How to Get Peaky Blinders Haircut [Ultimate Guide]

peaky blinders haircut

The popular TV drama series Peaky Blinders, a crime-based story, has been appealing to millions of  hearts. The reason behind the popularity of the storyline is because of the excellent cast or the exciting and engaging storyline. The popular crime series has significantly impacted the viewers with the popular 1920s Gangster and Mafia look. Let’s see peaky blinders haircut.

One of the features that was appealing in this series other  than the costumes was the haircuts and hairstyles. The Peaky Blinders Haircut has become one of the trending hairstyles that have never lost the trend since people felt it was impressive. All the haircuts in the entire season have motivated and inspired people to adopt such unique hairstyles and haircuts.

All the hairstyles and haircuts from the series became a significant style statement for an extended period. And now that the lockdown gave the chance to binge-watch all the old classic series, the Peaky Blinders haircut has become one of the popular ones in the viewers’ lists. Peaky blinders hair is exciting and unique, one can try it in their lifetime.

Are you looking for some exciting haircuts? Here are some of the trending haircuts you can try this year.

What is a Peaky Blinders Haircut?

The peaky blinder haircut became popular ever since it came on screens in the year 2013. In the past few years, the haircut has gained popularity due to its engaging name. Have you ever wondered why the haircut got so much popularity in such a short period? The characters carried the haircuts and styling with so much confidence that people accepted them as style statements.

Coming to the point, Peaky Blinders Haircut is a newsboy’s hat styling that was very popular in the olden days. It was a prominent gangster.

All the confident men who are ready to try out some challenging and engaging haircuts can try out these haircuts. This is mainly an album of famous collections. All of these haircuts and stylings are seen in the series by different actors. Though you will find almost the same pattern with alternative fades with the popular undercuts.

All these hairstyles are adapted by Paul Anderson, Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Joe Cole to blend perfectly in their particular characters. If you notice the character’s haircuts detailedly, you will observe that they all have one thing in common. The shaved sides and backs are familiar in every character’s hairstyle.

The most recognizable hairstyle is the French Crop with the side partition and a slicked back out of all of them. One of the most frequently asked questions amongst the views and followers is how the actors carry such a challenging haircut with so much confidence?

The answer is, the hairstyle is justifying the situation of the late 1920s, where the gangsters used to adopt this hairstyle for easy maintenance. One more significant reason was, the peaky blinders haircuts were short and classic, which avoided the chance of pulling the hair while fighting.

The Cinematic Peaky Blinders Haircut

Now, let us explore the different peaky blinders hairs of all the other characters. I am pretty sure, if they have carried it so well and confidently, even you will. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to follow all the respective steps and suggestions to enjoy the classic natural feel of the haircut.

Now, let us explore some of these classic cinematic Peaky blinders haircuts. Just read through all the haircuts inspired from different characters. Later, you can decide which of these haircuts will sit perfectly on your personality and physical features.

Thomas Shelby Haircut

Thomas Shelby Haircut

Every series has its own fashion ideal, which creates a significant impact on every viewer. The Thomas Shelby haircut is one of the most exciting haircuts in the entire series. Amongst cast as the whole, this haircut is unique and exciting. The haircut focuses on extremely intense shaved sides and back and has a french crop on the crown.

If you want the same look, you need to inform the barber or the hair designer to focus on higher fades with texturing crops. Confirming the hairstyle before cutting can avoid any wrong cuts and styles.

Professional’s Point of View

The Tommy Shelby haircut is not a standard haircut that would set rightly on all personalities. This particular haircut looks amusing with long face men. If you are interested in maintaining the same haircut, you can try similar styles. Ensure that you are contacting the right person to acquire this haircut.

Before experimenting with the sides:

  1. Focus on the top. Once you are clear deciding the top, you can come back to the sides and the back.
  2. When determining the length of the crown, keep in mind the growth of the hair to style it properly.
  3. Once you have got the new haircut, be prepared to have small hair for an extended period.

If you are confident of carrying short hair, you can try shorter hair on the sides and the back. If you want to maintain the same haircut for a more extended period of time, trimming your hair regularly is essential.

How to Style the Look

For flawless styling, the essential part is to maintain your hair flow from the back to the front. To have a perfect and exact hairstyle, you may use the hairdryer. Later you can set the hair with hair gel. Hair gel will help you to maintain the texture and quality of your hair for a longer time.

John Shelby Haircut

John Shelby Haircut

John Shelby Haircut is the second most appreciated haircut. The haircut is somewhat similar and makes a more remarkable impact on young boys. John Shelby’s haircut follows the same disengaged undercut. The ultimate difference here is the length of the hair on the crown. If you have watched Peaky Blinders, I am sure you will understand how the size of John’s hair differs from the other Shelby brothers.

This haircut is particularly perfect for young men or teenage boys looking for a fresh and unique haircut.

Professional’s Point of View

This particular Peaky Blinders haircut has no official name of its own. Before asking the professional to start with the haircut, explain to them the exact description of the styling and start with asking them to partition your hair into four different sections. The divisions are the crown, the side, and the back. For this, if you want, the sides and the back can blend, but not the height.

After sectioning the hair, start shortening down the length of the sides and the back. Grade it down to 1 or 2. Please ensure that you are not blending or shading the hair with the sides and back. Maintaining the length of the crown will allow you to style your hair whenever needed. And that is how you will gain the ideal hair.

How to Style the Look

Keeping the same length of hair on the crown is essential to maintain the flow of the hair. You will require some of the styling and hair products to keep your hair in place. Using the matte finish or the regular gel is necessary to maintain the hair side wiped. It is entirely up to you which side you want your hair to be swiped.

With this, you will achieve your ideal John Shelby Haircut.

Alfie Solomons Haircut

Alfie Solomons Haircut

Tom Hardy, who played the character of Alfie Solomons, had one of the most classic looks in the entire series. His hairstyle and beard styling are the most discussed for months after the show was showcased on television. His matured and messy hairstyle is fascinating and unique.

However, I find the haircut a bit classic or too classic. You can try modernizing the hairstyle with some interesting modern touch. If you are interested in peaky blinder hair, you have to try the same hairstyle.

Professional’s Point of View

Even though you are here for Peaky Blinders hair, keep in mind that you will have to maintain a matured beard for this classic haircut. Here you have to shade the hair in a fading flow. For this Alfie Solomons haircut, you will have to maintain the layers.

Once you are done cutting your hair with messy layers, focus on your beard formation and trimming. The perfect beard will complement the entire look. It will help you achieve the ultimate Alfie Solomons haircut and beard look, who is one of the most matured and confident characters in Peaky Blinders.

How to Style the Look

If you are interested in maintaining the caveman look, you will have to ensure growing your beard. Even for this hairstyle, you will have long and dense hair growth to achieve the ultimate peaky blinders haircut. You will have to maintain both your hair and beard length to enjoy the late 1920’s Alfie Solomons look.

Ever since Alfie Solomons haircut and beard got popular, people came with some fun and exciting peaky blinders haircut memes.

Arthur Shelby Haircut

Arthur Shelby Haircut

Arthur Shelby’s haircut is again a favorite and iconic styling for matured and confident men. Not just the fashion and hairstyling, even the character has made an enormous impact on many Peaky Blinders fans. The Arthur Shelby haircut focuses on disconnected undercut, which is amazingly mesmerizing and easy to carry.

The Arthur Shelby haircut will give you a wholly matured, royal, and rebellious look. If you are looking for an ultimate peaky blinders haircut back and front, definitely try the Arthur Shelby hairstyling look.

Professional’s Point of View

To achieve this ensuing look:

  1. Ask your professional to help to maintain long and dense hair on the top.
  2. Sweeping it on the end of the back, shave the other parts of the back and the sides.
  3. Maintain the disconnected undercut to enjoy the exact feel of the look, just as the Arthur Shelby did.

You have to keep trimming or shaving the sides and the back to sustain the haircut and the hairstyling for a more extended period.

How to Style the Look

Use the hairdryer to brush your hair back. With a pomade, secure your hair. You may use hair styling gel to tie your hair for a longer time. Ensure that you regularly shave off your side and back hair to maintain the same Arthur Shelby Haircut.

Michael Gray Haircut

Michael Gray Haircut

Michael Gray, who happens to be the cousin of the Shelby brothers, is a compelling character in the entire Peaky Blinders. And just like the character, even the haircut is very exciting and inspiring for all those who are wondering whether short hair would look good or not. The side part hairstyle with a short military cut allows you to maintain a decent, professional look for your personality.

Professional’s Point of View

As the haircut is decent and straightforward, ask your professional help to blend the cut with the top without any sectioning. Decide and maintain the same length of hair and regularly trim them to sustain the neatness of the peaky blinders haircut.

How to Style the Look

To maintain the Michael gray Haircut, all you have to do is section your hair into a side partition and gel it to let it stay in place for an extended period.

How to Style Peaky Blinders Haircut

The Bottom-Line

The Peaky blinders haircut to date is one of the best 1920’s gangster look collections. Suppose you are ready to try out some challenging haircuts. In that case, you can try the Thomas Shelby Haircut, Arthur Shelby, and Alfie Solomons haircut. It is just a matter of how you carry it. Whether you can maintain it, the characters have in the entire peaky blinders series.

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