15+ Small Tattoo Ideas With Meaning For Women

Tiny Meaningful tattoos

There were days when people used to get tattoos having some meaning. Nowadays, it has just been art and color-oriented. Many people get ink with a huge and beautiful tattoo on their body and when asked why they got this one the answer is,” Nothing specific, it’s because I like it.” But we think whether you get a small tattoo or a colossal tattoo, there should be a meaning or motive behind it.

Small Meaningful tattoos are again in trend, and all thanks go to some of our great celebrities who got small tattoos ink having a deep meaning to it. Gone are the days when people used to like giant tattoos. The hot and trending are the small tattoos with meaning that are winning people’s hearts at the highest rate.

We were thinking about which are the best small tattoos that are classy and significant, and we got really awesome Small Tattoo ideas. Hence, we decided to share those ideas with you so that you can also get those tattoos ink.

So below are the best ten small tattoo ideas with meaning for females that you should definitely get:-

1) Inguz Tattoo – A Greek Symbol

Inguz Tattoo - Small Tattoo Ideas

The above image is a Greek minimalist tattoo that symbolizes, “Where there’s a will, there is a way”. These simple small tattoos with deep meaning explain the essential concept of life. You should not back out after deciding on something, no matter what. You will always find a way to your destination if you are willing to reach there.

2) Diamond Tattoo

Diamond Tattoo - small tattoo ideas

Diamond is an example that shows whoever you are and from wherever the struggle can make you shine just like a diamond. The other thing is that it will remind you that ‘you are precious, don’t ever underestimate yourself’.

3) Phases of Moon Tattoo

Phases of Moon tattoo - small tattoo ideas

This small tattoo describes the changes and inconsistencies. You will never see the same shape of the moon for even two consecutive days. This phase describes that when nature’s creation can’t be stable, how can a life be? You should keep going in spite of all the inconsistencies and changes.

3) Om Tattoo

Om Tattoo - small tattoo ideas

Ohm is a sacred sound of the universe. It also describes the four states of consciousness namely, waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), transcendental (turiya), and deep sleep (sushupati), along with all these small tattoos also describes the world of illusion (Maya).

4) Lotus Tattoo

Lotus Tattoo - small tattoo ideas

Have you ever seen Lotus? It grows in mud; still, you won’t find a muddy smell from it. That means you should not take negative things from others. The lotus is also counted as a sacred flower in India. Lotus represents the form of purity.

4) Inspirational Small Tattoos

Inspirational Small Tattoos - small tattoo ideas

An inspirational quote like the above will help you survive the toughest situation and will motivate you to move. This “Darling you’ll be okay” small tattoo will always remind you to love yourself and will encourage you to come out of depression.

5) Positivity Tattoo

Positivity Tattoo- small tattoo ideas

Stay Positive.

The above-mentioned two-word phrase explains so much. We know that the phrase is a little bit old to get ink, but the newer version is better and classy, and these small tattoos will also describe your personality right away. The quote is, ‘I am enough+”.

6) Zodiac Sign Small Tattoos

 Zodiac Sign Small Tattoos - small tattoo ideas

The Zodiac Sign has always been the safest choice when you want to get small meaningful tattoos for females, and why wouldn’t it be? Your zodiac sign describes you perfectly. Don’t mind but don’t you think those typical old signs won’t look classy anymore? We found something really amazing, In the above image, a girl got a zodiac small tattoo behind her ear but if noticed she got a Leo constellation ink. How cool is that!

7) Simple FingersCross Tattoo

FingersCross Tattoo

You would have seen the peace symbol as a tattoo but this year let’s try the fingers cross one. We do finger-crossing when we hope something to happen. This small tattoo is also used as a sign of promise.

8) Semi-Colon + Infinity Tattoo

Semi-Colon + Infinity Tattoo

Semi-colon small tattoo describes the pause, not completion, and infinity describes boundless or limitless. It will help you know that there can be pauses in life, but that doesn’t mean it is an end. Life is unlimited, and you will experience this only when you understand the true meaning of semi-colon. Always have a semi-colon in your life, not a full stop; this way, you will be able to live your life to the fullest without any limitations.

9) Laugh now, cry later Tattoo

Laugh now, cry later Small tattoo

You may also have another model of these small meaningful tattoos for females: a laughing mask and a crying mask. Initially, the small tattoos refer to the attitude of “snort now, cry later.” It method of residing to the fullest or recklessly and addressing the consequence later.

As we’re extra privy to mental health problems., the glad face/unhappy face tattoo takes up a brand new means. Now it can also suggest that the wearer is pretending to be adequate even as suffering from internal.

10) Broken heart Tattoo

Broken heart small tattoo

A broken heart tattoo is a popular desire for the ones who have experienced heartbreak. It may be an image of disappointment, loss, and pain, however, it may additionally be a symbol of desire and new beginnings. Broken coronary heart tattoos may be easy or difficult, and they may be located anywhere in the frame. They are a manner to explicit your emotions and to take into account a hard time for your lifestyles.

11) Small meaningful Semicolon tattoo

Small meaningful Semicolon tattoo

The semicolon meaningful tattoos represent an unfinished story. It gained a reputation in 2013 when Amy Bleue founded Project Semicolon, an organization that advocates for intellectual health. Today, These tiny tattoos turn into a trophy for survivors who struggle against mental health problems. These simple tattoos serve as a powerful image of desire, resilience, and mental health awareness.

Representing a continuation in preference to finishing, this punctuation-inspired ink reminds individuals of their internal power for the duration of challenging instances.

12) Still I rise small tattoo

Still I rise small tattoo

A Still I Rise small tattoo is an effective reminder that irrespective of what demanding situations you face, you can conquer them and push them above. The phrase “Still I Rise” is taken from the poem of the identical call by Maya Angelou, which’s a celebration of strength, resilience, and self-willpower. A small Still I Rise tattoo may be a diffused manner to show the world that you are a survivor, or it could be an ambitious statement of your private energy

13) Small Flower Tattoo

Small Flower Tattoo

Looking for superb elegance? A small flower tattoo is more than just a sensitive adornment; it’s an image of boom, splendor, and existence’s fleeting moments. These simple tattoos maintain profound meanings as they capture nature’s splendor in a minimalist form.

Embrace the grace and symbolism of a small flower tattoo that resonates along with your private journey.

14) Tiny Star Tattoo

Tiny Star Tattoos

Star Tattoos are Small and easy, but meaningful. Star tattoos are a famous choice for women. Stars have long been related to wish, guidance, and protection, making them a fitting image for people who are seeking out a reminder of those features of their lives.

Star small tattoos can be placed everywhere on the frame, but they are regularly located on the wrist, ankle, or shoulder.

15) Small Bird Tattoos

small bird tattoos

Small Bird tattoos are a popular choice for those who want a meaningful tattoo this is additionally diffused and understated. Birds can characterize a selection of factors, which include freedom, hope, love, and peace.

Tiny Meaningful Tattoos
Tiny Meaningful tattoos

These small meaningful tattoos for females also can represent the human soul or the relationship between Heaven and Earth. Small Bird tattoos can be located everywhere on the body, however, they are frequently seen on the wrist, ankle, or the back of the ear.

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