Tiny Meaningful tattoos

Tiny Tattoos with Deep Meaning!

There were days when people use to get tattoos having some meaning. Nowadays, it has just been art and colours orient. Many people get ink a huge and beautiful tattoo on their body and when ask why you got this one the answer is,” Nothing specific, its because I like it.” But we think whether you get a small or colossal tattoo, there should be a meaning or motive behind it. 

Meaningful tattoos are again in trend, and all thanks go to some of our great celebrities who got tattoos ink having a deep meaning to it. Gone are the days when people use to like giant tattoos. The hot and trending are the tiny meaningful tattoos that are winning people’s hearts at the highest rate.

We were thinking about which are the best tiny tattoos that are classy as well as significant, and we got really awesome ideas. Hence, we decide to share those ideas with you so that you can also get those tattoos ink.

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So below are the best ten small meaningful tattoos that you should definitely get:-

Inguz – A Greek Symbol

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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The above image is a Greek minimalist tattoo that symbolizes, “Where there’s a will, there is a way”. This tiny tattoo explains the essential concept of life. You should not back out after deciding on something, no matter what. You will always find a way to your destination if you are willing to reach there.


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Diamond is an example that shows whoever you are and from wherever the struggle can make you shine just like a diamond. The other thing is that it will remind you that ‘you are precious, don’t ever underestimate yourself’.

Phases of Moon

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Phases of the moon describe the changes and inconsistencies. You will never see the same shape of the moon for even two consecutive days. This phase describes that when nature’s creation can’t be stable, how can a life be. You should keep going in spite of all inconsistencies and changes.


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Ohm is a sacred sound of the universe. It also describes the four states of consciousness namely, waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), transcendental (turiya), and deep sleep (sushupati), along with all these it also describes the world of illusion (Maya).


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Have you ever seen lotus? It grows in mud; still, you won’t find muddy smell from it. That describes you should not take negative things from others. Lotus is also count as a sacred flower in India. Lotus represents the form of purity.


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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An inspirational quote like above will help you in surviving the toughest situation and will motivate you to be moving. This “Darling, you’ll be okay” tattoo will always remind you to love yourself and will encourage you to come out of depression.


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Stay Positive. 

The above mention two-word phrase explains so much. We know that the phrase is a little bit old to get ink, but the newer version is better and classy, and will also describe your personality right away. The quote is, ‘I am enough+”.

Zodiac Sign

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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The Zodiac Sign has always been the safest choice when you want to get a meaningful tattoo, and why wouldn’t it be? Your zodiac sign describes you perfectly. Don’t mind but don’t you think those typical old signs won’t look classy anymore? We found something really amazing, in the above image, a girl got a zodiac tattoo behind her ear but if notice she got a Leo constellation ink. How cool is that!


Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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You would have seen the peace symbol as a tattoo but this year let’s try the fingers cross one. We do finger-crossing when we hope something to happen. It is also use as a sign of promise.

Semi-Colon + Infinity

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Semi-colon describes the pause, not completion and infinity describes boundless or limitless. It will help you known that there can be pauses in life, but that doesn’t mean it is an end. Life is unlimited, and you will experience this only when you will understand the true meaning of semi-colon. Always have a semi-colon in your life, not full stop; this way, you will be able to live your life to the fullest without any limitation.

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos

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Tiny Meaningful tattoos

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Here is some celebrity tattoos female to check out.

Above were the best small tattoos to get inked this year presented by Fashionterest.