Pinna)

Inner ear tattoos may look good, but it ‘isn’t the spot for a long-lasting tattoo. Inner ear or pinna ‘can’t hold the ink well and it will get blur with the time. Your black tattoo will transform into a grey. If you are okay with getting touch-ups, then it may be the best place for you. Discuss this with your tattoo artist, and he will be able to help you with it.

Best Places For Tattoo Placement

These were some best and worst tattoo placement ideas that you should consider before finalizing.

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