Types of Big Hair Wigs

Different Types of Big Hair Wigs -The Buyer’s Guide

From Katy Perry to Cardi B, Hollywood celebrities have occasionally flirted with wigs to amp up their looks. You will be stunned to know Paris Hilton revealed “she has a unique collection of more than 800 wigs”; Katie Perry took to Instagram to remove a bouncy blond wig. Ahh, it’s not over yet. Everyone’s very favorite, Cardi B, removed her wig in front of the wireless festival. Well, she even requested the wig’s return on Instagram, though. 

Unapologetic is the word for you, diva. Gone are the days when we were judged for wearing wigs; this is that era wherein we adorn, flaunt, and accentuate our very looks. So sway away your anxieties by rocking your look, personifying your unique style, and adding Kim’s look-alike charm to your oh-so-adorable skin tone.  

Whether a graduation, a party, a birthday, a wedding, a holiday, or your beautiful baby shower, these human-haired wigs will surely outshine your look; we swear on it.

Check out the hand-picked human-haired wigs all the way from Star Show Hair, designed for your stunning events. 

Style, tweak, and flaunt your wig your very way with these hand-picked wigs; 

5×5 HD Glueless Lace Closure Wig  

Types of Big Hair Wigs

Source: starshowhair.com

It’s the perfect pick for the classy tribe as it’s beginner-friendly & extremely glueless. 14 inches in length with timeless shiny hair, this wig is easy to install, assuring a super diva look for all your life celebrations. 

Unique Selling Points;

  • Looks real
  • HD wig 
  • 180% density
  • Fully airy and cost-effective 
  • Pre bleached knots
  • Perfect for all the skin tones 
  • Pre-plucked natural hairline 
  • Saying no to spray, gel & glue 

P.S – It won’t look like you’re wearing a wig; it’s more like carrying awesomeness with you 

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Colored Body Wave Human Hair Wigs | 13×4 Hd Lace Front Lace Wig

Types of Big Hair Wigs

Source: starshowhair.com

Color color which color is the question you have to ask yourself while adoring yourself in the mirror. Play with the colors you like, go mad, and flaunt your best with this human hair wig.

Unique Selling Points; 

  • Picture perfect look 
  • Swiss lace 
  • Virgin hair 
  • Wavy & bouncy touch 
  • Available in 18, 20, 22, and 24 inches
  • Colored in grey, green, navy blue, orange, pink, and yellow. 

Colorful Straight 13×4 HD Lace Front Human Hair Wig

Types of Big Hair Wigs

Source: starshowhair.com

Awaken the diva within with this colored body wave human hair wig. Glide like the heroine of your dreams with the wigs shaded in grey, green, navy blue, orange, pink, and the very popping yellow.

Having a bold front face? This colored body wave human hair wig is just for you. The wig carries a hair density of 80% and is laced with swiss lace. The hair quality is 100%, assures virgin hair, is tangle-free, and gives a supremely soft & bouncy outlook. 

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Highlight 5×5 HD Lace Wig Skunk Stripe Brown Hair with Blonde Hair in Front 

Types of Big Hair Wigs

Source: starshowhair.com

Been caging the blonde within? Kick that cage and move out of it. This lace wig skunk stripe brown hair with blonde highlights is available in 427, 1B 30, 4 613, and T2 29.

Well, if you are someone who’s a fan of mix and match, this is the pick for you. It’s professionally dyed by hand, giving a pre-plucked natural hairline with cute baby hair with no smell, shedding, and for sure not tangling. Beyond this, it is sure to last over 1 year if styled and cared for real.

Pro tip – On your next date, style it with a sexy black top & a shiny diamond necklace; you’re all set to shimmer now! 

Short Pixie Cut Wig Remy Human Hair Glueless Lace Front Wigs Hd Lace Wigs

Types of Big Hair Wigs

Source: starshowhair.com

The sweet & short hair lover & yet unable to crack that fonding look? Chill, this pixie cut with Remy human hair and an HD lace wig is sure to become your go-to choice for becoming the next showstopper. Eight inches long with natural black color, don a bold look with a pre-plucked natural hairline.

Let us bestow with the major USPs;

  • Beginner friendly
  • Go glueless 
  • Zero usage of spray & gel 
  • Super easy to install 
  • Smooth & shiny with low maintenance cost

The wig can be adjusted well to complement your head size, and the size can be designed on a customized level too. It’s the top-most choice of next-gen women, as it personifies confidence, and you’re sure to stay loud & untamed.  

Concludingly, delay no more here are some of the types of big hair wigs from Star Show Hair – The perfect destination for all your desired looks.