Six Must-Have Bags For Women In 2024

handbag trends

A major half of this year passed between switching from couch to bag; however, since we are returning to normal now, it’s time to put that cute and chunky wardrobe to work and grace it with designer handbags. From cute shoulder purses to larger-than-life bags, the current year has witnessed a plethora of bag designs. These bags are not only packed with style but also come with a lot of functionality right off the bat. Here’s a list of six must-have designer shoulder bags from Valentino Garavani collection and other luxury brands for keeping up with the handbag trends of this year.

Chain Strapped Bags Valentino Garavani

handbag trends

Chains are attached to hobo bags, tote bags, pouches, shoulder bags, and even messenger bags: chain embellished bags have dominated with their sophistication when opted with any dress.

Designer purses have gold, silver, copper, and other polished chains to increase the luxuriousness of the look. Plain, knotted, braids, looped with large hoops are some of the designs of chains that are currently in the trend.

Beaded and Braided Bag

Beaded bags add elegance to traditional outfits and playfulness to casual dresses. These are opted by women for their vintage vibe and, sometimes, extensive embroidery. You can find certain handmade options too that are crafted with pure genius methods.

Some beaded bags have braided straps that define the beauty of these classic products. Otherwise, braided straps on a simple tote or sling bags also look pretty. Depending on the type of appearance you’re aspiring for, you can choose from a number of choices when it comes to beaded and braided bags.

Embellished Tote Bags

handbag trends

Tote bags are assets of women who carry multiple essentials like makeup products, books, and other similar products. These are often embellished with beautifying add-ons like chains, fringe, or feathers that elevate the grace of the bag.

Tote bags have been highly experimented with, making them useful in simple shopping to all-night parties. These are spacious and are a must-have bag for women commuting for work regularly.

Oversized Bags

handbag trends

Larger-than-life bags are another trend seen in the present year. These have been designed with different silhouettes like the standard moon bag with hobo design, leather or cotton tote bags, cloud-shaped clutches with long straps, and often backpacks with extra-large sizes. You can easily utilize them for various occasions — be it office wear or casuals. The best part is that these bags help you carry all your accessories in one go, thanks to their relatively huge size.

These are structured considering space, multiple essential utilities, and to scale up the style game of the person who flaunts this over-the-counter look. If you want to try out something different this time, these oversized bags are going to be the perfect fit.

Circle Bags

The round bags are one of the most recommended styling accessories. They have been seen in almost all branded fashion runways, displayed with the motive of utilizing shapes to convey the style. Besides, these bags have been around for quite some time, and thanks to numerous interactions available in the market, you can pick the ones you like the most.

Leather round bags, crossbody circles, jute circle bags in different sizes are some of the most flaunted round bags nowadays. Make sure to accessorize these bags properly so that you can have a complete outfit to rock.

Made of Natural Fibers Bags

handbag trends

The fashion industry is finding ways to work to achieve sustainable development goals. Lightweight bags made up of raffia, handwoven bucket bags fabricated with jute, canvas, organic cotton, woven and non-woven polypropylene are some of the eco-friendly tote bag designs. Apart from having a major focus on sustainability, these bags pack a punch when it comes to the style. This means you can seamlessly pair them up for different occasions and shine out.

These bags impart sustainability and help in reducing the pile of non-recyclable waste on our mother earth. This can be your first step towards conserving the planet and help undo some of the drastic impacts of climate change.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit any thrift store in your city and uncover the huge variety of beautiful bags. Also, look out for discounts and offers to further slash your expenses and make the most out of your shopping spree. We hope this guide helps you make a calculated decision and pair up with the bag of your choice.

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