Donna Leah Designs New “SuperHero” T-shirt Collection Shows That Giving Back Is Fashionable

Miami based designer, Donna Leah, has always found inspiration from art and nature for her evening gowns and loungewear collections.  Hearing about the work of the Milagro Center gave her the inspiration to launch a collection of t-shirts that are designed to give back.

As the many recent events continue to take its toll, Miami based designer Donna Leah has launched a line of t-shirts with important messages that will benefit the Milagro Center of Delray, Florida.  The organization is a center of creative cultural collaboration, engaging education and inspiration that dissolves social barriers, forms lasting connections and sets the stage for future success.

SuperHero T-shirt front and back side

“Everyone needs to have a dream and be able to achieve it. My dream of becoming a designer has come true and I feel that now is the right time to help others.  I was moved by the amazing work of the Milagro Center and the sense of empowerment they are able to provide to the community. It inspired me to create this line of t-shirts that helps bring awareness to the organization and much needed funds,” says Donna Leah, founder of Donna Leah Designs.

The shirt will retail for $30 and be available at Donna Leah Designs with 5% of the proceeds going to The Milagro Center.  The organization offers uniquely integrated programs that focus on empowering children and their families to succeed, both in school and in life, having a resounding positive influence on the local community.

SuperHero T-shirt Design

Donna Leah believes that every person has their “inner superhero” and designs for that special power in each of us.  She embraces her love for bright colors and details that make an unapologetic statement.  “Donna Leah Designs sequin gowns feature a cape, and my loungewear collection features hoods that feel protective. The new t-shirt collection embraces the notions of empowerment, feeling good about yourself, and knowing that helping others is a part of who we are.  The more I learned about the Milagro Center, the more inspired I became, and created a mission to help,” says Donna Leah.

Designer Donna Leah was born in New York and is a graduate of the prominent Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Throughout her youth, she spent many hours dreaming about and designing the style of clothing that she wished to wear, including eye-catching designs, vibrant colors, and metallics that shimmered from morning until night.

“It’s important to support each other and create a sense of strong community. We can be an essential part of inspiring others to do good and share the amazing feeling of giving back,” says Donna Leah.  Donna Leah Designs is also launching a line of fashionable masks that coordinate with her collections.

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