How Can Earrings Elevate Your Fashion Style?

Earrings Elevate Your Fashion Style

Want to elevate your look?

Then you are going to need jewellery and in particular, earrings.

Earrings can make any ensemble appear cohesive and contemporary. Whether it’s the casual, funky look you’re going for, or something more formal and sophisticated, any outfit can be lifted just by putting on a killer pair of statement earrings.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can earrings elevate your fashion style.

From casual to formal and everything in between, our tips will leave you feeling confident, attractive and comfortable in what you are wearing.

So, let’s get into it!

Why Are Earrings Important?

Whether it is to initiate curiosity and create a focal point to your ensemble or to add texture, colour and sparkle to your look, earrings are a girl’s best friend.

Not only do they allow you to add an instant touch of class and beauty, but when done right they can also really compliment a look without overwhelming it.

In short, they should be the first thing you think of when trying to accessorise an outfit. Not least because people are naturally drawn to a face.

Unfortunately, mediocre choices in your jewellery can make your clothing appear messy and slipshod. It can also make your outfit, appear uncoordinated and untidy.

However, with the right styling, you shouldn’t have any problems finding jewellery or earrings to match your outfit.

The question is, how do you do that?

Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Outfit

Accessorising an ensemble with a pair of earrings is a great way to complete an outfit or indeed alter your appearance with just a simple, yet thoughtful choice.

The key is to choose a pair of earrings that really speaks to you and adds some glamour to your outfit to create a trendy head-to-toe look.

When choosing earrings, it’s important to think about your personal style, the occasion, the colour of your outfit, and what will draw attention to your best facial features.

As a rule, for formal occasions, earrings should be timeless and simple in design. But if you’re after a look that’s a bit more breathtaking, drop or small hoop earrings are the choice de rigueur.

You should also select your earrings (and your outfit) based on the occasion you will be attending. Wearing your extravagant diamond earrings and high-end branded fashion clothes for a casual meal with friends or to mum and dad’s Saturday afternoon BBQ probably won’t be necessary. Unless of course you really want to make a statement!

Whatever the occasion, dress appropriately. If you’re planning on going out to bars and clubs, diamond studs might not be the best choice as they could easily be misplaced.

Studs, however, are a great option for a professional environment because of their simple appearance. If you’re going out with your partner, friends or potential love interest, you can afford to be a bit more experimental with your choice of earrings.

The Right Earrings for the Right Occasions

Need some help choosing the right earrings for the right occasion? Then here are some tips!

Office Look

Earrings for Office Look

Stud earrings look fantastic with your hair pulled back and whilst wearing a jacket, as they create a sophisticated and subtle ensemble.

For an office event, you could opt for earrings set with a gem of any colour or even a small hoop to lift a classy work outfit. You should find the range at Larsen Jewellery Earrings particularly suitable for this.

Nights Out

Earrings for Nights Out

Whether you’re going out for date night, or to dinner, a pair of stunning diamond earrings can put the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Every Day

Every Day Earrings

Going to lunch or the shops with your friends?

Then wear something that is colourful and fun, like a pair of opals or turquoise earrings. By keeping it simple and relaxed, it will fit in nicely with your whole ensemble.

Skin Tone and Your Face

Earrings according Skin Tone and Face

When you are accessorising with earrings, it’s best to choose ones that compliment your skin tone and face shape.

Silver is a good choice for people who are light or dark-skinned, as it has reflective qualities that complement both. A cooler skin tone can highlight the blues, purples and reds, while a warmer skin tone requires more colour, like yellow, orange and red.

If you intend on making your face the star of the show, choose a pair of earrings that bring out your facial features.

If you have a heart-shaped face, drop earrings that don’t taper at the bottom are the ones to look out for. If you have an oval face, you should try studs and triangular-shaped earrings to show off your cheekbones.

Colour Scheme

Earrings Colour ideas

Staying with a colour scheme is an easy way to coordinate your outfit with your earrings. You can use your own knowledge of complementary colours to put together an eye-catching and stylish ensemble.

Choosing colours that go together in classic ways can make your outfit appear stylish and trendy with a few similar hues and colour saturation.

Canary diamonds, rubies and amber gems create a statement by themselves. These colours are fiery and look great over a classic outfit of black and white.

Warm gemstones pair pleasingly with plain blue or purple outfits. Try wearing a pair of rubies with a royal blue top to create a bold statement look.

Deep green and dark blue gemstones add a welcome pop of colour against a yellow or orange clothing backdrop and create a dazzling contrast.

Striking the balance between warm and cool colours is the basis of accessorising any outfit with a jewellery choice.

Eye Catching

Eye Catching Earrings

Matching your earrings to draw attention to your eyes is best when it’s close to your natural iris colour.

Therefore, if you have brown eyes, match them with a smokey quartz pair of dangling earrings to highlight the richness of your natural colour.

Alternatively, for those with blue or green eyes, wearing a pair of blue topaz pear-shaped earrings will enhance their sea-like quality.

If you have hazel eyes, ruby or garnet bar earrings compliment the vibrancy of these multi-coloured eyes perfectly.

Your Outfit

Matching Earrings with Outfit

No matter what the occasion is, earrings are the one accessory that can make or break an ensemble.

If you wear black earrings with a brown top, the contrast of the two colours has a jarring effect which takes away attention from the rest of your outfit.

To avoid this happening, choose a secondary colour which will compliment your outfit.

For example, if you wear a green dress with white or blue accessories, green peridot earrings will bring out the colour you are wearing. You can also choose a shade that contrasts with what you’ve put on if the colour is solid.

Similarly, pearls complement shades of the sea, including deep blues, aqua, greens and greys. They pair best with many tones of ocean water.

Should you want to adorn the perfect little black or white dress, then match them with bright gold jewellery or even onyx gemstones, to create a gorgeous Art Deco look.


Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are incredibly versatile accessories that intensify the beauty of any outfit by enhancing its colour. When they are set in fine jewellery, earrings with gold, rose gold or white gold becomes even more stunning.

If you’re having trouble deciding what earrings to wear, you can’t go wrong with a pair of diamond earrings. You will still draw attention to your outfit, and your best features while wearing this magnificent accessory.

Statement Earrings

Statement Earrings

Wearing attention-grabbing and colourful statement earrings will help your clothing stand out from the crowd. These earrings should be the focal point of your outfit, so keep the rest of your look simple and basic.

Against the backdrop of a classy white dress, a pair of blue or silver statement earrings would catch the eye. The dress’s neutral tone would highlight the jewellery and create an attractive and versatile style that will ensure you receive plenty of compliments.


If you take fashion seriously, you need to have complementary jewellery. Choosing the wrong piece can potentially ruin an otherwise perfect outfit.

Formal earrings should be understated and classic. While going out with friends is a great opportunity to try out earrings that are daring and new.

Diamond earrings are a classic accessory that enhances any look or outfit and statement earrings are best worn with simple and neutral tones.

When in doubt, studs will always be a quick and easy way to elevate your look. They are great for every day and will pair with almost everything.

Mastering pairing your earrings with your outfit can seriously amplify your look. By choosing one that goes with your clothing, eye colour, face shape and your skin tone, you can easily create a unique style.

After all, no matter what design, colour or occasion you require them for, the perfect earrings are out there, waiting to be paired with your outfit.

All you have to do is choose them.

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