20 Organic Underwear Brands That Are Worth Your Attention and Hype

organic underwear

Ever wondered what is the most worn clothing item in your wardrobe? No, it isn’t your favorite dress or jeans. It is underwear! Think about it, you wear them for more than 10-12 hours a day, every day (except if you are the team commando).

So, do you really pay attention to them? When we are asking this we do not mean the $100 lingerie. Just your regular everyday undies that you pick up in a pack of 10 for $10 from stores and use them till they are hanging by the last of their thread.

These packs are totally value for money, unlike the organic underwear (or so you may think), so why bother to choose otherwise? We understand that whenever talking about sustainable underwear brands, the first thought that comes to mind is that they are not affordable.

Why waste $40 on a clothing item that nobody even sees? But, what if we told you these cheap underwear are dangerous for you! Yes, That is true. The fast-fashion brands in the market use fabrics that are treated with some harmful chemicals and dyes. These are pretty bad for your vagina and planet.

organic underwear

Let’s get to the bottom (pun intended) of why these fast-fashion underwears are available at a cheaper cost.

  • Uses cheap and chemical dyes that pollute lands and nearby river bodies
  • Unethical way of manufacturing.
  • Paying less to the workers.
  • Using cheap materials that have a shelf life of 6 months – 1 year. So you have to buy more often.

Think about all the underwear you have discarded that are still very much at the landfills, not decomposing. The fast fashion industry is notoriously responsible for $500 bn worth of waste.

It includes the discarded materials, under-utilized clothing, and lack of recycling processes available. It is heartbreaking to see the level of impact fast-fashion has on the environment… all for the sake of ‘looking good.’

Not just the environment, but even you are directly affected. The chemical and dyes used in underwear can cause urinary tract infections (UTI) and yeast infections among women.

Still want to consider buying from fast-fashion, especially something as intimate as underwear? It may seem alluring to buy cheap, but they are definitely not worth risking your coochie.

It is a common perception that sustainability often takes the fun out of fashion, but it could not be more wrong. Gen Z is the new generation of conscious consumers. They are “woke”, and their preferences have been able to bring sustainable brands and thrift into the spotlight.

A shift from fast-fashion to more eco-friendly options has been noticeable, especially since last year. Though we still have a long way ahead, this positive change is very much welcomed.

So if not fast-fashion brands, where to shop from? There are hundreds of readily available ethical brands that need your support and are a great way to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle.

Why Should You Opt for Organic Underwear Brands?

Why Should You Opt for Organic Underwear Brands

The average American throws out about 82 pounds of textile waste per annum. Out of the total textile waste, experts have said that 95% of it can be recycled. The main culprit being the ignorant fast-fashion brands.

But we know you aren’t an ignorant nancy, so here are some valid reasons that might change your mind to switch to a more sustainable, organic brand.

  • Organic underwears are of much higher quality and last longer.
  • Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and cuts, so you do not feel limited. Explore your options.
  • Better for the vagina’s health as organic underwear is more breathable and free of toxic chemicals and dyes. Studies have shown that pesticides are present inside the cotton fibers after harvest and cannot be washed out using a home washing machine even after +50 wash.
  • They are ethically produced and better for the planet.
  • A great way to support local small businesses and craftsman
  • Workers are paid and treated well in their factories.
  • Helps in reducing textile waste.

While underwear ads would otherwise claim that they create healthy and safe products and employ sustainable manufacturing processes, it pays off to validate the information. So, how do you know if an underwear brand is really what they say they are?

While choosing an organic underwear brand, you need to keep a lookout for some criteria. Like certification to prove legitimacy. GOTS is a certificate given for the highest quality control check for organic cotton, which is ethically grown with fair labor.

Whether you’re shopping online or in a physical undergarment store, it pays off to read the label and listing or ask the salesperson about the eco-friendly details of the underwear that catch your attention. Being keen on this aspect enables you to choose the right organic underwear brand aligned with your environmental principles. It’s worth spending the extra time and precautionary measures to safeguard our planet.

Here is a specially curated list of organic underwear brands that are giving more sustainable and better options. Mentioned from the least expensive to most expensive, give your everyday essentials an eco-friendly swap. These brands are revolutionizing the industry with their innovative fabric and manufacturing processes.

1. Parade

Parade organic underwear
organic underwear

Whoever said that sustainable underwears are plain and boring, Parade will prove them wrong. Rightfully bashful and confident, the brand wants to make sustainability available for everyone.

A woman’s underwear brand is all about body positivity and creating an inclusive product for everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin. So, march over to Parade and treat yourself to a sexy pair of their undie.

2. Boody

Boody organic underwear
organic underwear

The ultimate one-stop sustainable brand for the family’s basic needs, Boody offers organic underwear and loungewear. They are made from toxin-free bamboo plants.

Unlike cotton plants, bamboos require less water and grow faster. The fabric is remarkably soft and available in different cuts. If planning to buy underwear, try the packs as they are great value for money.

3. Tailor & Circus

Tailor & Circus organic underwear
organic underwear

This Indian brand is setting an example in the country. Tailor & Circus is a gender-neutral underwear clothing brand. They offer a variety of prints and colors to show off your eccentric side.

Their underwear is crafted from Tencel, which is derived from bamboo plants. Any plus-size homie? We know how hard it is to find good organic underwear, but brands like these offer different styles and colors and are a boon in disguise.

4. Warp+Weft

Warp+Weft organic underwear

A family-owned business that runs the world’s largest eco-friendly textile mill. The brand prides itself on its ethical practices, fair wages, and sustainable manufacturing process.

Their underwears are of high-quality and easy-on-the-pocket. Available for men, women, and kids, you can shop your whole wardrobe from there. Warp+Weft is known for its classic, sturdy denim, so make sure you check them out.

5. Knickey

Knickey organic underwear
organic cotton underwear

A woman-founded brand, Knickey is one of the most sustainable, affordable, and ethical underwear in the market. “Your skin is an absorptive organ. It’s covered in pores. We want to make the cleanest garments to offer the safest garments we can.” said Cayla, the founder of Knickey.

Striking for excellence, Knickey uses GOTS-certified cotton. The brand is also actively working towards a circular fashion model and follows a strict transparency model.

Everything about the brand is mentioned on their website. What’s more, is you can recycle your underwear with Knickey for a free pair of organic cotton underwear. Now that is a cherry on the top (bottom, hehe)!

6. Wearpact

Wearpact organic cotton underwear

Why just stop at underwear? Shop other sustainable products for you and your family at Wearpact. You can also give your house a little eco-friendly makeover with their home collection. They have a variety of styles and prints for you to choose from. And, happy to let you know they are GOTS certified.

7. Wama Underwear

Wama Underwear organic cotton underwear

An underwear made from cannabis? Yes, that is right! Wama Underwear is a pioneer in using hemp fabric for organic underwear. They are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-odor, breathable, and lightweight. In fact, they are 4 times stronger than cotton. Hemp is also known to be the most sustainable fabric as well. Go green with this green herb?

8. Lara Intimates

Lara Intimates organic cotton underwear
organic cotton underwear

It feels great when brands like Lara Intimates offer good quality, cute looking, and size-inclusive sustainable underwear for women. Even in commercial brands, women with bigger breasts do struggle to find the correct bra.

Wait, every woman struggles to get the right size bra. It is harder for top-heavy women because there are only a few brands that go beyond DD size. Not just bras, even their underwear go up to size 16, and they are soon adding more. Yay! for big girls who finally stumbled upon this brand.

9. TomboyX

TomboyX organic cotton underwear
organic cotton underwear

Efficiency and comfort is the major on-going trend. People want their underwear to feel natural, almost like they are not wearing any. But designing undergarments that fit so many bodIes is tough, and often brands get it wrong.

That is not the case with TomboyX. Started by a couple, the duo has expanded and grown the business to what we see today. Their sustainable underwear is comfortable and comes in a variety of bright colors and cuts.

10. Brook There

Brook There organic cotton underwear

An organic cotton underwear brand for women from Maine, U.S. Brook There offers minimalistic design for daily, effortless comfort. If you are feeling a little bit fancy, browse through their silk range. Get your underwear and loungewear needs met in an eco-friendly manner now. And yes, they are GOTS certified.

11. Proclaim

Proclaim sustainable underwear brands
sustainable underwear brands

Can’t find the perfect nude underwear as a woman of color? Head over to Proclaim. Founded by an Indian descent woman, it is based in Los Angeles with earth-conscious fabric. Their products are made from Tencel and reprieve recycled polyester material. Proclaim also offers a size range starting from S to 3X.

12. Opok

Opok sustainable underwear brands

While there are plenty of sustainable options for women, a few cater to men. Dedicated to improving men’s lifestyle and health, Opok is an organic cotton brand. They are GOTs certified and ethically grown in Turkey. Guys now get comfort and style without harming our planet.

13. ModiBodi

ModiBodi sustainable underwear brands
sustainable underwear brands

We feel that period panties are the answer to our monthly cycles. Tampons and pads which are widely used are not recyclable and really bad for the planet. Instead, give period panties by ModiBodi a shot. You can select underwear depending on your period.

These are washable, made from viscose, and will last you long. If you get through the initial idea of just wearing your panty on your periods or fear of staining, these work wonders. They are also perfect and comfortable for sleeping in at night.

14. Thinx

Thinx sustainable underwear brands
sustainable underwear brands

Take your sustainable and period game up a notch with Thinx, underwear that absorbs your period blood. Made from organic cotton, these are odor-controlling, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leakproof.

It is revolutionary for anyone who needs alternatives to period products or just wants a more comfortable option during that time of the month. The idea of Thinx was generated from a simple idea that feminine products available right now are uncomfortable, unsustainable, and outdated.

15. Pansy

Pansy sustainable underwear brands
sustainable underwear brands

Comfortable and brilliant, this homegrown brand is a great way to support locally sourced brands. Their organic cotton is grown in Texas and milled in Carolina. Even the elastic band is made from natural rubber in Rhode Island.

Pansy is run by a small team of four and essentially by women. You can get your everyday comfort essentials like underwear, loungewear with them. What is commendable is their sizes go from 0 to 22 (i.e. XS-XXXL)!

16. OrganicBasics

OrganicBasics sustainable underwear brands
women's underwear brands

Everyday basics just received a sustainable makeover. If you are looking to transform your wardrobe with organic cotton underwear, tees, tights, shorts, dresses, bra, and so on, OrganicBasics is for you. One of the most popular eco-friendly brands, they offer everything you need for everyday comfort.

These are made from high-quality organic cotton and ethically produced. Unlike fast-fashion, the extra effort of transparency these brands offer enables a conscious perspective on our buying habits. Even their website is created to have a low impact.

17. Dora Larsen

Dora Larsen women's underwear brands
women's underwear brands

Ethically produced with organic cotton and recycled lace, Dora Larsen’s underwear strikes a balance between functional and aesthetic. Georgia Larsen created the brand to offer women comfortable and inspiring lingerie options that look cute and use high-quality, GOTS-certified organic cotton.

18. BN3TH

BN3TH women's underwear brands

Increased comfort = Increased performance. This brand from Vancouver is on a mission to make menswear sustainable and enjoyable. Started with underwear after immense love from the crowd, they have ranged themselves into a full range of apparel.

We love the wordplay, their impact on sustainability, accessibility of apparel, and innovation in fabric. Switch your basics for eco-friendly options with BN3TH.

19. Ayten Gasson

Ayten Gasson women's underwear brands
women's underwear brands

Spice up your lingerie collection with more organic options. There are not many luxury lingerie brands like Ayten Gasson. Started by Ayten Roberts, the brand prides itself on using upcycled lace, Bamboo fabric, and Peace Silk. Each piece is carefully and consciously handmade, keeping sustainability at its core.

20. Studio Pia

Studio Pia women's underwear brands
women's underwear brands
organic underwear

Okay, we are totally swooning over the collection. They are so beautifully crafted. This European brand was started by Pia to introduce ethical luxury lingerie in the market.

Empowered Women Wear Organic Underwear Brands

Adding any of the above lingerie brands to your eco-friendly underwear collection is worth every penny. It embodies elegance and grace, and reminds you of the process by which each piece has been carefully and sustainably created. The beauty of every piece’s craftsmanship is stylishly organic.

Now more than ever, modern-day women are becoming more empowered and braver, protecting Mother Earth in the best way they can. Ladies looking to match their organic underwear with an eco-friendly bra might want to consider women bralettes by Bamboo or any other underwear company with eco-friendly products. Wearing a great pair of environmentally-friendly undergarments is sustainable, comfortable, and timelessly fashionable.


As we have mentioned, it isn’t often luxury brands are keen on going sustainable. So, when we do find them, it is like finding a diamond amidst coal. Elegant, sexy, and ethical, it tick marks everything on our list.

You never knew they were so many sustainable brands, right? Now that you have plenty of options, sustainable underwear can be your gateway to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Let us take a pledge to save the world one undie at a time!

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