Best Matching Sweatsuit for Every Occasion

best matching sweatsuit

Styling a matching sweatsuit set isn’t as simple as it seems. With the shift from traditional work attire to more relaxed loungewear, even sweatsuits, once considered strictly for home wear, are now a fashion statement. But there’s a difference between the casual athleisure look and wearing sweatsuits as a deliberate style choice. The good news is, if you’re hesitant to let go of those trusty old sweatsuits buried in your closet, you don’t have to.

Sweatsuits might be seen as casual wear, but they offer a fun challenge when it comes to styling them for an outing. Whether you’re running errands or meeting a friend for coffee, why not experiment with accessorizing? 

Celebrities are experts at styling the best matching sweatsuits with intention. Instead of picturing Adam Sandler shooting hoops in baggy sweats or Ben Affleck grabbing coffee in track pants, look to fashion icons like Billie Eilish and Zendaya for inspiration. Bella Hadid even turned heads by wearing her hoodie backward for a unique twist on the classic sweatsuit during lockdown in 2020. 

Emily Ratajkowski has been spotted walking her dog in black sweatpants paired with a trendy crop top, while Selena Gomez creates a cozy-chic look by matching a cashmere knit top with knit pants for the perfect at-home vibe.

Selena Gomez

Wearing a comfy white sweatsuit, Selena Gomez walks along a nature trail, looking as airy as a cloud. Only Murders in the Building, her Hulu series, was shooting scenes while she was there donning the womens matching sweatsuit.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was seen in New York City wearing heather gray, loose-fitting Les Tien Classic Sweatpants. She flaunted her toned abs in a cropped white short-sleeve T-shirt with them. White Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneakers with neon accents, a Taylormadebling Marry Me Bling Cup, Quay x Jlo Reina Sunglasses, a tie-dye face mask, Jennifer Zeuner Large Ciara Hoop Earrings, and a Taylormadebling cup were among her accessories.

Hailey Baldwin

During her time in Los Angeles, Hailey Baldwin sported a pair of mid-rise Drew House Skidoodle Sweatpants that were loose-fitting. She showed off her abs in a figure-hugging PrettyLittleThing Shape Crop Top with these. The Row Sporty Bowler 15 Bag, Vous Dad Hat, Bone White Yeezy 500 Sneakers, and Oak + Fort Cardigan were the finishing touches on her outfit.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski flaunted her New York City style in a baggy black Levi’s Dad Trucker jacket. She showed off her toned abs with a black Inamorata Elysian top and Livincool Classic Embroidered Sweatpants. White Nike Air Max Sneakers, Versace Ve4365Q Sunglasses, hefty gold Jennifer Fisher Mini Samira Hoops Earrings, and high white C-N-Y Hdnyc Socks were her accessories.

Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr announced their engagement, but Khloe Kardashian seemed unconcerned the next day! Despite wearing gray sweatpants and accessorizing with rectangle-framed sunglasses and sporty shoes, Lamar’s ex-wife radiated easy sophistication during a shopping excursion in Calabasas.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid sported a pink matching sweatsuit ensemble during her time in New York City. She wore high-waisted drawstring pink sweatpants that reached her ankles, paired with a matching pink crop top. Gigi completed the look by layering a jacket in the same pink hue over the sweats.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens paired her black sweatpants with a crop top from Adidas in black and gold. Along with her mobile phone and two iced coffees, she complemented her ensemble with a pair of Gucci loafers.

Priyanka Chopra

Wearing a white Mandkhai sweatsuit made entirely of Mongolian cashmere, Priyanka Chopra tried out the trend in New York City. An oversized sweatshirt and matching buckle pants were $657 and $597, respectively, for the combo. She accessorized it with a cream python leather Akris handbag for $2,190 and a pair of Tony Bianco Leah Biscuit Boucle Ankle Boots worth $220.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid nailed a laid-back but fashionable look with her roomy sweater jacket and big sweatshirt. She teamed them with cargo-pocketed sweatpants that were an exact match. Flaunting a pair of white Converse shoes with hi-rose embellishments and big, slender silver hoops, she accessorized to her heart’s content.

Bar Rafaeli

While in Milan, Italy, Bar Refaeli wore a black matching sweatsuit. She topped off the ensemble with a light brown coat and a bun for her hair. To top it all off, she wore white shoes and black sunglasses to protect her eyes.

Sophie Turner

While dining at Craig’s Restaurant in Hollywood, Sophie Turner looked absolutely stunning in the matching sweatsuit womens. She exuded a sense of newness with her pairing of a white crop top and white trousers. An enormous blue coat and white shoes were the finishing touches to her ensemble.

Justin Bieber

A gray sweatsuit, a baseball hat, and some sneakers are all viable choices. Another option is to channel Justin Bieber’s Miami at 4 in the morning fantasies while wearing that ordinary sweatsuit. Dress in a vibrant shade of magenta, and accessorize with a hat and clunky skate sneakers. Complete your look with some sleazy mustaches and some rollerblades reminiscent of the ’90s, and you’re good to go out on the town.

Eddie Murphy

Red leather suits were Eddie’s uniform of choice in the past. However, that was then! He now prefers blue sweatpants and wears a driver’s hat when he casually strolls to get coffee (and a snack!). Be that as it may, there are some constants. Even in this shot, Eddie Murphy has the same irreverent charm that made him famous during his Delirious days.

Spike Lee

In his more athletic courtside attire, Spike has been known to dress a Latrell Sprewell, Charles Oakley, or even an Allan Houston jersey with black as the third color, for some inexplicable reason. Whatever he wears, whether it’s a beanie or chunky jewelry, he never fails to turn heads. You may say this is the simplest kind of maximalism. Looking good in an all-gray sweatsuit while sitting courtside needs self-assurance.

Nick Jonas

Pictured here is Nick Jonas making his way through Los Angeles International Airport. On his trip, the artist wore a full-body heather gray sweatsuit, which he nailed. Nick has been juggling business and pleasure in New York City. Behold Nick, looking dapper in his sweatsuit.

Brad Pitt

If you’re expecting a basic white pullover, Pitt has you beat. There were worn seams and holes all over the place, giving it that lived-in look and feel. In the same color palette, he paired it with shearling fleece trousers. Despite this, Pitt’s red tote bag looked great draped over his shoulder, and the red embellishments on the Jordan Craig Sherpa leggings completed the look. He completed his mens matching sweatsuit ensemble for his leisurely walk down the sidewalk by donning a pair of white shoes.

Ben Falcone & Melissa McCarthy

Couple, get ready for some serious #goals! Melissa partied it up at the Vanity Fair afterparty in similar black and white matching sweatsuits for couples, much like her husband, Ben Falcone.


Drake understands the significance of a well-balanced outfit, particularly while attending a major tennis event on a global scale. Wearing sweatpants and a crewneck from OVO’s Summer 2015 line, he arrived at the Wimbledon Championships in an all-navy ensemble. We may not have those same sweatsuits in stock right now. However, we do have a comparable model that you may get here.

Sweatsuit Guide for Fashion Statement

Are sweatsuits replacing jeans and tees? Can we just throw on a pair and call it a day? Are they that versatile and on-trend? Can you wear it at work? No matter how stylish, hip, or posh your sweatsuits may be, they won’t make it there. Unless you’re a creative type or wearing Gucci, of course. You can rock that fit-and-hobo look.

In any case, I think it’s quite obvious that sweatsuits are an essential part of any casual wardrobe, what with the rise of the athleisure movement and the revival of the ’80s style. Whether you’re out and about, going shopping, going on a brunch date, or just trying to pull off that stylish, casual look, these are the outfits for you. 

Yes, sweatsuits have been in vogue for some time, but I remember thinking they were probably just a fad. Just like those people who join a gym but seldom use it until they finally cancel their membership. Did you just say something?

Nope. Sweatsuits are definitely not going anywhere. The fashions have also changed drastically, and the possibilities for when and how we might wear them seem to be endless. Everyone from fashionistas to celebrities to regular people—even those who aren’t into sports—has their own unique way of rocking sweatpants. When you combine all those ideas, it becomes a mobile version of a fantastic matching sweatsuit mood board.

In short, yes, that is the correct response.

Yet how can we pull off sweatsuit ensembles with flair, giving the impression that we’re casually wealthy with excellent style yet too lazy to care about anything on a Saturday?

Here is a practical tutorial that includes six methods to effortlessly rock sweatsuits in every setting.

Pick a Great Sweats Set

You may as well invest some time and energy in it, not in monetary terms but in terms of effort, as it will be the focal point of your outfit.

Try on some timeless pieces, like gray soft sweat sets or black Adidas if you’re just starting out. Avoid overdoing it, and make it versatile enough to wear with or without a coat or leather jacket.

Choose a pair of sweatpants in shades of nude, taupe, or brown if you’re a fan of soft-luxe, casual fashion. Finish off the look with a hint of lipstick, some delicate gold jewelry, and a pair of trendy white or nude shoes.

Oversized Versus Fitted

The solution lies in the middle ground. If you’re not going for a figure-hugging cut, it should nonetheless flatter your figure. You can’t go wrong with either option, but if you’re going with loose, go bold to make a statement; if you’re going with fitted, try to get that sleek gym appearance even when you’re not exercising.

You’ve probably seen a lot of Instagram photos with both styles; try experimenting with the one that speaks to you. Get a feel for it.

Another option is to combine different elements. Mix and match tight sweatpants with loose-fitting tops.

Keep It Sporty and Athletic Casual

As a rule, you shouldn’t wear sweatsuits with high heels unless your name is Kim Kardashian, who is a master of the giant sweatpants and heeled bootie combo.

Therefore, wear flats, Birkenstocks, or sneakers; if you must wear heels, choose ankle boots with a stiletto heel. The combination of sweatpants and high-heeled shoes is very 2000s.

Go High-Fashion/Super-Cool

During Fashion Weeks, celebrities, fashion editors, and bloggers are all embracing this street style trend. They’re combining athletic wear with high fashion, magnificent shoes, dramatic jackets, expensive purses, and strong statement items. These sweatpants aren’t your average couch potatoes; they’re an updated take on the traditional style that harkens back to the 1980s with an air of sophistication rather than the carefree mood of 2024.

Sweats For Slobs With A Chic Style. #Aroundthehouse

I think we can all relate; it happened to us once. How can one take a slob appearance and make it hipster chic? To begin, wash your hair and put on some makeup. If your face isn’t cooperating, wear sunglasses (#relatable). Then, ditch your pajamas for some clean sweats that are a little fancier. Next, slip into some awesome sneakers or comfy slippers. Accessorize with some jewelry that makes you feel beautiful. Finally, top it all off with a leather jacket.

Celebrity Style

Having the paparazzi catch celebs in the act of getting coffee is like being caught in their slob mode. What a bore, isn’t it? This style is most often characterized by a layered coat or jacket worn over a pair of sweatpants. Both the jeans and the sweater might be cropped. Another alternative would be to wear sweatpants with a sports bra and a stylish jacket.

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