Different Types of Bra and Uses: A Guide to Choosing the Right Bra

Different Types of Bra and Use

Did you know that 64% of women wear the wrong bra? Even more surprising, 24% of them are aware they’re wearing the wrong size. That’s why many of us can’t wait to take off our bras when we get home! It’s clear there’s a problem we need to address.

To avoid this issue and ensure it doesn’t impact your health, here’s a straightforward solution:First, get a professional bra fitting. Then, familiarize yourself with the different types of bras available. Finally, make sure to invest in a bra that’s perfect for your unique needs. You can see various bra types with pictures below.

27 Different Types Of Bras

Knowing your correct size is one aspect, while finding the right fit for your body shape is another. Even though we share similar anatomy, we’re all different, and it’s crucial to understand your body and its specific requirements. Let’s now explore the top choices and examine 27 different bra types designed to suit various body types.

Types of bras based on Construction:

1. Padded Bra

Padded Bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Everyday
  • Outfit: All

A padded bra has cups with padding or pockets for adding pads, sometimes called cookies. These types of bras are ideal for when you want to conceal visible nipples and create a fuller, rounder look for your breasts. You can find padded bras in both underwired and non-wired options. Underwired padded bras offer a subtle lift, while non-padded ones are perfect for everyday comfort.

2. Non-padded Bra

Non-padded bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • occasion: Everyday
  • Outfit: All

Non-padded bras lack extra padding in their cups, which are typically designed with two or more layers of fabric. Many women with fuller breasts prefer non-padded bras. These bras don’t overly emphasize your bust but still offer the necessary support, making you feel comfortable and well-supported.

3. Wired Bra

Wired bra
  • Breast Type: Large
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: All

Wired bras have a metal underwire stitched into the cups to provide support and shape your breasts for a great silhouette. These types of bra gives you the essential support and lift. You can find wired bras in both demi coverage and full coverage designs.

4. Non-wired Bra

Non-wired bra
  • Breast Type: Small-Medium
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: All

Non-wired bras don’t have a metal underwire in the cups, which makes them more flexible and comfortable for movement. The band and straps’ elasticity provides support to your breasts, making them a great choice for all-day comfort.

Bra types based on Coverage:

5. Full Coverage Bra

Full coverage bra
  • Breast Type: Large
  • Occasion: As per convenience
  • Outfit: T-Shirts, Dresses, Tops

A full coverage bra gives extra comfort and support throughout the day while covering more of the top of your breasts. You can find multiple options of these types of bra that work well under snug-fitting clothes. This style is ideal for women with larger busts who want to minimize any bust movement or for everyday wear when you desire full coverage.

6. Demi Coverage Bra

Demi coverage bra
  • Breast Type: Small
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Low Neck

The demi bra features cups that cover about half of your breasts, giving your bust a natural appearance while maintaining the comfort of a T-shirt bra. These types of bra offer less coverage than full-cup bras but more than balconette bras. They also lift your bust and enhance your cleavage.

7. Extra full coverage Bra

Extra full coverage bra
  • Breast Type: Large
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Form Fitting

As the name suggests, extra full coverage bras provide even more coverage and shaping compared to regular full coverage styles. They come in various types and can be worn under snug-fitting clothes, boosting confidence and comfort for women with larger breasts.

Bra types based on Neckline:

8. Sweetheart Neckline Bra

Sweetheart neckline bra
  • Breast Type: Small to medium
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Evening

The sweetheart neckline bra is a great choice for outfits with low necklines! These types of bra offers medium coverage to enhance your natural cleavage and ensures you look stunning and feel comfortable with the support you need.

9. Plunge Bra

Plunge bra
  • Breast Type: Small to medium
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Deep neckline

Plunge bras come with demi-coverage cups that cover about one-third of your breasts and feature a deep neckline that goes right to the center. These types of bra are perfect for low-neckline outfits and keep you from worrying about any unwanted bra peeks.

10. Balconette Bra

Balconette bra
  • Breast Type: Small to medium
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Deep neck outfits

The Balconette bra’s cups only partially cover your breasts, so it offers less coverage compared to T-shirt or push-up bras. These types of bra provides a natural lift and a more contoured appearance. This style is most suitable for women with small to average-sized busts. The wide straps of balconette bras make them an excellent choice as undergarments when you’re wearing a boat neck silhouette.

11. Round Bra

  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Every outfit

Round neckline bras come in different styles, such as lounge bras, halter bras, and sports bras. They offer your breasts the freedom to breathe.

Bra types based on Functionality:

12. T-shirt Bra

T-shirt Bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Everyday
  • Outfit: Fitted

A T-shirt bra resembles a padded bra but with smooth and seamless cups that won’t show under snug-fitting clothes. It’s the perfect choice for achieving a clean and smooth silhouette when you wear fitted outfits.

13. Push-up Bra

Push-up bra
  • Breast Type: Small
  • Occasion: Party or special
  • Outfit: Low neckline

A push-up bra lifts and brings your breasts closer, creating a noticeable cleavage. These types of bra typically come with underwired cups for a subtle lift and angular padding that significantly enhances the shape and appearance of your breasts. You can choose from different levels of push-up, ranging from a gentle lift (level 1) to a more dramatic one (level 3), depending on the amount of enhancement you prefer.

14. Strapless/multiway Bra

Strapless multiway Bra
  • Breast Type: Small to medium
  • Occasion: Party & Fancy
  • Outfit: Deep necks

The strapless bra is a fashionable choice that offers the same support as a regular bra, but without the shoulder straps. It’s great for when you want to wear off-shoulder or halter-neck style outfits.

Some strapless bras come with detachable straps, making them multiway bras. Multiway bras are incredibly versatile in the world of lingerie. Their straps can be detached at one or both ends and then reattached in various ways to suit different outfits.

You can wear the straps in different ways:

  • The traditional way – both straps attached from the front to the back.
  • Single strap – using just a single strap
  • Strapless – without using any straps
  • Cross-back – with the cross straps (like and X) over your back
  • Halter-neck – with only one strap across your neck

15. Sports Bra

Sports Bra
  • Breast Type: Small to Large
  • Occasion: Sports activity
  • Outfit: Active wear

A regular bra is great for everyday wear but not suitable for intense activities. On the other hand, a sports bra is specifically designed to provide support for your breasts and back when you’re engaging in physical activities. Sports bras can be classified according to the level of intensity of the activity.

Types of Sports Bra

  • For low-impact workouts: A low-impact sports bra is designed with comfort as the top priority and provides the freedom to move without restrictions. It’s an excellent choice for low-intensity activities like yoga, Pilates, walking and strength training, ensuring you can comfortably engage in these activities while wearing it.
  • For medium-impact activities: A medium-impact sports bra offers greater support compared to a low-impact one, making it suitable for activities that involve more breast movement and “bounce.” It’s the perfect choice for exercises like cycling, dancing, Skiing and Zumba.
  • Heavy-impact workouts: When you need the most support for your breasts during high-impact activities like running, hiking, aerobics and gym, opt for a high-impact sports bra. It offers the highest level of support to minimize bust movement.

16. Minimizer Bra

Minimizer Bra
  • Breast Type: Large
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Per the choice

As the name implies, minimizer bras are designed to reduce your bust size. These bras make your breasts look smaller while maintaining the natural shape of your body. They have a layer of comfortable padding that covers the entire bra, not just the bottom of the cups. This padding offers the essential support and security that women with larger busts require.

17. Bralette Bra

Bralette bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Tops, Shirts, Dresses, Sheer outfits, , Fushion Wear

A bralette is a style that falls between a bra and a crop top. These bras are simple to put on and are typically non-padded, non-wired, and have a slip-on design. They offer less support and structure, emphasizing style and comfort. Plus, they can even be worn as fashionable outerwear!

18. Front Closure Bra

Front closure Bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Deep neck

Front closure bras come with a clasp or hook at the center gore, making them incredibly convenient to put on. This style is especially favored by women who struggle with or find it bothersome to fasten the bra at the back.

19. Nursing Bra

  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Nursing
  • Outfit: Any

Nursing bras are a true lifesaver for new moms. They come with a flap on the cups that allows for easy access while feeding your baby. You can unhook these flaps with a single hand, making it a breeze to feed your little one. These bras are made from breathable cotton fabric and are non-padded and non-wired to keep the mother comfortable during the changes in breast shape and size that occur during this time. They are also known as maternity bras.

20. Bandeau/Tube bra

Bandeau or Tube Bra
  • Breast Type: Small to medium
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Halter neck, racerbacks

Bandeau bras, also known as tube bras, are quite simple in design. They don’t have underwires, padding, or straps. However, some tube bras have built-in pockets for inserting pads. These bras are ideal for wearing under tube tops or racerback tops, especially when you don’t want your straps to show.

21. Full Figure Bra

Full figure bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Everyday
  • Outfit: Any

Full-figure bras are a blessing for women with ample busts. These bras are tailored for those with fuller bosoms, offering cups that provide complete coverage and prevent spillage. They come with wide side wings and broader straps, ensuring excellent support and comfort for your breasts. These bras are available in sizes ranging from DD cups to E and F, making them perfect for those with larger bust sizes.

22. Plus size Bra

Plus size bra
  • Breast Type: Large
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Everyday

Plus-size bras are a great option for curvy women who are of plus size. Unlike full-figure bras, which mainly focus on cup sizes, plus-size bras pay more attention to providing thicker band sizes to ensure proper support.

23. Stick on Bra

Stick on bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Party, outdoor
  • Outfit: Revealing outfits

Stick-on bras don’t have any back or shoulder straps. They feature adhesive on the inside of the cups, which sticks to your body and stays in place. These bras are perfect for wearing under backless and strapless outfits. It’s important to note that they may not provide the best support for women with larger busts.

24. Beginners/teens

teens bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: All outfits

As young girls’ step into womanhood, they often begin with a beginner or training bra that offers support and structure during their teenage years. Teen bras are ideal for developing bodies. These bras are typically lightweight, non-wired, and non-padded, and they can also come in simple sporty slip-on styles.

25. Seamless Bra

Seamless bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: All
  • Outfit: Tight clothes

Wearing body-hugging tops can be a challenge because traditional bras often show underneath. Luckily, a seamless bra is designed to solve this problem. It’s ultra-smooth and crafted to create a seamless silhouette under your clothes, even the tightest ones. The cups are carefully molded to enhance your curves and give them a fit and firm appearance.

26. Sleep Bra/lounge bra

Sleep Bra - lounge bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Sleepwear
  • Outfit: Lounge or night wear

Sleep bras are wonderfully soft and lightweight, making them ideal for both snoozing and lounging. They offer a ‘barely-there’ sensation, allowing your breasts to breathe without any constriction. These bras typically come in convenient slip-on styles and comfortable cotton fabric.

27. Backless bra

Backless bra
  • Breast Type: All
  • Occasion: Fancy
  • Outfit: Low back

When summer arrives, dresses, tops and backless gowns become popular choices. Backless bras come in different styles, such as stick-on butterfly bras, nipple covers, or silicone cups. What they all have in common is an adhesive surface that attaches to your breasts, ensuring a smooth look under your outfits.

Some of these bras also feature transparent back straps, which offer the necessary support and confidence without detracting from the beauty of your backless or low-back dresses.


Which kind of bra is best to wear?

The best types of bra that you can wear are t-shirt bras, cotton bras and non-padded bras.

What is ABCD in bra size?

An A cup corresponds to a breast measurement that is 1 inch (2.5 cm) larger than the band measurement. B cups represent breasts that are 2 inches larger, C cups for 3 inches, and D cups for 4 inches.

How to know my bra size?

Measure around the fullest part of your bust in a relaxed manner. Then, subtract your band size from this measurement. Refer to the table below to find your cup size based on this number. For instance, if your ribcage measures 31 and your bust measures 37, your bra size is 34C: 31 + 3 = 34, which means your band size is 34.

What is the smallest bra size?

28AA is the smallest bra size available.


Now that you’re familiar with the popular types of bra styles available in the market, you’re all set to start shopping! Remember that choosing the right bra size is just as important as selecting the right bra type. You can easily determine your size using the Bra Size Calculator.

No matter your bust size, there is always something special in store for you.

That’s your guide to the various types of bras. We understand that it’s a lot of information to absorb, so if you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to finding the right bras for your wardrobe, don’t worry.

If you’re planning to refresh your wardrobe, these bra styles are a fantastic choice. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, fabrics, shapes, and more. Whatever style you choose, you can find the perfect bra type to wear with anything.

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