28 Types of Heels Every Woman Should Have in 2024

Types of Heels

A woman’s greatest ally or deadliest adversary, depending on the situation, can be a heel. How do you choose the ideal pair when there are so many types of heels to choose from? The correct pair of heels may completely transform your style, whether your goal is to make a daring fashion statement or just to increase your stature.

Our complete guide has got you covered! From the most conservative block heels to the most daring stilettos, we’ll investigate them all. We’ll learn the ins and outs of each style, including what makes them special, how to wear them, and when. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, you’ll find all the helpful advice you need to walk effectively in heels here.

So lets dive into different types of heels to take your look to the next level!

1. Block Heels

Block heels

Block heels are the epitome of both elegance and comfort. They’re very durable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time because of their broad, square base. Whether you’re wearing jeans or a formal dress, they will complement your outfit.

Block heels are a lifesaver when it comes to looking fabulous without putting any unnecessary strain on your feet. They come in a wide variety of styles, from those with understated elegance to those with more daring details, such as animal patterns or transparent materials. Block heels are a timeless fashion staple that never fails to inspire originality.

2. Kitten Heels

kitten heels

As an example of subtle beauty, consider the kitten heel. For those who value comfort without sacrificing style, they often do not rise over 2 inches, providing a little lift. You can’t go wrong with them for formal yet understated occasions like garden parties or business meetings.

You may think of kitten heels as the shoe industry standard. Wearing fitted jeans or a timeless little black dress, they complement both casual and dressy ensembles well.

3. Stiletto Heels

stiletto heels

Stilettos, which are often more than four inches tall, are the pinnacle of high heels. When you walk in, they bring all the drama and snark.

However, you must possess excellent balance in order to wear these shoes due to their very tall height and narrow base. If you won’t be on your feet for very long, these are the shoes for you. Stiletto Heels are the perfect choice for any formal occasion, from a romantic supper to a red carpet-gala.

4. Cone Heels

Cone Heels

Cool and reminiscent of an ice cream cone, the form of cone heels widens as they descend. In comparison to stilettos, they are more sturdy because of their broader base. Perfect for weddings and other less formal yet elegant occasions. To dress up or spice up your slacks, try a pair of cone heels—a modern take on the classic shoe.

5. Wedge Heels

Wedge Heels

Heels with a wedge form go from the rear to the front or center, like a slope beneath the shoe. You may wear them for extended periods of time without any discomfort because of their sturdy foundation, which provides additional stability. With their cork or straw bottoms that complement summer dresses or skirts, they’re wonderful for spring and summer spirits.

6. Pumps

Pump heels

A wide variety of heel heights, including kitten, stiletto, block, and low-cut fronts, characterize pumps, which are also noted for their closed toes and flexibility. Their adaptability and classic good looks are what set them apart.

Because of how effortlessly they can transition from the office to a night on the town, pumps are an essential part of many shoe collections. Pumps, whether crafted from leather, suede, or any other material, manage to strike the ideal balance between practicality and design, making them ideal for almost every event.

7. Platform Heels

Platform Heels

Platform heels are widely considered to be one of the most comfortable types of heels. These heels have a thick bottom under the ball of the foot and a variety of heel designs, including block heels and stilettos. Even if you gain a few more inches, the hefty sole helps control the height, so the angle isn’t too severe, making them more comfortable.

Whether you’re hitting the clubs or heading to a large event, they’re ideal for those who want to make a statement and gain a little height.

8. Spool Heels

Spool Heels

Spool heels feature a distinctive hourglass design, with broader top and bottom edges and a narrower center. With their sturdy construction and sophisticated style, these heels are perfect for any occasion.

They evoke a bygone era, transporting you to 18th-century European courts and frocks. Now, I’ll tell you something cool. They nevertheless manage to exude an air of enduring cool as they are equally at home with vintage and modern pieces.

9. Chunky Heels

Chunky Heels

The name “chunky heel” describes these shoes well; they are tall and comfortable thanks to their thick, rectangular base. You can get an upscale look without sacrificing comfort with these shoes, which are a hybrid of block heels and stilettos.

Thanks to their versatile design, these heels are perfect for both the office and a night on the town. Wearing chunky heels with a suit or a charming mini dress is the perfect combination of style and functionality.

10. French Heels

French Heels

The curvature of the back of French heels—also known as Louis heels or pompadour heels—gives them an air of vintage beauty and grace. They have a long and storied past associated with the French courts dating back to the 17th century and exude an air of timeless elegance.

These heels are reserved for more formal occasions, and they are sure to turn heads when worn with authentic period attire.

11. Ankle Strap Heels

Ankle Straps Heels

Ankle strap heels are both fashionable and functional, thanks to the strap that wraps over your ankle. Keep your balance with the support of the strap; it’s not only cosmetic.

Wearing these shoes will give you the confidence boost you need to dance the night away at a wedding or other special occasion. On top of that, what’s awesome? They are available in a variety of types, including block, stiletto, and wedge, giving you plenty of options.

12. Peep-Toe Heels

Peep Toe Heel

In a peep-toe heel, your toes will peek out through a little aperture in the front. Similar to traditional closed-toe shoes, but with a playful twist. Dress them up for formal occasions or down for a night on the town.

You may wear them to a summer wedding or out on the town at night—they’re versatile. Wearing peep-toe heels can be both daring and sophisticated.

13. Slingback Heels

Sling back heels

The strap of a slingback heel wraps over the wearer’s ankle or heel, exposing a portion of the foot. It’s a sweet accent that adds a delicate touch to your outfit while also providing your feet with some much-needed space.

Whether you’re in the workplace or attending a formal function, these shoes will add style to your outfit. Feeling secure and assured is key, and that back strap provides exactly the right amount of support.

14. Mule Heels

Mule Heels

Without a back and often fastened at the front, mules are the most convenient shoes to put on and take off. They have a laid-back vibe because of their open-back design, but they may still appear classy if you ask the right people.

They exemplify laid-back elegance and are great for weekend brunches or a laid-back Friday in the office. Mules are so flexible and simple to wear that they can take any ensemble to the next level.

15. Heeled Sandals

Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals combine the best features of both classic high heels and comfortable open-toed shoes. You may get them in simple ankle strap designs or in intricate crisscrossing laces that will turn heads.

Depending on your activity, you may choose from a wide variety of sandals with heels, such as block heels, wedges, or stilettos.

16. D’Orsay Heels

D Orsay Heels

The distinctive side cutout of a pair of D’Orsay heels draws attention to the foot’s arch. They are ideal for formal occasions or romantic meals because of the design, which makes them seem more exposing and exquisite.

By drawing attention to the contours of your foot, their elegant silhouette enhances plain high heels to a whole new level. The D’Orsay heel may be just what you’re looking for if you want to make a chic fashion statement.

17. Flared Heels

Flared Heels

Flared heels include a foundation that flares out towards the bottom, resembling a bell shape. They become more steady and jazzy with that additional spread. People think they’re a hip, trendy choice since they make your stride more noticeable, which is perfect for when you want to be the center of attention.

The extra surface area at the bottom of these shoes makes them surprisingly comfortable, especially for a pair of high heels.

18. Pin Heels

Pin Heels

Needless to say, pin heels—also called needle heels—are much more delicate and slender than stilettos. It is not meant for comfort or lengthy use but is perfect for amplifying your outfit’s drama.

They are often reserved for formal occasions when you will spend most of your time seated. It takes a lot of finesse to walk in them, but they will make you seem taller and more fashionable.

19. Cuban Heels

Cuban Heels

A pair of Cuban heels would consist of medium-heeled shoes with a slightly tapered front and a straight rear. They are easily identifiable on boots and shoes for both sexes.

Wearing them will give any outfit an edgier look; they exude an air of strength and toughness. In addition to looking great with anything from dresses to skinny jeans, these heels are durable, so you can wear them for longer.

20. Square Heels

Square Heels

Elegant and stable, square heels are a great choice. Even after a long day of wearing them, you’ll appreciate their comfort because of their square-shaped base, which provides a firm footing.

Shoes with this crisp, square design are quite contemporary. Square heels provide an eye-catching edge to any outfit, whether you’re wearing a business suit or a breezy summer dress.

21. Espadrille Heels

Espadrille Heels

Summer is the perfect season for espadrille heels! A woven sole, often crafted of jute, and a canvas or cotton upper are typical features. They are most appropriate for outdoor occasions because of the laid-back beach atmosphere they exude.

Despite their easygoing nature, they also lend themselves to a more formal look. That is their adaptability; they are great for both daytime and nighttime activities. A good pair of espadrille heels will get you in line with that carefree boho style.

22. Lace-Up Heels

Lace Up Heels

These lace-up heels are really killing it! The laces are adjustable, so you may tie them around your foot, ankle, or even your leg. The way you tie them up creates a one-of-a-kind fit that may elevate or downplay your outfit’s style.

These heels will add a trendy, lively touch to any outfit, whether you’re heading to a laid-back hangout or a more formal occasion.

23. Cork Heels

Cork Heels

Heels made of cork often contain this corky material as their foundation, making them both lightweight and comfortable to wear. They’re quite common in wedges and other summertime shoes, great for lounging about or attending outdoor activities.

These shoes are perfect for summertime outdoor activities and gatherings because of the natural, rustic atmosphere they exude, thanks to the cork material.

24. Comma Heels

Comma Heels

The distinctive curvature that resembles a comma makes comma shoes stand out. Their unique flair attracts attention and starts discussions, making them ideal for those who like making a statement.

Their uniqueness belies the reasonable degree of stability they provide, thanks to the balancing curve. They are the avant-garde shoe stars you see at major events when you want to make a strong fashion statement.

25. Ballroom Dance Heels

Ballroom Heels

Heels designed for ballroom dancing are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound, providing the arch support, ankle pliability, and graceful stride that dancers want.

With the included straps, they provide a secure fit and typically range in height from 1.5 to 3 inches. The materials used to make them provide a comfortable grip and feel great in the hand.

Ballroom dance requires precise footwork and quick twists. However, these shoes seem to be ordinary heels at first sight.

26. Decorative Heels

Decorative Heels

Heels with ornamentation are like a work of art that you may wear. In these shoes, the emphasis is squarely on the heel with elaborate patterns, motifs, or embellishments.

The point of these high heels is to turn heads, whether with their dazzling gems, unconventional forms, or intricate carvings. They are the show-stoppers at fashion events and look best with understated clothing to let the shoes stand out.

27. T-Strap Heels

T-Strap Heels

T-strap heels are a timeless accessory that has been popular since the 1920s. Sleek and supportive, these shoes have a “T” strap that goes around your ankle and attaches to the front of the shoe.

They come in a wide range of heights, from little kitten heels to towering stilettos, and materials like suede and leather are common. Their design exudes an air of retro charm that complements both laid-back and formal attire.

28. Mary Jane Heels

Mary Jane Heels

Mary Jane heels are a modern take on the traditional flat shoe, combining practicality with style. They have a strap that buckles close to the ankle and a rounded toe. They are versatile for every occasion since they come in a range of heel heights.

Whether you’re wearing a pencil skirt or a casual flowery dress, these shoes will complement your outfit. They have an air of classic grace that will make you seem more feminine.


To help you accessorize your feet, we have compiled a list of several types of heels. Everything from cute little kittens to towering stilettos is here. Always keep in mind that when it comes to heels, there is no ideal size. You can’t wear the same pair of heels with every occasion, style, and energy. You are now prepared to choose the most suitable ones that cater to your preferences and needs. Discover your ideal pair and confidently wear them!

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