How to Choose Perfect Bra for Sagging Breasts ?

bra for sagging breast

As women journey from puberty to menopause, breasts undergo a plethora of changes. Naturally, they start sagging with age. It’s a common part of getting older, but there are ways to slow it down. Lifestyle and the right innerwear play a role. Understanding why breasts sag can help prevent it. Breasts naturally sag over time due to various life events. But having the right bras for sagging breasts can keep you confident and comfortable during different life stages, from postpartum to perimenopause. If you’re looking for support, we’ve got your back!

Let’s start with choosing the right bra for your sagging breasts.

How to Choose the Right Bra for Sagging Breasts

How to Choose the Right Bra for Sagging Breasts

The key solution for sagging breasts is choosing the right supportive bra.

Here are some styles and tips to consider:

  • Opt for bras with three or more hook-and-eye closures for added strength and support.
  • Avoid single-layer bras with molded cups, as these might not fit well if your breasts don’t match the shape of the cups.
  • For full support and coverage, consider a soft cup bra with an underwire.
  • Soft cup bras with cup seams offer great shaping and a minimized appearance.
  • If you prefer no seams, a soft, seamless cup bra is a good choice.
  • Look for bras with extra fabric lining the inside of the cup for good side support and high-side wings.
  • While full-coverage cups are essential, the straps and bands are crucial for support and lift. Ensure that the straps aren’t too tight and the bands stay in place without riding up.

Remember, breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and each is beautiful in its own way. Embrace and love yourself just the way you are.

What is the main cause of saggy breasts?

What is the main cause of saggy breasts

As women age, the skin’s elasticity reduces over time, affecting the firmness of breast tissue and causing sagging. While age is a significant factor, sagging can also occur earlier in life. Here are some contributing factors:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding stretch the breast tissue as it expands to accommodate changes, often resulting in sagging breasts.
  • Genetics play a role; some women might have a genetic predisposition to sagging.
  • Rapid weight changes, whether gaining or losing, can affect the skin’s elasticity and contribute to breast sagging.
  • Wearing ill-fitted bras or forgoing a bra altogether allows gravity to have a greater impact on breast tissue, potentially leading to sagging.
  • Smoking accelerates the aging process, affecting the skin’s quality, including that of the breasts, which can cause them to sag.
  • Having heavier breasts might lead to earlier sagging due to the weight.

Remember, breast sagging is a natural part of life for many. However, if concerns arise about your breasts’ appearance or other related issues, it’s always a good idea to seek guidance from a healthcare professional.

Does Wearing the wrong bra size cause sagging?

Does Wearing the wrong bra size cause sagging

As mentioned earlier, poor support is a leading cause of breast sagging. The wrong bra or band provides minimal to no support, leading to breast sagging over time. Here’s why:

Most of a bra’s support should come from its band. If the band is too loose, gravity pulls down the breasts. The band of a bra is crucial for providing support. If the band is too loose, it fails to counteract the natural pull of gravity on the breasts, leading to sagging.

To ensure the right fit, start by checking how your bra band fits. Here’s a simple test: Place two fingers under the bra band. If there’s considerable space, it suggests the band size is too big. In this case, consider going down one band size and up one cup size. For example, if you’re experiencing sagging in a size 36C bra, try a 34D instead.

A well-fitted bra offers essential support, distributing the weight of the breasts properly and minimizing sagging effects over time. Remember, finding the right bra size and fit is crucial for supporting your breasts and preventing sagging in the long run.

How to Improve Saggy Breasts Naturally?

How to Improve Saggy Breasts Naturally

Improving the condition of sagging breasts involves various methods that can positively impact their appearance and health:

  • Exercise plays a significant role – Targeting the chest muscles with specific exercises like push-ups, chest presses, and flies helps to strengthen the muscles beneath the breasts. This added strength can enhance the breast’s appearance by providing better support and contouring.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight is equally crucial – Rapid weight fluctuations can contribute to breast sagging. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a steady weight, you can prevent or minimize the sagging effects.
  • Wearing a properly supportive bra is essential – A well-fitted bra offers the necessary lift and support, reducing the visible effects of sagging and providing comfort throughout the day.
  • Moisturization also plays a part – Regularly moisturizing the breasts aids in improving skin elasticity, which can help reduce the appearance of sagging. Using a natural breast-firming oil can be beneficial in enhancing skin firmness over time.

In some cases, surgical options like breast lift surgery (mastopexy) may be considered for more pronounced sagging, reshaping, and lifting of the breasts to restore their appearance. Remember, while breast sagging is a natural process, seeking advice from a healthcare professional can offer guidance tailored to your specific concerns or preferences regarding your breasts’ appearance or health.

Best Bras To Prevent Breast From Sagging…

Best Bras To Prevent Breast From Sagging

For those dealing with sagging breasts, choosing the right bra type is crucial for adequate support. The key to finding the best bra for sagging breasts lies in discovering your correct bra size. A well-fitted bra can instantly uplift and contour your breasts, offering a more youthful appearance regardless of age. It all starts with finding the perfect band size, as most of a bra’s support should stem from the band itself.

When the band is too loose, it can’t properly support the breasts, causing them to sag. Therefore, it’s essential to undergo a professional fitting test before selecting the ideal bra for sagging breasts.

Once you’ve determined your accurate bra size, you can explore various bra types specifically designed for sagging breasts.

1. T-Shirt Bra

Bras To Prevent Breast From Sagging

T-shirt bras come with seamless, sleek designs that provide smooth support and a lift. They usually have molded cups that offer great support to the breasts, ensuring a natural, slightly lifted look. These bras are experts at lifting sagging breasts and providing excellent support, especially when you’re wearing a body-hugging dress or top.


  • Adjustable straps.
  • Good coverage
  • Molded cups
  • Prevent nipple show-through
  • Seamless design
  • Slightly padded or lined

2. Full Coverage Bra

Full Coverage Bra

A full-coverage bra is the top choice for women with larger or sagging busts. This bra doesn’t just cover the breasts entirely but also provides strong support, avoiding any awkward spillage from the top or sides. It shapes and gently lifts the breasts, thanks to its molded cups, giving them a more defined look. So, for those dealing with sagging or shaping concerns, a full-cup bra is the ideal choice.


  • Extensive coverage
  • Higher cups
  • Lifted and rounded shape
  • Prevent spillage or bulging
  • Secure fit
  • Wider straps

3. Underwired Bra

Bras To Prevent Breast From Sagging

Underwired bras are excellent for providing support. They offer a great lift for sagging breasts and are ideal for those who prefer lightweight bras without padding. These bras provide the right amount of lift, giving a natural shape to the breasts while ensuring good support.


  • Additional lift
  • Contouring and shaping
  • Different styles like plunge, full cup, or demi-cup with underwire
  • Maintain the bra’s shape
  • Padded or lined underwires
  • Wire sewn into the underside of the cups

4. Push-up Bra

Push-up Bra

For women with sagging breasts, a push-up bra works wonders by giving a lift that counters gravity. Its plunge design perfectly matches deep-neck dresses while also providing support and bringing the breasts closer together. With these features, this bra is often called the “no-sag bra.”


  • Adjustable Straps for Customizable Lift
  • Angled Padding
  • Defined Bust Line
  • Different Levels of Push-Up Effect
  • Enhanced Cleavage
  • Padded Cups
  • Underwire for Structure

5. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra

For less firm breasts, consider switching to a demi-cup or balconette style for a rounder, perkier appearance. Balconette bras are designed with cups that reveal more of the top and inner parts of the breasts, and they have wide-set straps for good support and exposure. To address sagging, opt for a padded balconette bra. This style provides support and shapes your breasts for that desired rounded look.


  • Horizontal Neckline With Wider-Set Straps
  • Lift From The Bottom Of The Cups
  • Lower-Cut Cup
  • Underwire
  • Uplifted Shape


What kind of bra gives the most lift?

A full-cup support bra with an underwire is the bra that gives the most lift to saggy breasts.

Can bras fix saggy breasts?

Yes, bras can fix saggy breasts. However, they are a temporary solution. If you want healthy breasts, you must take care of your body.

Do bras increase sagging?

Ill-fitting bras or tighter bras cause the weakening of the ligaments attached to your chest muscles, which in turn causes breast sagging.


Each breast is unique, and sagging can vary, making it crucial to find the perfect bra for your specific needs. To ensure your breasts get the ideal support and structure, why not put in a little effort? You can opt for professional bra fittings tailored to your individual requirements. Allow experts to guide you in selecting bras that provide optimal support, fitting you through every stage of life. Embrace comfort and confidence with bras that cater to your unique needs. With this blog, you can try our remedies and get a better body shape in no time.

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