5 Ways to Refresh Your Plus Size Wardrobe

Plus Size Wardrobe

You can express yourself (personality, style, and taste) through clothing. As a form of self-expression, the clothes you wear say more about you than you can ever imagine.

The clothes you wear define who you are.

With the right type of clothing and a personal style, you can instill more confidence in yourself. A plus-size wardrobe that speaks to you is a great source of inspiration, drive, confidence, and motivation.

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothing, but find it difficult to pick pieces to wear every morning? Or perhaps you feel uninspired and bored no matter what you pick from your closet to wear for work or a casual occasion?


This happens to many plus size women. Disposable fast fashion and constant cycling trends are responsible for such experiences.

Therefore, it’s only reasonable to take a step back and downsize to refresh your wardrobe (and thus perspective) the healthy way. You can do this at least once a year to keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting.

Some interesting ways to refresh your plus size clothes include buying new, strategic fashion items, or reorganizing your closet. The latter is a perfect way to give your current clothes a new edge to exude joy and confidence.

Here are a few ways to revamp your plus size wardrobe for more exciting clothing pieces to wear:

Treat Your Body to More Relaxed Fit Fashion Clothing

Relaxed Fit Fashion Clothing for Plus Size Outfit

More relaxed-fit style clothes are ideal for generous bodies because they allow for stress-free dressing. Look for elastic waist pants and wide necklines such as scoops, boats, or Vs. 

You’ll also find easy-fit tops with Dolman sleeves and dropped shoulders, free dresses and skirts, and long tunic tees to be body-friendly. When shopping for new clothes to refresh your plus-size closet, look for relaxed, oversized, airy, loose, or flowy labels in your pieces.

With no buttons, zippers, or fit issues to deal with, you’re bound to wear clothes that feel comfortable.

Find Designs That Fit Your Curve

Designs for Plus Size Outfit

Fitting sweaters can flatter your plus-size body. If you have a large bust, opt for boat-neck, V-neck, or strap-style sweaters. They open up the neckline area. However, avoid high-neck sweaters or those with thick knit detailing around the bust line. They’ll make you look bustier than you are.

You’ll also find fitted sweaters handy if you lack a defined waist or are apple-shaped. They’ll give you shape in the right areas. But, you must avoid oversized or overly long clothing styles if you’re short, lest you get drowned in fabric.

Other tips for clothing designs that fit your curves include:

  • Layer less in winter to avoid unnecessary bulk that could easily overwhelm your plus-size figure. A couple of layers or three are enough to keep you warm. Keep them as thin as possible. As an example, you can layer a cropped jacket or a fitted cardigan beneath a t-shirt and a cami.
  • The transition from day to night or grace a casual event in dark-colored (deep or dark wash) denim for a chic look. Dark colors are perfect for fall. The mystique colors add dimension and tone to your outfit.
  • Adorn fitting boots (made in wide widths to fit plus size legs) for a modern, chic look in fall or winter.
  • Skim your curves with a well-fitted coat that neither makes you look bulky nor shapeless. Look for a magical coat that’s stylish and flatters your curves. Accessorize your coat with a belt to define your waist.
  • Buy leggings designed to offer support and shaping for added sophistication and a more streamlined figure. What’s more, they’re easy to wear and comfortable. Look out for keywords such as shaping and waist-defining, tummy panels, or thicker knits such as Ponte.
  • Pull off oversized blazers in style. Balance it with a fitted bottom such as leggings, skinny jeans, or pencil skirts. Use a fashion-savvy belt to create a flattering silhouette.
  • Dark and opaque tights can make your lower half look slimmer. Adorn plus-size tights for a personalized touch of style. Dark monochromatic tights can also accentuate your curves.
  • Invest in a shaping cami, slip, shorts, and bodysuit for support. A supportive t-shirt bra looks great beneath blouses, sweaters, and tees, giving you an enhanced curvy look.

Find Stylish Accessories

A stylish handbag personalizes your sense of fashion, pulls your look together, and is made to last. Opt for a large, sturdy handbag for easy transition from your office wear to a business or casual meeting later in the day. 

Look out for suede/leather fabric, gold or silver hardware, and attractive lining to accentuate your body. This isn’t just timeless, but will also give you a chic look.

Other fun fashion accessories for your body include belts, sun hats, shoes, and jewelry. 

Sell Clothes You No Longer Use

Raise money to buy new clothes for a fresh plus size wardrobe. Sell the clothes you no longer use to friends and loved ones to earn some extra money. Use the funds raised to buy more suitable plus size clothing. 

You may even donate the clothes if you already have enough money to revamp your closet. This is a great way to also de-clutter your wardrobe and space. What’s more, giving is bound to leave you feeling great about yourself; this may translate to your general outward look.

Get Inspired by Others Online

Plus Size Outfit from Online

If you just can’t seem to find something suitable for your unique sense of fashion, style and plus size body, what you need is inspiration.

Check out online fashion magazines for plus size women, fashion social media handles and groups, and other relevant online platforms. Go through various plus size fashion items to inspire your plus size wardrobe.


Whatever fashion pieces you pick for your plus size wardrobe, make sure they align with your style, taste, and preferences. Visit physical stores to try out clothes you feel comfortable in to ensure you buy clothing items you’ll actually wear.

Furthermore, the need to embrace your measurements (use sizing charts), custom items, thicker stretch knits, and oversized or relaxed clothing items goes without saying. Pick clothes that flatter your curves and body type to refresh your plus-size wardrobe with the right clothing pieces.

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