25+ Butterfly Locs Hairstyle Ideas That You’ll Love

butterfly locs with color

Long hair, short hair, very short hair… Whatever hair length you have, the most important thing is to have hair! This is a pain that only a bald person can understand, right? Let’s see butterfly locs. Anyways, if you’re blessed with long natural hair and looking for some of the best hairstyles, you’re on the right page!

There are so many interesting braids and locs hairstyles that not only look amazing but also protect your natural hair. One of them is the butterfly locs! This is one of the most popular and trendy hairstyles among girls and women right now!

Today, in this blog, we’ve made a list of some of the latest and best butterfly locs for you. From short and long butterfly locs to colored butterfly locs, we’ve covered over 25 hairstyles that are easy to create and will surely elevate your overall appearance. So, if you’re browsing the internet to find the best ways to keep your natural hair tucked away, keep reading this blog!

We’ve also provided the basic information related to butterfly locs and answered some of the most common questions asked about care and maintenance.

Let’s get started.

What Are Butterfly Locs?

The Butterfly locs is a protective hairstyle that looks pretty similar to the faux locs. These locs are created with the help of a crotchet method. To make these locs, first, the wavy hairs are looped into a braid with a crochet needle and after this, they’re loosely wrapped into braided strands of your hair. This will give it a distressed/unraveled look.

How Long Does It Take to Install Butterfly Locs?

This mainly depends on a few things like the size of the braids, the length of your hair, and your hairstylist. So, on average, the butterfly locs style can be installed from 3 to 6 hours.

How are Butterfly Locs Installed?

There are many ways to install butterfly locs. So depending on the look and length of your hair, the stylist will choose the method and install the butterfly locs either using synthetic braiding or twisting hair. The stylist will periodically hold the pieces of your hair outward and the rest hair is wrapped tightly around the shaft of the loc. For more details, you can watch the butterfly locs tutorial.

How Long Do Butterfly Locs Last?

Butterfly locs can last from 4 to 6 weeks. After this, you’ll start to see your natural roots and your overall style will become a bit frizzy.

25+ Gorgeous Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

Now you have the basic knowledge about butterfly locs, so let’s move on to the various butterfly locs ideas. Whether you have long hair or you like the short version of the locs, you’ll get one for you in the below list.

Take a look!

1. Half-Up Half-Down Butterfly Locs

Half-Up Half-Down Butterfly Locs

Do you have naturally curly hair? If yes, this hairstyle will be a perfect idea for you! This is a party-inspired hairstyle with a half updo bun that looks so chic and trendy. So get this idea and enjoy the party-perfect look.

2. Butterfly Faux Locs Hairstyles

Butterfly Faux Locs Hairstyles

Missing some fun in your life? Get these cool red-colored butterfly locs! This will bring out your bold and bright personality in front of the world. Red is such a vibrant and classy color that looks good on women with various skin colors.

3. Butterfly Locs in a Ponytail

Butterfly Locs in a Ponytail

If you’re a working woman and working in a professional and formal setting, this hairstyle is something that will work great. No matter what your age is, you can rock this butterfly locs ponytail hair idea.

4. Long Butterfly Locs Hair Idea

Long Butterfly Locs Hair Idea

Stick to this beautiful blonde color and grab all your hair to make a sleek ponytail. If a flashy look is your tea, these particular butterfly locs will look phenomenal on you. This will bring out your yellow undertones in a subtle way. Use a simple elastic to show off your beauty while enjoying the long-lasting properties.

5. Modern Red Butterfly Locs For Women

Modern Red Butterfly Locs For Women

Look cute and sexy at the same time with these fiery locs! Anyone can try this, but this looks more impressive on women who are in their twenties. This is a retro-inspired look with a soft feminine side. Use curling cream or curl foam to get the right volume in your hair.

6. Goddess Braids Butterfly Locs

Goddess Braids Butterfly Locs

TURN ON your Goddess mode with this butterfly locs idea!

These goddess braids were really popular back in the day and still many girls prefer this one. The reason is these braids look so elegant and versatile. Work on every hair type and texture, try this hairstyle, and see the results with your own eyes.

7. Distressed Butterfly Locs in a Bohemian Style

Distressed Butterfly Locs in a Bohemian Style

It works as a protective hairstyle, looks great on every woman, and can be created with any hair type — what else do we need in butterfly locs? Nothing, right? Try this hair idea now and protect your edges. Plus, it won’t take much time to do!

8. Beautiful Blue Butterfly Braids

Beautiful Blue Butterfly Braids

Do you want a lolita or anime-inspired hairstyle? If yes, look at these beautiful blue butterfly locs! Colors are a great way to highlight your hair, regardless of length. For a drama, you can also add the crochet or the extension.

9. Shoulder Length Butterfly Locs

Shoulder Length Butterfly Locs

Not into either short locs or long locs? Here’s the perfect idea for you — shoulder-length butterfly locs! Get these blonde butterfly locs if you’re more inclined toward subtle colors!

10. White Jumbo Butterfly Locs

White Jumbo Butterfly Locs

Get your hair extensions and be ready for these awesome white butterfly locs in Jumbo style! It also comes in crochets and you can get these in either long lengths or shoulder lengths that completely depend on you!

11. Short Butterfly Locs

Short Butterfly Locs

Short but sophisticated, bold but beautiful – we’re talking about the short butterfly locs! This is a cool and stylish hairstyle best for people who want an easy-to-create hair idea in less time!

12. Butterfly Locs Updo Ponytail Style

Butterfly Locs Updo Ponytail Style

Searching for something low-key and elegant? Look no more, here’s the best hair idea for you! This ponytail updo hair idea is both practical and stylish. They will seamlessly go with every outfit!

13. Fun Colorful Tips Butterfly Locs

Fun Colorful Tips Butterfly Locs

You’ll be stunned after looking at this pretty hairstyle. These butterfly locs have colorful tips at the end, which are the main focus of the entire hair look. Try this exquisite hairstyle and tell us how it looks!

14. Sexy Blue & Black Butterfly Locs For Girls

Sexy Blue & Black Butterfly Locs For Girls

If your teenage daughter is asking for a new hairstyle, try this one! It is the same butterfly locs but with a twist. Here two temporary colors black and blue have been used. Isn’t it looking exciting and cool?

15. Edgy Black & White Butterfly Locs

Edgy Black & White Butterfly Locs

Here’s another two-color combo that is making a buzz these days. Black & white butterfly locs are something and nobody will go without noticing them. Girls with long and voluminous hair can rock this hair idea. However, these types of colored locs are more expensive than the usual locs so keep in mind this thing also.

16. Long Ponytail Butterfly Locs

Long Ponytail Butterfly Locs

Dramatic and daring, these locs look so good on younger women. Whether you like the long hairstyle or want a party-perfect hairdo, this will work the best. Don’t forget to add hairspray in a good amount to hold the braids in place for the entire day.

17. Bright Red Curly Look

Bright Red Curly Look

This is the third red butterfly locs hairstyle on our list, but what we can do, when red is one of the top hair colors of the year? So even if you have long hair and don’t want to get an extreme haircut, you can try this one as this one has less risk.

18. Light Chunky Ponytail

Light Chunky Ponytail

Where are all the feminine and elegant beauties?

Here’s another version of the long butterfly locs. Try this and get surprised by the quirky and unique look of your hair (in a positive way, obviously!). This will also work for girls with thick and curly hair.

19. Messy Bun Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Messy Bun Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Bun — A common and quick hairstyle that women love to do when they have no time!

Messy buns look great with butterfly locs. This hairstyle is popular as it will immediately put you in the category of a woman with trendy hairstyles! The only downside of these locs is that installing these braids is time-consuming. So, you have to be patient while having a good amount of money in your pocket as it is a bit expensive too!

20. Crochet Butterfly Locs With Rings

Crochet Butterfly Locs With Rings

Another simple but impressive way to elevate your hairstyle is by using hair accessories. Here the model has adorned her hair with some golden rings, and it looks absolutely stunning!

21. Sleek & Simple Ponytail With Braids

Sleek & Simple Ponytail With Braids

This is another long ponytail hairstyle idea for you! Ask a stylist who knows how to do longer, bolder ponytails with braids. Young girls and teens will love this idea! From parties to formal events, you can rock any occasion.

22. Two Color Long Butterfly Locs

Two Color Long Butterfly Locs

Do you remember the Cruella hairstyle? Yes, the classic and unique two-colored hairstyle which made headlines at the time of the movie’s release!

Select any two contrasting colors and dye your half hair in each color. Make sure that the shades complement and mix together well.

23. Kinky Butterfly Locs Idea For Women

Kinky Butterfly Locs Idea For Women

At first glance, this hairstyle looks pretty similar to the faux locs, but both are different ones! This particular one is completed with crochet butterfly loc which we have described above (Number 20). You can say that the kinky butterfly loc is the pre-looped butterfly loc which looks extremely beautiful and gorgeous.

24. 24 Inch Long Butterfly Locs

24 Inch Long Butterfly Locs

How long is a long braid hairstyle? 12 inches…or 18 inches…or 20 inches?

Here is the 24 inches butterfly locs which is the longest length of butterfly locs. These braids look extremely charming and beautiful that can be worn at any event or function.

25. Cute Blue & Golden Brown Butterfly Locs Mix

Cute Blue & Golden Brown Butterfly Locs Mix

Another cool and interesting braid color combo is blue & Golden brown. This hairstyle looks best with neutral outfits.

26. Soft Butterfly Locs

Soft Butterfly Locs

Girls with soft hair texture pay attention to this butterfly locs hair idea! These are known as the softer version of the classic butterfly locs. This will give you an elegant and attractive look.

purple butterfly locs hair style
A woman wearing a face mask with butterfly locs with color
butterfly locs with black and brown color
A woman with butterfly locs with wear brown dress
A woman with long butterfly locs with red color
A woman with butterfly locs Hairstyle wearing a blue hoodie
A woman with long butterfly locs and smiling
A woman with long red butterfly locs Hairstyle
A women with butterfly locs Hairstyle  and wearing red hoodie
A woman with long brown butterfly locs 


Confused about how to take care of butterfly locs? No worries, here is important information about the care and maintenance of the short or long butterfly locs!

Let’s know more about this.

How to Take Care of Butterfly Locs?

If you want your butterfly locs to stay for about four weeks, you have to properly take care of them. You must sleep with your locs up in a bun and cover it with a satin cap. You can also wrap the edges with a silk or satin scarf. You can also use satin or silk pillowcases to protect your hairstyle.

Apart from this, it is also recommended to spray your locs with jojoba oil and water to keep the moisture of your natural hair.

What’s the Right Way to Wash Butterfly Locs?

The only thing you have to keep in mind while washing your butterfly locs is that you have to gently and slowly rinse or wash them with water. Try to focus on the pads of your fingertips and massage the scalp while washing. This will help not to manipulate the shaft of the lock.

When to Remove the Butterfly Locs?

The butterfly locs usually stay from 4 to 6 weeks. So, the right time to remove them is when you feel an itchy or irritated scalp. Also, if the roots of the natural hair start to dread or become fuzzy and messy.

How to Remove Butterfly Locs?

The best way to remove your butterfly locs is to cut them at the end and then slowly unravel the hair from the bottom. Make sure to cut the locs a few inches below the length of your natural hair.

Get a Lovely Butterfly Locs Hairstyle!

So, this is all about the butterfly locs. There are so many hairstyle options in this particular locs hair idea. From long butterfly locs to fun colored ones, you can select anyone according to your hair type, hair length, and your budget! All the above hairstyles that we have mentioned above are easy to care for and maintain. So you can grow your natural hair without damaging it with these butterfly braids.

Do you want to read more about braiding and locs hairstyles? Read our previous blog on 20+ Sexy Passion Twist Hair Ideas.

I hope this guide on butterfly locs hairstyles for girls and women has helped you pick the right one for yourself.

In case you missed it!

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