Different Swimwear Styles That You’ll Love

Swimwear Styles

A day sitting by the beach or the swimming pool is often one of the top things people do to relax on a day off work. While going to popular beaches might not be possible at the moment, there are many secluded, quiet beaches waiting to be explored. The perfect swimwear, along with other ethical beach essentials, will make your time in the sun even more comfortable and fun.

Swimwear is available in a variety of styles, which makes shopping for them tricky. Knowing all the styles on sale can be worth it, as swimwear can be used year after year, and doesn’t go out of fashion as quickly as other apparel. We have rounded up some common swimwear styles that would suit all kinds of different tastes.


Bikini Swimwear Styles

The bikini is one of the most common types of swimwear. As you probably know, a bikini consists of two pieces – a bra-like top and bottoms. Many styles of tops can be found. A top with an underwire looks closest to a bra and provides more support.

A bandeau bikini top is usually strapless and goes straight across. A tankini is a bikini wherein the top is a tank top. A microkini is a skimpier version of the normal two-piece bikini. A skirtini is a bikini with a small skirt as a bottom. This style usually provides more coverage than other styles.

There are also tops similar to a crop-top or a sports bra. Different styles can also be found in the bottoms, such as those that can be tied together at the sides, are high-waisted, look like shorts or don’t show much skin.


One-piece Swimwear Styles

Another popular and classic option is a one-piece swimsuit. They usually bare less skin than a bikini. One-pieces have been around for a long time. The most common one-piece swimsuits are those that resemble a bodysuit. Other variations include a deeper or shallower neckline, a halter neck or different strap styles.


Monokini Swimwear Styles

A monokini is a hybrid between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. Monokinis look like one-piece swimsuits but have some cutouts that show more skin than one-piece swimsuits do. These are great options for those who don’t feel comfortable in a bikini but don’t mind showing more skin than is visible in a one-piece. Monokinis have become trendy lately with many influencers wearing them. They can be found in many different patterns with the cutouts giving a stylish look.

Modest Swimwear

Modest Swimwear Styles

If both bikinis and one-piece swimsuits aren’t to your taste, swim dresses might be the option for you. They don’t put too much skin on display and are comfortable to lounge around in. They are made from the same material that is used in other swimwear so wearing them in water is not a problem.

They vary in length and styles like all other swimwear. Some swim dresses, like the ones available on daintyjewells.com, look like everyday dresses that can be worn around the pool or the beach and are also suitable for a night out with friends after.

Rashguard swimsuits also cover a lot of skin but these are usually used for athletic sports such as kayaking or surfing. Rashguard swimsuits are also great for protecting your body from the harsh sun rays. Since there are no hard rules about wearing swimsuits, there is no harm in wearing a rashguard swimsuit even if you’re not engaging in any athletic water sports.

Burkinis cover the whole body, including your head. Only your hands, face and feet are exposed. Burkinis are usually made with light material that all swimsuits are made of and are suitable for swimming. They are designed to respect the Islamic traditions of modest dressing.

Different Swimwear Styles

When shopping for swimwear, there’s a list of requirements that needs to be checked off, including the amount of skin you want to show, if you need a rash guard and the comfort level the piece provides. You should also take care of the amount of sun you’re being exposed to. If you’re opting for a more revealing swimsuit, ensure that you apply ample sunscreen regularly. UV rays are harmful and protection against them is important.

All styles of swim wear are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so finding one that aesthetically appeals to you will be easy. You can select one of the styles listed and surf online for the perfect swimsuit. You can even buy some vegan sandals to complete the look and head out to the beach for a relaxing time.

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