Exclusive Tips for Creating Better Designs for T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

Designing your t-shirt print is a great business opportunity for the creatives. Whether you are a graphic designer or typographer, designing a t-shirt is a great incentive. However, everything is not as rosy as it looks. Let’s look at some exclusive tips for creating better designs for t-shirt printing in Singapore.

Explore Your Concept Meticulously

Sketch your t-shirt design from scratch. Create different variations. Do some brainstorming sessions then sleep over it. Follow the process again. If it comes out good great, if not, explore other creative options if you need them.

Imagine the Print on Your T-Shirt

There is a lot of difference in printing paper and printing a t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to mock up the t-shirt print on a photo of a model. In case there is a need to take out the print and place it on an actual t-shirt. Ensure that you check out the artwork at actual size.

Concentrate on the Details But Keep Things Simple

In the digital printing era, you need to be good at drawing and having attention to detail. It cannot get any better than checking out a well-executed masterpiece on a t-shirt that can be observed for hours. However, also keep this in mind that certain classic t-shirt designs are the simplest. They try and pass on the message in the most convenient way. If you are somewhere in the middle, chances are you will struggle with the print.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

This is extremely important. Are you targeting males or females? Young or old? At the end of the day, remember you are printing a t-shirt that other people would love to wear. Like a good brand designer, write down the persona of your target audience, their likes and dislikes, what your competitors do and then headstart from there.

Don’t Overdo the Humor Quotient

In case you are going for a humorous print, don’t come across as a cheap and low-cost joke t-shirt. Even the most outrageously loud and in-your-face liked prints have subtle humor. Although not everyone would love humorous t-shirts, if done appropriately, humor can work wonders for your print business.

Select the Right Colors

Employ the t-shirt color efficiently and try to select complementary colors. In case you are using Adobe Illustrator, it is about time to turn on Global Colors. This is an excellent asset for printing. On top of this, it will also save time. We also suggest you use Halftones to get the maximum advantage of the restricted colors that are allowed to use.

Prepare for Your Artwork Meticulously

While printing on screen employ Pantone colors – it would make your t-shirt prints beautiful. Also, do not forget to outline text and expand any strokes, if any. We suggest you go through an excellent online tutorial, which totally depends on whether you are using an Illustrator or Photoshop.

Get a Good Printer

So now that your print is ready and adequately artworked use your printer to get the t-shirt printed. However, keep in mind that your t-shirt print will be only as good as your printer. You can go for reputed cheap printing services in Singapore. However, before that, you need to spend time to learn about the type of t-shirt you wish to print on.

Remember, the sizes, weight, cost, labeling options all matter a lot when it comes to getting the finished product. Here, we recommend you discuss it with different companies. Strike a deal with the company that wants to treat your t-shirt print as an end-retail product.

Learn about Different T-Shirts

Learn about Different T-Shirts

To get the basic idea of anything, you need to understand its context. T-shirts have been part of our culture since long. Dig out details about them and appreciate it.

Take inspiration from the latest trends, but never copy them. Chances are by the time you come up with your t-shirt print; other designers are moving with something else behind closed doors.

Final Thoughts

While printing the t-shirt, understand the requirements of the target audience and then go ahead with it. Remember, you are creating a space for a product that is liked by people at large. So, here you have it, the exclusive tips for creating better designs for t-shirt printing in Singapore.

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