15+ Stylish Gaucho Pants You Need in Your 2024 Wardrobe

Stylish Gaucho Pants

Yes, they are finally back!

Over the past few years, Y2K fashion has made a comeback, thanks to millennials who are embracing (and sometimes cringing at) the return of pleated skirts, low-rise jeans, and baguette bags led by Gen Z. The latest trend from the past? Gaucho pants.

Gaucho pants, which first appeared in the 1970s, gained popularity again in the 2000s, especially among middle schoolers. They’re similar to palazzo and culottes pants but with a more structured look. While not as wide or long as palazzo pants, gauchos resemble pants more than culottes do.

Now, they’re making a comeback, popping up in various stores (yes, even on Amazon) as TikTokers rediscover this Y2K relic. Surprisingly, younger generations often refer to them as cropped flared leggings, similar to how yoga pants got rebranded.

Back in the 2000s, women’s gaucho pants were typically brown and paired with a layered tank top and lots of sparkly accessories. But for those not looking to recreate that iconic look, there are plenty of new styles and options to choose from.

What Are Gaucho Pants?

A distinctive cuff that wraps over the middle of the calf characterizes these women’s wide-legged pants, known as gauchos. The gaucho pants worn by cowboys in South America served as an inspiration for these pants. Gaucho pants, which were popular in the early to mid-1970s, are making a triumphant return as a chic and flexible wardrobe staple.

Who Invented Gaucho Pants?

In the 1950s, designer Claire McCardell came up with the idea for gaucho pants. The creation of fashionable but functional pants was her primary goal. Taking design cues from Argentine riding trousers, the style gave ladies a break from regimented, predictable fashion.

Let’s take a look at a few of the gaucho pants that you can wear today

1. Gaucho Pants with Lace

Gaucho pants with lace

These gaucho capri pants are perfect for casual wear on those scorching hot days when jeans just won’t cut it. They’re comfortable on the legs and suit all body types like a dream. Swing by and give them a try today!

These casual bohemian gaucho pants come with a wide foldover waistband, making them both stylish and practical. Plus, they’re super affordable, making them a must-have for your spring and summer wardrobe. They’re easy to mix, match, and accessorize, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly.

2. Jeans High-Waist Women Wide Leg

Jeans high waits women wide leg

These wide-leg pants don’t have much stretch, but they’ll hug your curves just right. For a classic French girl vibe, team them up with a striped shirt and some cute ballet flats. You’ll nail that chic Parisian style effortlessly!

The raw hem design on these women’s summer capris brings a cool edge to your outfit. The unfinished edges give off a rustic, worn-out vibe that goes great with any t-shirt or blouse.

3. Split Slit Flowy Gaucho Pants

Split slit flowy gaucho pants

These high-waisted casual pants come with a belt and feature a side split on the wide legs, making them easy to wear. They’re made of soft fabric for comfort.

The front of these pleated trousers has a bow tie and a high waist. With a regular fit, they’re suitable for casual workwear and have a slit on the side legs to give the illusion of longer legs.

Pair these pleated pants with your choice of cami or crop top, and complete the look with high heels.

4. Rayon Ruched Cropped Gaucho

Rayon ruched gaucho pants

You can wear these Ruched High Waist Gaucho Pants just about anywhere! Whether you’re traveling, heading to work or school, lounging at home, or simply out and about in town, you’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again. And don’t worry about finding the right size – they come in extended sizes to fit all body types.

Created with females in mind, these pants are very practical. The high waist looks good on every silhouette, while the flank hem pockets are big enough to hold your phone and other everyday essentials.

5. Printed Gaucho Pants

printed gaucho pants

Don’t forget to pack these flowy tropical pants for your next sunny escape! Their silky fabric adds a touch of elegance, especially when paired with stacked bracelets, heels, and a short-sleeved button-down.

6. Cotton Gaucho Pants

Cotton gaucho pants

These Gaucho ankle straight pants are made of 100% cotton, making them breathable and antistatic. They’re simple, with an elastic waist for comfort and easy pulling on. The loose style is perfect for women. With a high waist and two side slits style, they make you appear taller and slimmer.

These trousers have a casual, relaxed fit, and you can pair them with any top or tunic. Made from breathable and comfortable linen fabric, they keep you cool during the summer months.

7. Koa Pant

Koa pants

Made from premium vegan leather, the full-length Koa Pant has a rich butterscotch color with a slight sheen. Wide, slanted pockets, a straight leg, and an elasticated waistband for easy pulling on are all features of its traditional design.

These pants have a broad, straight leg, full-length inseam, and a high-rise fit. Just choose your typical size for the ideal fit.

8. Gaucho High Rise Wide Leg Jeans in Marzipan

Gaucho high rise wide leg jeans

The trousers include four pockets and a zip fly with a button fastening. For extra flair, they include belt loops, silver-tone branding hardware, and tonal stitching. Made in the USA using imported fabrics, these trousers offer a wide-leg design.

9. Vintage Cotton Wide Leg Jeans in Sodapop

vintage cotton wide leg

These trousers are basic in design, with five pockets and a zip fly and button fastening. For extra flair, they include silver-tone branding hardware, tonal stitching, and belt loops. A wide-leg style characterizes these trousers, which include whiskered embellishments along the legs. They’re American-made with pride.

10. Garment-Dyed Stretch Cotton Twill

Garment dyed stretch cotton twill

You can’t go wrong with these Gaucho pants for any occasion. They’re all focused on adaptability and comfort. Every pair is distinct, crafted from stretch cotton twill, and finished with a unique fabric dye. They have a zip fastening, two slant pockets in the front, two welt pockets in the back, and an adjustable waist with two useful button tabs. In addition, the front pleats give it a feminine feel.

11. Back from Bali Gaucho Pants

back bali gaucho pants

Wide, spacious legs provide you optimal comfort and mobility with the Ruffle Hem Cropped Pants. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or wandering around town, they’re ideal for carefree summer days.

These culottes have a free-spirited look thanks to the bow tie ruffles at the hems, which give them a hint of boho or harem flare. With patch pockets to keep your belongings, the loose legs give the illusion of a skirt.

These easy-to-wear trousers are lightweight without being too thin, thanks to their soft-touch rayon fabric. Moreover, they are simple to maintain—they can be machine-washed.

12. Flowy Dance Gaucho Pants

Flowy dance gaucho pants

The polyester and spandex used to make this women’s smocked high-waisted gaucho pants result in an incredibly soft, skin-friendly, and opaque fabric. These pants will give you a unique sense of comfort. There is no pressure felt during fluid movement because of the material’s breathability, light weightness, and comfort.

The two deep pockets on these pants are adorable and functional at the same time. They provide convenience without sacrificing elegance since they are roomy enough to accommodate your essentials. 

They look well with sandals, T-shirts, and short sleeves, among other things. These pants are a wardrobe must as they are appropriate for any event and comfortable to wear all year round.

13. High Waist Gaucho

High waist gaucho

These pants have a medium-weight, comfortable-fitting fabric that is heavier than usual chiffon. You don’t have to worry about static cling since it is also antistatic.

All body types can look great in this vintage-inspired gaucho with their high waist and roomy, wide legs. For enhanced comfort and style, they include a rear elastic waistband with belt loops and a hook-and-eye zip fastening. In addition, they include back darts, side slant pockets, and front pleats for a functional design.

14. Cropped Wide Leg Gaucho Pants

Cropped wide leg gaucho pants

These 100% cotton pants have a premium, breathable fabric. They’re perfect for hot summer days and humid environments since they’re fresh and lightweight.

These women’s casual cropped cotton pants are a fantastic option for the summer. They’re simple to put on and take off with the pull-on fastening and elastic waist. They fit most body types thanks to their relaxed plus size design and flowy style. Additionally, they are easy to coordinate with a blouse or t-shirt because of their consistent hue. Put on flats or T-shirts with these for a stunning appearance.

15. Boho Flowy Pants

Boho flowy pants

With these vertically striped pants, which give the impression that your legs are longer, you may get that effortlessly stylish attitude. There is no need to worry about getting dressed! If you want to get a glamorous image, all you need to do is wear these trousers with a simple blouse, crop top, sandals, or high heels, and you will earn a tremendous amount of praise. Bell bottoms, cropped pants, and flare pants are the three different styles of trousers that are offered in plus sizes for these women’s pants.

In addition to having capacious side pockets, they also have an elastic waist, making them ideal for chasing after children during a backyard BBQ.

16. Print Wide Leg Pants

print wide leg pant

These wide-leg pants are loose and relaxed, and they sit high on the waist, which creates a flattering fit. They are constructed with a fabric that is both gentle and lightweight, making them easy to wear throughout the day.

In order to achieve a fashionable style, these pants for women have a pattern design, a high waist, a loose fit, and wide legs. This makes it simple to combine them with casual t-shirts.

Please make sure that you refer to the size chart that is supplied in our photographs rather than the one that is provided by Amazon. The perfect choice for a wide range of occasions, including daily use, shopping, casual excursions, vacations, travel, and other activities.

17. Linen Blend Gauchos

Linen blend gauchos

Combine these vibrant striped pants with a cozy shrunken cardigan to balance out the bold print. Complete the outfit with a timeless sneaker and accessorize with your favorite trendy bag.

18. Long Gaucho Pants

long gaucho pants

Would you want to try out printed pants for the very first time? To add a bit of quirkiness to your look, choose a style that has wide legs and a high waist. If you want to harness those retro feelings from the 1970s, pair them with brogue shoes and either a ringer shirt or a fun crochet top.

History of Gaucho Pants

The history of gaucho pants for women is extensive, having originated in the 19th century when South American cowboys, often referred to as gauchos, wore them when mounted. The purpose of these cropped, wide-legged trousers was to provide comfort and mobility while shooting. French fashion eventually impacted the style, leading to the creation of a more sophisticated iteration in the early 20th century.

Gaucho pants saw a comeback in demand as women’s workwear in the 1940s. Then, in the 1960s, they were a mainstay of the hippie fashion movement, making their way into the wardrobes of women all over the globe.

Today’s Gaucho pants are available in a variety of cuts and designs, perfect for both formal and informal attire, from wide-legged cropped versions to flowing bottoms with high waists. Because of their distinctive appearance and comfort, Gaucho pants have endured in popularity despite shifting fashion trends. Women of various ages still love them since they are comfortable and versatile.


In conclusion, gaucho pants are a versatile and stylish wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions. With so many different styles and colors to choose from, there’s sure to be a perfect pair of gaucho pants for everyone. When shopping for gaucho pants, consider the fabric, fit, and rise to ensure you find a pair that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident. With the right styling, gaucho pants can be a chic and comfortable addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.

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