8 Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Nails Now

Things You Should Stop Doing to Your Nails

Manicure has become very popular nowadays. Even if you are a fan of natural beauty and refuse bright nail polishes, it is impossible to take care of your nails by removing the cuticle and shaping them. Beautiful, well-groomed nails are the best decoration for our hands. But in our daily routine, we often forget about them and make many mistakes in hand care. In this article, we will share 8 things you should stop doing to your nails if you want to keep them strong, healthy, and beautiful.

8 Mistakes in Your Daily Nail Care

Complete Cuticle Removal

Do Not Remove Cuticle

The cuticle is designed by nature to prevent infections of the nail plate, lesions, and allergic reactions. The ideal option is not cutting off the cuticle, but softening and moving to the nail bed.

The beauty industry offers special products for the care of the cuticle, these can be oils, removers, and a variety of creams. Choose something that suits you best, and your nails will always be well-groomed and beautiful.

Correction of Nail Length with Scissors

The nail has a scaly structure, so when using scissors, the free edge is deformed, the plates exfoliate and become brittle. If it is necessary to remove a large length, use special nippers, which produce a smooth cut without deforming the plate and its layers.

If the length to be removed is short, a special file is used. It forms an even edge and the necessary shape of the plate, providing a neat and gentle treatment of the nails.

Incorrect Nail Filing

Incorrect Nail Filing

When doing manicures at home, many people make the same mistake – they file the nail in two directions, wielding the file back and forth.

This cannot be done, since in this case the file weakens the edge of the plate and contributes to its further delamination. To file correctly you should move the tool in one direction.

Using of Products with Formaldehyde

Cosmetics are becoming more and more in demand nowadays and that’s great! The beauty market offers us new safe care products. Most of them are devoid of dangerous compounds that destroy the structure of the nails. One of the most dangerous products – formulations with formaldehyde.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies it as a carcinogen, so do not expose yourself to unnecessary risks. Read carefully the composition on the packaging and buy products that do not contain harmful substances.

Love for Hot Baths

Taking a hot bath, in which many people like to stay for hours, is the strongest enemy of a beautiful manicure. The fact is that hot water and steam soften the nails and provoke their delamination.

In this case, no matter how hard you try to create a beautiful and durable manicure, your intentions will be in vain. If you want to keep your fingers attractive, go to the “warm mode” or at least don’t spend too much time in the hot tub.

Using Aggressive Agents

Each product that you use in hand care affects the nail plate. That is why you should pay close attention to their choice and refuse to use acetone-based products. They deplete the plates, contributing to their weakness and fragility. Other dangerous products are acidic primers and base coats, that are used to ensure tight adhesion of the polish.

Such coating is worn for a long time, but it is very difficult to remove it in the standard way. So you have to turn to mechanical removal of the coating using a file or an apparatus.

Therefore, you should choose lacquers that have a balanced formula and do not harm the plate, do not violate its structure and Ph-balance. For example, SNS Nails makes effective and natural products that are used for the benefit and health of nails.

Using Hard Files 

A natural nail has a multi-layered scaly structure similar to the structure of the skin. Therefore, it needs proper care, moisture, and nutrition, and files play a very important role in this matter.

So, files with an abrasiveness of 220/240 Grit for natural nails. Such files do not harm the plate and do not violate its structure. Choose files made of glass, wood, or ceramic and stop using metal ones forever.

Improper Polish

Improper Polish

Polished nails look very nice and well-groomed. To make the nails shine, use special buffers with high abrasiveness (900-1200 grit). When polishing, it is important to follow several rules in sequence. First, nourishing and moisturizing oil is rubbed into the surface of the nail with gentle circular movements.

Then, using a soft file-polisher, the oil is rubbed into the surface of the plate – this ensures a dense fit of the nail scales to each other and gives additional elasticity and firmness. Despite the beautiful result of the procedure, it is important to remember that polishing can be carried out no more than once a month.

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