15 Eye-Catching Blue Nail Designs That You Must Try in 2024!

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Nails have always been the women’s staple to look more mesmerizing and leave everyone in awe. Just like clothes, the nails, their color, and design have been evolving and the trend has been changing constantly. And to help you stay at the top in nail design trends we bring you the most loved blue nail designs. This year’s nail trend has all shades of blue and every type of nail art you can go for! Without any delay let’s move ahead.

Here in this article, first, you will read about the symbolism of blue color, then where you can carry blue nails. And finally, we have added the 15 most beautiful blue nails ideas for every female out there, from school/college going to the mom-to-be.

What Does Blue Color Symbolize?

What Does Blue Color Symbolize

Blue is a royal color and goes with almost everything, even browns and black as well. Along with royalty, the blue color symbolizes intelligence, loyalty, truth, wealth, wisdom, stability, and serenity. Nothing can get as pure as blue color for your special occasions.

Where Can You Wear Blue Nail Designs?

Where Can You Wear Blue Nail Designs

Now, if you are thinking about where you can wear blue nail designs too, here are the answers:

  • College
  • Office
  • Wedding
  • Date night
  • Formal gathering
  • Baby showers

Basically, the answer should be everywhere, right? Yes, the blue color family has many shades that will go with every occasion you can name!

15 Top-Notch Blue Nail Designs to Try!

Here are the best blue nail designs to try in this year. This list has all the shades and different nail design ideas that you can try with the blue color family. You won’t regret the decision of choosing blue nail designs for the occasion.

1. Coffin Blue Nail Designs

Coffin Blue Nail Designs

The first on the list is the stunning blue nail art. It is easy to do and can be carried to school, college, and even at your workplace. To create one of these coffin blue nail designs, you’ll need dark blue, light blue, and white nail lacquer.

Do the french tips with these shades on the thumb, middle finger, and last finger. As for the index and ring finger, apply a full coat of blue and light blue shades. Now using the cotton buds, do the dots on nails with contrasting shades as shown in the image.

2. Dark Blue Nails

Dark Blue Nails

This one’s the glossy dark blue nails. They are easy to achieve and classy in look. You can wear those while attending someone’s wedding or a formal gathering and it will amp up your look. You just need to get your hands on the dark blue nail lacquer that too is the glossy one. Do two coats for the perfect finish and you are good to go!

3. Baby Blue Nails with Glitter

Baby Blue Nails with Glitter

Planning a beach getaway? Or have to attend a baby shower? No matter what the occasion is, these baby blue nails with glitter will make your day. Get baby blue nail polish and glitter. Put on baby blue nail polish and while it is still wet, apply the coat of baby blue glitters to your middle and ring finger.  This one’s a glossy look, you can go for the matte too!

4. Cute Blue Nails

Cute Blue Nails

Love going to school or college with cute nail designs. If that’s true, try these cute blue nails this time and leave everyone with different looks. However, you’ll need some time to pull this off. Apply long french tips to the thumb, index, and last finger with a blue shade.

Now, pick the white nail lacquer with a pin and give the marble effect to your nails by swirling the white into blue color. The next step is to draw a beautiful floral design on the middle and ring finger for the perfect feminine look. The last step will be the transparent coat to lock this one of the best blue nail designs.

5. Summer Blue Nail Designs

Summer Blue Nail Designs

This blue nail design with an almond shape is all you need to be summer ready. Summers are meant for vacations and beach time. This is the time when you need your nails to be short, yet cool to look at.

The summer blue nail designs you see here are one the best and also you can do it real-quick. Get yourself sky blue nail polish, and paint your thumb, index, and last finger. For the middle and ring finger, just go for the french tips with the same shade of nail polish.

6. Light Blue Nails with Design

Light Blue Nails with Design

Are you on the artistic side? Got a stable hand? If yes, then try these light blue nails with design. The design is simple yet tricky looking. All you have to do is draw cold flames on your ring finger and paint it with light blue nail polish.

The rest of the fingers and thumb will be coated in light blue nail polish. Don’t forget to outline the flames with the white nail lacquer. If you don’t want to go plain with other nails, try the ombre effect!

7. Simple Blue Nail Designs

Simple Blue Nail Designs

Don’t have anything specific to attend, then go for the simple blue nail designs. These blue nail ideas can be worn to school, college, workplace, or even for a stroll in the nearest park. Whether you have a movie night planned at your house or a pajama party, this simple blue nail design will steal the spotlight.

8. Royal Blue Nail Designs

 Royal Blue Nail Designs

This is love at first sight matte royal blue nail designs you’ll come across. Easy to pull off and dramatic to look at! You can wear this blue nail design to a wedding or a formal gathering and leave everyone drooling over your nails. This design is nothing but elongated french tips with royal blue nail lacquer.

9. Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs

Red, White, and Blue Nail Designs

Well, these are the 4th July appropriate nail design or you can say the patriot version of blue nail designs you can pick. You can wear this nail design idea to the country cricket match, an assembly hall, or even a concert to show your love for your country. It is both metallic and glitter nail ideas blue.

10. Blue Nails with Glitter

Blue Nails with Glitter

A bit old school but the best nail look you can create with a navy blue nail lacquer. This blue nail design is appropriate for prom, weddings, and even formal parties. Ask your nail artist to give you this amazing look and be the queen of the night. The marble effect on the ring finger with the silver touch is just mesmerizing.

11. Blue Nail Designs with Rhinestones

Blue Nail Designs with Rhinestones

If you are the bride yourself and want to try something with the rhinestones try this design. Ask your nail artist to give you the ombre blue nails and then add some glitters to them. To finalize the sparkling look, pick the rhinestones and stick them in the semi-circle shape as shown in the image.

12. Blue Nail Designs Acrylic

Blue Nail Designs Acrylic

Acrylic nails are the new trend, get one for yourself that too with this beautiful blue nail design. This design is valentine appropriate nails with little hearts on the tips. This design is the glossy one with candy colors of blue. This one’s for you, only if you like long nails with a square shape.

13. Blue Nail Designs Flower

Blue Nail Designs Flower

Want to keep it simple and classy? Try these nail ideas blue flower. These flowers are easy to do with just what you have, you won’t have to buy any new nail art tools. The colors used in one of these blue nail ideas are ones that every girl has in her wardrobe. You can wear this one to your workplace for a laid-back look.

14. Blue Nail Designs Short

 Blue Nail Designs Short

This is one of the simple light blue nail ideas that you can try to wear to your school, college, or workplace. The candy sky blue color is all you need to ask people where you got this nail art done. The short nails will allow you to do all the things freely and won’t feel heavy on your fingers.

15. Navy Blue Nails Aesthetic

Navy Blue Nails Aesthetic

Well, the aesthetic nails have always been the ones loved by love. The reason is their aesthetically pleasing design. This one here is the wavy navy blue nails. The navy blue, sky blue, and silver nail lacquer will do wonders on your natural nails. Add the touch of a silver wavy line in the middle of the design for that aesthetic factor on the nail design.

Nail Blue For This Year

Nail Blue For This Year

We are finally here wrapping up the blue nail designs to try in this year. We hope you found your design on the blue nail ideas list. So, as promised you can adorn these blue nail designs on every occasion regardless of your outfit, as it goes with every color.

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