Explore the Best Dresses for a Night on the Town

Best Dresses for a Night

Painting the town red after months stuck working in our bedrooms couldn’t be more cathartic. Heading out with the girls after pre-drinks is something we’ve all been dreaming of. Thankfully those days are finally upon us. If you want to make an impression on the big occasion, finding some brand new and Best dresses for a night should be number one on your priority list. To give you a better idea of what’s out there, Chi Chi Clothing has put together some of their favourite dress designs for those memorable (or unmemorable) nights out.

Transition Looks

We’ve all been there – a couple of beers in the park with your mates quickly turns onto four and before you know it, you’re cutting shapes on the dance floor. If you want to stay prepared, day to night dresses should always have a place in your wardrobe.

Whether it’s a white dress or something more casual, there are plenty of dresses that suit both formal and casual occasions. Day to night dress also work great when you know you’re heading out after work, saving you a trip to the bathroom to awkwardly change after the day’s done.

Remember – you can add some accessories and jackets to your day to night look in order to change things up if it’s been a long day. A chic leather jacket is always high on our list, alongside a trendy shoulder bag.

Lace Designs

Let’s be honest, everybody likes a bit of lace. While lace designs may initially seem a bit too traditional, their ability to hold a unique contemporary charm gives them the perfect balance for a night out on the town.

If you’re planning on mixing and matching, lace designs are also a brilliant choice – with white designs perfect for mixing up with other accessories and hats. You can add some popping colours to lace designs too, such as a pretty pink or darker, more sophisticated blue.

Lace designs also age brilliantly thanks to their traditional vibe. Whatever style you decide to go for, lace styles can be a life-saver when you’re not sure what to wear.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses for a Night on the Town

With the sun shining, your mates smiling and the weather warming up, there’s nothing more suitable than a maxi dress. These gorgeous flowing designs are perfectly suited to those warm, balmy summer evenings, balancing a layer of comfort alongside a chic design.

There is loads of choice out there too, from abstract colour patterns to more detailed designs. If you’re the kind of girl who likes sticking out from the crowd, maxi dresses will be right up your street too. We suggest going for a floral design to add a touch of something special to your nights out with the girls.

Party Dresses

If you’re heading to a long-overdue party, why wouldn’t you whack on a party dress? Whether you go for blue, black, red, pink or green, there are a huge variety of party dresses out there that will keep you standing out from the crowd.

Party dresses are also great if you love to dance. Mini and midi dresses provide a certain style that is perfect for those indoor celebrations, while party maxi dresses may also give your look a big boost during the summertime.

You don’t have to stick to the same old colours and patterns either – simple designs normally speak the loudest. Why not go for a pretty pink or a bold blue to really keep all eyes on you? Sexy, chic and effortlessly gorgeous, a party dress is an absolute no-brainer.

Patterned Dresses

Patterned Dresses for a Night

If you like standing out, why not go for something a bit bolder? Abstract patterns can provide you with something you may not have tried before while keeping all eyes on you when you’re out. Floral patterns are a brilliant choice, with a variety of gorgeous abstract designs perfectly suited to the summer months.

You shouldn’t be afraid to go with bold patterns and colours, but always make sure you’re matching up with your accessories, shoes and hat. While abstract patterns may feel like a high-risk choice, going bold can give you some truly chic results.

That’s a lot of different styles, but fortunately, there are plenty of places to find something perfect. From lace designs to chic party dresses, there’s certainly no shortage of choice. Chi Chi Clothing is one of our favourites – offering a unique selection of bold and beautiful bodycon dresses for all occasions. Whichever dress style you decide to go for, make sure you’re able to cut some shapes on the dancefloor!

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