25 Best Moisture Wicking Underwear in 2024

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Get the best women’s sweat wicking underwear to stay fresh and dry all day!

This might not be the most pleasant topic to discuss, but we agree that there is no worse feeling than the sweaty, soggy, or swampy sense down there. Despite liking the summer days, enjoying playing in the park, and having a good workout, the wet feeling is something we all wouldn’t want. But unfortunately, we cannot avoid it either. Luckily, there is a solution, ladies! Like moisture-wicking t-shirts, there is moisture wicking underwear.

It is nothing sort of a miracle where irrespective of the swampy, sweaty days, it prevents the wet feeling while providing a fresh and clean effect.  So, the next time you know there is heat, remember to wear a pair of moisture-wicking panties before putting on your favorite summer dress or workout gear, and you will feel the difference.

There are varieties of moisture wicking underwear on the market. This article will make a choice easier for the ladies with our ten best picks. However, before we get into the top picks, we will discuss moisture wicking underwear and how it benefits women.

What Is Moisture Wicking Underwear?

moisture wicking underwear

It might seem a bit gimmicky if you hear the word moisture wicking underwear for the first time. We know that cotton helps absorb sweat, so how is this different from a cotton panty? Well, moisture wicking underwear is made of a unique fabric that draws it out instead of just absorbing the moisture.

These moisture-wicking fabrics are often available in a synthetic blend, bamboo, or wool. Organic options like wool and bamboo are more expensive and long-lasting than synthetic blends. Most of the time, the materials used in making the underwear offer a soft feel making it comfortable to wear. Also, the designs are often seamless, ensuring there aren’t any visible panty lines (VPL) when worn.

The high-tech materials used for making the sweat-wicking fabrics ensure they are breathable and have antibacterial, odor-eliminator, and temperature regulating technology. Overall, the products are safe and hygienic.

How Beneficial Are Sweat Wicking Underwear?

moisture wicking underwear

Are you wondering why you should opt for moisture wicking underwear for women? The answer is yes because it offers quite a few benefits. Often wrong underwear that fails to absorb the sweat and the wetness becomes an ideal breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. When the moisture gets trapped against the skin, the bacteria multiply. Mainly tight underwear or non-wicking plants doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, leading to irritation and spreading bacteria.

Women’s moisture-wicking underwear is often helpful when ladies are unable to change their sweaty bottoms or take a shower. Often the mixture of warmth and moisture causes yeast infection in the area, which, left untreated, can develop into urinary tract infection (UTI).

One of the best ways to avoid the soggy and itchy bottoms while thwarting the growth of bacteria is by opting for sweat-wicking underwear.

How To Select The Right Moisture Wicking Panties?

moisture wicking underwear

Want to know how to select the right women’s sweat-wicking underwear? The answer, unfortunately, is not that simple since there are so many options in the market. However, we are giving you five essential tips on how to select Moisture wicking underwear with ideal properties.

Tip 1: Materials Used: Read the product tag to know the materials used in making the item. Most moisture wicking underwear uses cotton inner linings and is made with sustainable materials that are sturdy yet soft to feel. Unless the brand specifies the materials in detail, stay away from it.

Tip 2: Breathability of the material: One of the main reasons people prefer undergarments made with moisture-wicking fibers is because they not only drain sweat but ought to be breathable. The breathable quality allows it to be lightweight and prevents the wearer from getting that sticky and icky feeling.

Tip 3: Skin test:  While most of these products are made of materials that should not cause skin allergies or rashes, some of us have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is always better to check the materials used in making the products. Many products are hypoallergenic and will suit your skin.

Tip 4: Period-friendly: None of us wants to have that period leakage. Despite wearing a pad or a tampon, leakage always finds its way. So when you are purchasing a moisture-wicking panty, check its leakage resistance capacity, mainly the seams and the lining where the pad will stick properly.

Tip 5: Odor resistance: It is natural to have body odor, but underwear helps prevent it. Read the label of the garment to check it is made with technology that will contain the smell. Also, check its washability and the reusable date.

25 Moisture Wicking Underwear To Avoid Unwanted Scenes

Forget about twisting and dancing in weird ways to control your itch down there because of the sweat and the rashes. Without further delay, let’s get into the ten lists of sweat-wicking underwear for women. But remember, if you are already suffering from yeast or UTI infection, go to a doctor because wearing wicking underwear will not cure it. However, wearing moisture wicking underwear can prevent yeast infection too.

1. Fruit of the Loom Moisture Wicking Underwear

moisture wicking underwear women
Size5 to 13 (Regular & Plus size)
ColorsMulticolor pack of 12 in 9 colors

The fruit of the Loom Beyondsoft underwear is one of the most affordable yet good quality wicking underwear on the market. They are available in two different styles, i.e., hipsters and brief. Also, you can purchase them in a pack of 12 in nine different colors and sizes from 5 to 13. The panties are made of polyester and breathable cotton blend with cotton liner.

Verified Review: “These underwear are so comfortable. I have had previous underwear that digs into my hips right at their seam line, these don’t! They are very light weight and soft material and even after washing in the warm wash cycle and drying on high heat they didn’t shrink.

They fit perfectly and don’t bunch up. I have a pretty flat behind so normally undies are quite saggy, not true with these. I’ll definitely be ordering more when I need them. Thanks for a great product!” — BookAddictedCoffeeSnob

2. Seamless Moisture Wicking Underwear By Balanced Tech

moisture wicking underwear women
ColorsMulticolor in 3 Pack or 6 Packs

If you are into working out and prone to yeast infection, the Balanced Tech Seamless Low Rise Bikini panties should be your choice of wicking underwear. Made with quick dry technology and has excellent moisture wicking capacity. It is available in fifteen bright and neutral shades, which are available in a pack of six. Also, the seamless design ensured there was no VPL. You can also check bra and underwear styles to try.

Verified Review: “These underwear are amazing! I’m not trying to be gross, but other underwear doesn’t make my lady bits smell to pleasant…I tend to sweat down there during the hot summers. These underwear do NOT make my lady bits smell what so ever! I truly am impressed.

I had bought a pack of 3 before committing to buying more. I plan on buying more for sure and other colors as well :)” — Wolverine

3. Sweat Wicking Underwear By Amazon Essentials

moisture wicking underwear women
SizeRegular & Plus Size

Amazon Essential cotton bikinis are worth the money for their comfort, style, and wicking ability. The items are made of 5% spandex and 95% cotton. They are lightweight panties in a pack of six in neutral and bright colors. You can also get all-black moisture-wicking panties.

Verified Review: “I was once skeptical about buying no name brand underwear but as I have aged into my 40’s your life and priorities change. So I pressed the “buy” button and waited. Not that long!! I washed all of them, I mean growing up we were taught that at least I was anyways. They looked well made,very stretching and colorful like what I have bought in the past from the big expensive stores.

After drying everything,I grabbed a pair and put them on, and you know what I FELT AWESOME, THEY FELT AWESOME, SORRY FOR THIS but they didn’t go riding up my rear end at all during my day. So Amazon you have won me over since I guess 2017, somewhere but I felt it’s time I told the world/America ???????? how much I ❤️ your underwear!!” — Shannone Walters

4. Full Coverage Hanes Moisture Wicking Underwear

moisture wicking underwear women
Size5 to 9
Colors6 Pack – Assorted

Hanes is offering 100% cotton liner microfiber moisture-wicking panties for women. It is known for its silky smooth touch and a seamless finish that ensures no skin burns, irritation, or allergies. It is available in a pack of six or ten and is known for giving complete coverage. You can pick your style from hipsters, boy-shorts to briefs in various colors.

Verified Review: “They are comfortable and fit well, full coverage without being “granny”. Sits just below the belly button. Silky microfiber but lined inside with cotton. The band is about half an inch and elastic.

In the package I received, the patterns were the same as pictured but the plain colors were different than pictured. With that being said, it’s underwear so really it doesn’t matter the color, unless you need neutrals. I feel these were a good purchase. For reference I am 5 ft 100 lb and purchased small/size 5.” — lbstegs

5. Bamboo-Viscose Moisture Wicking Underwear Women

moisture wicking underwear women
Size4 to 10
ColorsSolid & Multicolor

Looking for a mid-rise panty that offers more than moisture absorbing capacity? Well, here are Warm Sun Women’s moisture-wicking briefs made of natural fiber like bamboo, which is a perfect alternative to cotton. It allows your body to breathe and hinders bacterial growth, keeping your area dry and clean. The item is available in sizes 4 to 10 and in different solid colors.

Verified Review: “I absolutely LOVE these underpants. They’re amazing! They’re so incredibly soft. They feel like silk, but they have a nice stretch of spandex. They’re a bit delicate, but they won’t tear from normal daily use.

The underwear are sheer and pretty, and looks extremely flattering when worn. There’s no pinching around the waist or thighs, and they don’t shift around as I move. I had no idea bamboo was so wonderful and cozy. These are my new favorite undergarments, and I’ve already ordered three more packages.” — Jestershock

6. Moisture Wicking Panties for Sensitive Skin

moisture wicking underwear women

We know finding eco-friendly underwear that can last multiple washes and has been sourced from ethically and organically grown materials is a long order. But here is Boody Body EcoWEar Women’s Midi brief. It is made from bamboo mixed with spandex, nylon, and viscose, giving it immense stretchability and firm shape while having a soft feel.

Verified Review: “I like these more than I expected I would. The coverage is good for this fat bottomed girl (who makes the world go ’round). The fabric is medium weight and comfy soft, waistband is sufficient (not to big and not non-existent). They wash well, are a true medium rise, and no wedgies. They fit right in the middle between granny panties that pull up to your rib cage and the skinny cheeky undies that have you hanging out all over. I am satisfied.” — funky mama

7. Bacteria Resistant Womens Sweat Wicking Underwear

moisture wicking underwear women

Shero womens sweat wicking underwear is leak-proof and moisture-wicking panties. It is not only super absorbent but also offers odor control and bacteria resistance. The bamboo and charcoal-infused fiber leave the skin dry and soft while allowing the skin to breathe. The bikini-style panties are available in quite an array of sizes and solid colors.

8. Moisture Wicking Underwear For Cycling

moisture wicking underwear women
Size1X to 3X

Are you into cycling or heavy workout and hate the feeling of a wedgie? Set aside your worries and get a Reebok Women’s Plus Sized Underwear pair. The hipster-designed seamless moisture-wicking panties are made from spandex and nylon, offering full coverage and a wide array of sizes. The underwear is comfortable to wear and breathable, offering a dry and clean feeling.

Verified Review: “These are my favorite underpants. I’ve bought 9 different pairs already! They are stretchy, stay put, and super comfortable for all day wear. Definitely choose your correct size or even a size down because they are so stretchy!!” — Cait R.

9. Anti-Itch Sweat Proof Panties

moisture wicking underwear women

At times finding sexy underwear that offers comfort and high absorption quality is quite a rare thing. But how about you get these while having a pair of flattering thongs too? If you don’t believe us buy a Merino Wool Ultralight Thong Briefs. They are not only great to look at, but it also offers a parallel feeling of softness against the skin, with high moisture wicking capacity. It is also hypoallergenic; hence when you wear it, there is no itch.

Verified Review: “These are my favorite underwear I’ve ever owned. I am actually slowly replacing all my underwear with these, because they are pricey, but super worth it. I basically only wear these now and am long overdue for a review.

Definitely size down or lean towards the lower size if you’re between sizes. I don’t like tight underwear so usually wear a large in normal thongs, and got a medium in these. I love that there’s no elastic. They are also almost high waisted on me since I’m short. Overall they work well if you are pear shaped/have a butt. They also don’t get smelly and are great for working out and long hikes/camping, too.

As far as durability goes, I haven’t had any issues with them and it’s been a few years of washing them once a week! I don’t hang dry or wash on gentle cycle, but I bet if you did they’d last longer.” — Laine.

10. Long-Leg Moisture Wicking BoyShorts

moisture wicking underwear women
SizeS-6XL Plus

Comfort, functionality, durability, and support are a few primary items on the list when we look for shorts that can take the toll of extreme workouts. Here are B2BODY long-leg boyshorts made with knitted Askin fabric that warrant all these moisture-wicking properties. It also has a 100% cotton line, perfect for sensitive skin. The shorts have good stretch and hence can fit all body shapes. No longer will you have groin and thigh chafing or burns.

Verified Review: “These are so comfortable with a little bit of support. The right amount of spandex makes these close fitting but not overly tight. Silky smooth. These could almost be shorts. They don’t seem to be sheer as in see thru. They have lots of stretch but do have tighter leg and waist. I think that helps to keep them in place. Good quality, they wash up nice and you get 4 pair in the package, so Good Price too.” — Tina Maxwell.

11. High-waisted Cotton Briefs By Wirarpa

moisture wicking underwear women's
ColorsA Multicolored 4-Pack

Switch your old undies with this cute and comfy underwear. These are a multipack of high-waisted briefs made from super soft double-layer fabric. Comes with high-rise fitting and full coverage, these panties are a great option for postpartum c-section and abdominal surgery recovery. These panties are made with 95% Combed Cotton and 5% Spandex.

Verified Review: “I would like to contribute a very honest review to all the women out there who sweat profusely. I am prone to yeast and sweat. These are a godsend. They are not restricting. They move with me. They don’t ride up or pull on my skin. My pads fit during a period.

They are breathable and make sweaty underwear a thing of the past. I measured my hips and got 52 inches, but I ordered a 4X to be safe. Bigger was better than smaller in my opinion. When I got them, it was alarming. They looked huge. I gave them a shot anyway. I am so glad I did. I LOVE THEM. I’m in panty heaven, you guys. Try these for sure. Will order more since I only got four.” —Stephenie H.

12. Women’s Pure Stretch Thong Underwear By Under Armour

moisture wicking underwear women's
Colors3 colors in multipacks

These are Under Armour moisture wicking underwear or thong undies, which give all-day comfort for any activity. Made with super comfy and flexible material, these women’s underwear will dry down there. In addition, it has fine laser-cut edges with a hem-free construction that gives a smoother, more flattering silhouette.

Verified Review: “I’ve always struggled to find that perfect pair of underwear for any kind of workout. Until I found these gems! They are super lightweight and smooth, you almost feel like nothing’s there. It’s moisture wicking — and best of all — you can’t see their outline under your leggings or jeans! I also wear these with regular clothes too… I love them that much!” — Mich.

13. Low-rise Micro-Mesh Undies By Fruit of the Loom

moisture wicking underwear women's
ColorsMulticolored pack of 6 or 10.

Are you a plus-size woman who struggles a lot to find the right pair of underwear? Not anymore!

Here are the low-rise micro-mesh, plus size moisture wicking underwear from the brand called Fruit of the Loom. These are the fruit of the loom moisture wicking underwear available in both regular and plus sizes. These have 100% Cotton liner and are available in a pack of six or ten in different colors.

Verified Review: “COVID has caused some strange times for all of us. For me, it means I can’t wear my normal scrubs at work and have to wear crappy hospital-issued ones, and I can’t go get my usual Brazilian wax. A combination of those things with the summer heat has meant a lot of uncomfortable sweating while I constantly run around at work.

All of that sweat just sits on my skin in my groin and within two hours of starting work, I’d absolutely reek. It was horrible and embarrassing. It smelled like something died in my crotch. I didn’t think a simple change in underwear material would be so effective, but my god. It’s night and day.

Even in my cruddy non-breathing standard-issue scrub pants, these undies wick the sweat away from the hair so that stinky bacteria don’t have a chance to multiply. I might slightly smell of sweat, but I don’t stink at all anymore even on my busiest of days. These have been a total lifesaver. I highly recommend them.” — Cheri H.

14. Women’s Breathe Freely Moisture Wicking Underwear By Warner

moisture wicking underwear women's

Looking for a high-cut panty with microfiber material? Check this out!

These are the sweat wicking underwear from Warner. It comes with a lightweight, breathable fabric with anti-itch lace details. So, even if you’re sweating a lot down there, you don’t feel anything. These undies will sry all sweat and keep you fresh all day long!

Verified Review: “There’s nothing I hate more than sweaty crotch! So I thought I’d give these a try — then bought five more pairs. When I’m working outdoors, or even indoors when it’s really warm, these are fantastic for helping to wick away moisture.

They’re extremely lightweight, have a nice almost silky feel, and are comfortable. Lines don’t show. I usually wear a large or 12–14 bottom, and I ordered these in XL because underwear always seem to shrink up. Not taking a chance — I wash these in the machine but hang them up to dry. I highly recommend, especially for outdoors activities!” — AmazonFan

15. Women Seamless Breathable Bikini Panties By Voenxe

moisture wicking underwear women's
Colors5 color packs

Sometimes finding the right pair of underwear seems more challenging than finding the right man!

Do you agree, girls? No worries, if you’re facing some difficulty in picking the best moisture wicking undies for yourself, Voenxe got you covered! Let’s check organic underwear brands that you’ll love.

Available in many colors and designs, these seamless and breathable bikini panties are a great option. They have a mesh design and cotton lining with anti-itch lace detail.

Verified Review: “As a nurse, I’ve been searching for years now for underwear that is not only comfortable and breathable, but that also does not show any panty lines while wearing under scrubs. I used to buy VS seamless panties but they would fall apart quickly in the wash and other brands don’t breathe, which is imperative to healthy lady bits (especially while running around a busy hospital and sweating).

But these are perfect! You can’t see any panty lines, even under the thinnest of scrub brands, and they breathe so well! I haven’t had any issues with swamp butt even when driving in a hot leather seated car in 90+ degree weather, and then working a 12 hr shift. They also seem to so far also hold up well to regular washer and dryer use. I will definitely order more.” — Cassie.

16. Full Briefs Soft Stretch Breathable Ladies Panties

moisture wicking underwear women's
ColorsMulticolored Pack of 2

Get these comfy and organic undies made of 95% natural cotton and 5% spandex. Not only do they look cute, but they also have other benefits, such as double-layer crotch and stretchable material. These high-waisted cotton panties will give you full coverage and also prevent swamp ass by absorbing your sweat and the toxins you release from your body!

Verified Review: “I was looking for good moisture-wicking underpants and I have finally found my match. I have always had trouble with my underbelly being super sweaty in summer and these panties have very well prevented that in the past two weeks (we had some hot and sweaty 90° days). They are soft and comfortable to wear and don’t pinch either. I already bought a second five-pack, this time in color. Love them!” — Christina Hopkins.

17. Women’s Illumination Bikini Panty By Vanity Fair

moisture wicking underwear women's
SizeRegular and Plus Sizes 5–11 and 39 varieties
ColorsMulticolor Pack of 3

Feel everyday luxury with an unbelievable fit and stretch with the Illumination Bikini Panty By Vanity Fair. These moisture wicking underwear women are made with a blend of nylon and spandex material. It has a side cutout that makes them extra stretchy and sexy!

Verified Review: “I have only worn these panties one time, but they are as close to nothing as I ever wore. I realized every time I went to the bathroom, I hadn’t thought about my underwire AT ALL! I don’t know about you, but that is a great feeling for me! I needed a quick-dry option, as I was frequently caught in sprinklers as a gardener at work. I wear a tool belt at work, so I don’t like to have any extra seams around my hips, as I am constantly bending and squatting. These panties do that nicely.” — Mary Woodhead Tate.

18. Give-n-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Brief By ExOfficio

moisture wicking underwear women's
Colors$19.10 – $26.00

Don’t get fooled by the light fabric of these women’s moisture wicking underwear; they’re super durable and ready for all-day wear! In addition, these moisture wicking underwear for working out have improved anti-odor treatment that will help you to stay fresher, and longer. Another thing is that they don’t ride, roll, or bunch – so you can also wear these moisture wicking underwear women’s size for both workouts and overall active lifestyles.

Verified Review: “I originally bought these underwear to wear while I’m training for a half marathon. I needed something that wasn’t going to ride up and that would wick moisture away! These work great for running and are extremely comfortable and super soft!

But if you live in hot humid central Texas, these Panties are for you!!! As hot as it’s been here these past few weeks, these Panties keep me cool and dry! These should be considered “every day” Panties for women with big butts who live in Texas and who have a tendency to have a hot undercarriage. Get these Panties!! I ordered more.” — Andy N.

19. Organic Bamboo Boyshorts By Boody

moisture wicking underwear women's
Colors$172.47 – $174.05

Searching for sustainable and sweat wicking underwear? Check out this one!

These soft and stylish undies are made from eco-friendly rather than new synthetic materials. These moisture wicking women’s underwear gives full coverage and comfort at an affordable price range.

Verified Review: “I honestly cannot complain about these shorts! They are super comfy, soft, and give a lot of stretch! I have what people call a “bubble butt” so they show a small amount of the bottom of my booty but not too much! I was scared ordering because of that but I don’t regret getting them at all. Fast shipping and good quality!” — Danni

20. Missy Microfiber Thong By Savage X Fenty

moisture wicking underwear women's

You have tried Fenty cosmetics and have a belief in the brand; this time try, the underwear! Of course, we’re talking about the Missy Microfiber Thong By Savage X Fenty. These are high-waisted, moisture wicking underwear for women.

Verified Review: “These are soft and don’t give a “wedgy” feeling!” — Keisha H

21. Three-Pack Breathe Natural Rise Thong By Hanky Panky

women's moisture wicking underwear

In this underwear, you’ll get a “BreatheSoft” line. It will aboard all the sweat and toxins from down there while doing any exercise and activities. These are variable in fun, bright colors.

Verified Review: “These panties fit so comfortably and stay put. They have invisible panty lines. It feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Love ‘em!” — Amazon Customer.

22. Best Moisture Wicking Underwear For Women By Icebreaker

women's moisture wicking underwear

Wool is always considered a material that is suitable for winter. However, these undies are made from wool and are appropriate for the days when you’re sweating too much down there! Try these thin, soft, breathable, and odor-resistant panties! You can check essential bra styles every woman should own.

Verified Review: “True to size chart. I own 5 pairs and I’ll buy more. Originally, I purchased for hiking/camping trips because of the quick drying/anti-chafing/breathability properties of merino wool, but they are so comfortable and wash so well (in the machine or by hand) that I use these for everyday wear. I own other products from this manufacturer and have been happy with all purchases.” — Fastfoodyogi VINE VOICE.

23. Proof Hipster Leak Proof Underwear for Women

women's moisture wicking underwear

If you’re searching for leak-proof undies, try the Proof Hipster panties! These leak-proof underwear have a multi-layer Leak-Loc system that will keep you cool and dry all day and night. Check them on Amazon!

Verified Review: “I seriously love these underwear. I have super heavy periods and endometriosis and these are the best. I don’t even know how I lived without them before.” — CJ Ortiz

24. Warner’s Blissful Benefits Breathable Brief

women's moisture wicking underwear

Here are panties from Warner’s brand. These women’s briefs are made from organic and microfiber material, which absorbs moisture. So you’ll feel comfortable and breathable all day.

Verified Review: “These are so comfortable and especially the wide waistband means they don’t roll down when you sit! And they are perfect if you wear daily protection of any kind, since they have a real crotch. Some underwear seem to be made like men’s where the legs are seamed in the middle of the crotch and that just doesn’t work for me.

These are super comfy and actually breathe well considering they are not cotton. Very happy with them. I wear a size 2x and finding something that doesn’t roll and that doesn’t pinch your inner thighs is wonderful.” — Elizabeth Field.

25. Hanes Women’s 5-Pack ComfortSoft Stretch Hipster Panty

women's moisture wicking underwear
Size4 to 10

These are Hanes moisture wicking underwear made from a comfortable cotton blend. Comes in an exciting price range and sizes. You can buy these and stay dry. Buy these at moisture wicking underwear Amazon!

Verified Review: “I’m so happy with this purchase. I have sensory issues and underwear are so hard to find that basically feel like nothing. I don’t want to feel my underwear and that means that must fit comfy and light. These meet all those expectations in my opinion.” – Meagan Hope

Final Words on Moisture Wicking Underwear

women's moisture wicking underwear

When you have to choose, remember to follow the tips above. Underwear made of moisture-wicking fiber can offer a lot of health benefits. It can give you much-needed comfort and avoid any embarrassing situation in public. However, it is always better to opt for items made from well-fitting natural fiber.

Apart from these, you can always pick panties from our list of moisture wicking underwear women.

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