What Are Soft Locs Hairstyles? Everything You Need to Know

soft locs hairstyles

Soft Locs hairstyles are a type of faux locs which are soft in touch & appearance. Stick to this blog to know details about Soft Locs.

If you want a style that looks like dreadlocks but doesn’t want to make them permanent, you should go for the soft locs hairstyles.

Soft locs come in different shapes & sizes, so you will have a lot of freedom to choose from. As their name suggests, the soft locs are softer than the regular faux locs. However, they have more movement, and due to this, they can be styled easily. It will be easier if you see the soft locs pictures.

Here, in this blog, you will know everything about the soft locs and can also see the soft locs pictures.

What Are Soft Locs Exactly?

What Are Soft Locs Exactly

The term soft locs is used to describe the locs that are soft. To create the look, wrap your hair around natural crochet locs. Individual crochet locs will be inserted to produce fake locs.

The soft locs styles have a lot of movement from the very first day of installation. They are tension-free due to their soft nature.

Hair Used for Soft Locs

Hair Used for Soft Locs

There are various ways to make the tension-free locs that are soft. The correct sort of hair must be present in order to achieve soft locs. You can also explore butterfly locs hairstyle ideas.

These softer faux locs hair can be separated into two sections: wrapping hair and the loc’s foundation, or base.

Following is the hair used for soft locs:

  • Crochet Faux Locs for Crochet Soft Locs Hairstyles
  • Kinky Wrapping Hair or Afro Kinky Hair
  • Water Wave Passion Twist Hair
  • Human Hair Blend/100% Human Hair

Soft Locs Tutorial

Soft Locs Tutorial

Begin by parting clean, straight, and moisturized hair into individual parts.

Use shine n jam on the parted sections to get a good grip and achieve neat sections.

Use the fragments to make as much natural hairs plaits as you like.

To appear thicker, you need a lot of unique parts and plaits.

Insert your locs with a crochet hook a few inches from the beginning of the plait. You achieve a knotless appearance in this way.

Now, take the spring twist hair and begin lightly wrapping it around the locs a few inches away from where the plaits begin. It will allow you to style the soft loc in different ways.

Best Soft Loc Hairstyles and Ideas

Here are some of the best soft locs styles and ideas.

1. Freestyle Parts Soft Locs

Freestyle Parts Soft Locs

2. Soft Locs in a Side Part

Soft Locs in a Side Part

3. Soft Locs Style in a Side Part

Soft Locs Style in a Side Part

4. Blond Soft Locs in a Side Part

Blond Soft Locs in a Side Part

5. Middle Part Soft Locs

Middle Part Soft Locs

6. Middle Part 36-Inch Soft Locs

 Middle Part 36-Inch Soft Locs

7. Long Black Soft Locs

Long Black Soft Locs

8. Criss Cross Soft Locs

Criss Cross Soft Locs

9. Soft Locs in a Bun

Soft Locs in a Bun

10. Knee Length Soft Locs

Knee Length Soft Locs

11. Long Soft Locs

Long Soft Locs

12. 36-Inch Soft Locs

 36-Inch Soft Locs

13. Side Part Soft Locs

Side Part Soft Locs

14. Long Black Soft Locs

 Long Black Soft Locs

15. Extra Long Black Soft Locs

Extra Long Black Soft Locs

16. Half Up Half Down Soft Locs in a High Ponytail

Half Up Half Down Soft Locs in a High Ponytail

17. Top Bun Soft Locs

Top Bun Soft Locs

18. Side Part Textured Soft Locs

Side Part Textured Soft Locs

19. Textured Soft Locs

Textured Soft Locs

20. Textured Middle Part Locs

Textured Middle Part Locs

21. Brown Soft Locs

Brown Soft Locs

22. Thigh-Length Soft Locs

Thigh-Length Soft Locs

23. Half Up, Half Down Soft Locs with a Bun

Half Up, Half Down Soft Locs with a Bun

Why are Soft Locs a Good Protective Style?

If you want to give a break to your hair, it is important to go for one of the soft locs hairstyles that keep the ends of the hair tucked away and minimize manipulation.

It is a good protective style, whether done individually or crocheted. As they enclose the natural hair in the loc, they protect it from environmental damage.

How Long Does it Take to Install Soft Locs?

How Long Does it Take to Install Soft Locs

If you had box braids or any other protective style, you would know that installing them takes time. But when it comes to soft locs, they can be done quickly. However, the exact time will depend upon the length and size of the locs.

How are Soft Locs Installed?

Individual soft locs can be created by wrapping natural hair around them or by crocheting pre-made soft locs into cornrows. The perfection of the soft locs depends upon the type of hair used.

What is the Best Way to Care for Soft Locs?

What is the Best Way to Care for Soft Locs

If you do not take care of the soft locs, there is no meaning in keeping the soft locs. Thus, it is important to take care of the soft locs. If you want the soft locs hairstyles to stay longer than a week, you need to add a little TLC. Most importantly, you can’t just go to bed without covering the soft locs as they will become frizzy and start to loosen.

Can you Wash Soft Locs?

Washing soft locs hair may be tricky, but it is not that hard. Focusing your fingertips on the scalp solely while letting the shampoo wash down the loc without touching it is the best approach to washing soft locs.

How Long Do Soft Locs Last?

How Long Do Soft Locs Last

The soft locs can last anywhere between four to six weeks and are the correct choice if you want to give your hair a break from hair treatment and other processes. However, it is advised not to keep the style on for much longer than this time frame because the weight of the extra hair on the head may tug on your roots.

How Do You Know It is the Right Time to Remove the Soft Locs?

There is no specific time. When the hair has grown significantly, the synthetic hair added to create the locs will become heavy and pull on the natural root. And this is the right time to remove the locs to prevent any damage.

What is the Best Way to Remove Soft Locs?

What is the Best Way to Remove Soft Locs

When it comes to soft locs, removing them is quick than installing them. Cut the locs about six inches under the natural hair and unravel them from there.

The best way to take care of the soft locs is by wearing silk or satin. The experts also suggest wearing a shower cap when showering to prevent the soft locs from getting wet because this can lead to slipping down your natural hair and expose the frizzy roots after drying.

It is also important to keep the hair hydrated. Even though the natural hair is not exposed, it may still need moisture to be healthy. Click here to see these stitch braids ideas.

Important Tips for Maintaining Soft Locs

Here are the tips for maintaining the soft locs:

1. Wash the Hair Regularly

It is crucial to maintain your scalp clean if you want to wear a protective hairdo. However, this does not imply that you should take long showers. Moderation is important when it comes to hair hygiene.

2. Be Easy on Your Hair While Removing the Locs

If the locs are removed incorrectly, it could severely damage your normal hair. If you want to avoid damaging it, tug the loc slightly before attempting to undo it, or, even better, allow your hairstylist to assist you.

3. Upkeep the Locs Time-To-Time

Your hair will grow out quite a bit while sporting soft loc hairstyles for a few weeks. Your style needs maintenance so that you don’t appear messy. Almost every protective hairdo, including extended soft, locs, and distressed soft locs, can be updated in various ways.

4. Protect the Locs While Sleeping

Cover the locs with a scarf or bonnet at night if you want to wake up with tidy, smooth “soft locs hairstyles” in the morning.


Are Soft Locs Heavy?

You may feel the soft locs are heavy, which is why you might have been set up before the moisture was sealed inside. Additionally, the weight of the locs may grow if you do not maintain the proper moisture level while wearing them.

Are Soft Locs Bad for Your Hair?

If you install soft locs long correctly and maintain them properly, the soft locs will not cause any damage to the hair. However, You ought to naturally wash, moisturize, and condition your scalp.

How Much Does the Soft Loc Cost?

The soft loc cost anywhere between $100 and $400. Remember that this price may vary from place to place depending on various factors like location, chosen material, and the technique used.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that soft locs are a good way to style the hair case. If you want to try something creative and unique, wear the soft locs hairstyles. We have covered all the information regarding the soft locs in this blog; after completing it, you will be aware of everything regarding the soft locs.

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