How to Style a Letterman Jacket in Awesome Ways?

Style a Letterman Jacket

Do you know that you do not have to turn to fashion websites or magazines for style tips? You can experiment and make your style statement without being a slave to trends. People are becoming more courageous and do not mind adopting a mix-and-match approach, blending different styles, and appearing stylish. Letterman jackets, commonly known as varsity, are primarily associated with baseball as players wear them to represent a team. There are many ways to style a letterman jacket.

College or university students wear these jackets with their educational institutes’ logos to demonstrate their association. Letterman jackets show that wearers have displayed a great game and scored marvelously.

The fashion scene has evolved tremendously in the past few years, and several new trends have come to the fore. People are breaking old fashion rules and bringing new things to the market. No longer are the letterman jackets only associated with baseball as many people sport it casually and style it with different clothing articles.

Gone are the days when only youth wore the varsity jackets, as now, it has become a high-fashion article. The positive aspect is that people can pair this outerwear differently and make their style statement. Several people want to learn more about the styling of varsity jackets.

The following are some ways to style a letterman jacket in remarkable ways:

1. Get a Customized Letterman Jacket

Get a Customized Letterman Jacket

The Letterman jacket is one of those versatile clothing articles that work with different kinds of dresses. Irrespective of the reason behind varsity jackets, today, people use them as fashion and wear them in any dress.

Customization on the letterman jacket is a viable option, and people can imprint anything of their choice on these jackets. Several manufacturers offer custom letterman jackets no minimum text limit. People can easily order their preferred text or symbol on jackets.

2. Pair It with White Hoodie

White is a timeless color and blends well with almost every shade. People living in colder regions need to layer themselves up to keep safe from snow and chilly weather. Several boys and girls want to keep the fashion quotient high while layering.

They can wear a white hoodie with a darker-hued varsity jacket to add an oomph factor to their appearance. People can be effortless in their style statement and don a letterman jacket with a white hoodie and pair it up with black or blue denim pants.

3. Printed Skirts with Varsity

Many clothing items have become unisex, and with slight modifications, women confidently wear outfits specifically designated for males. Varsity jackets and baseball were primarily male-dominated, but fashion has evolved.

Women can be creative with their fashion choices and couple their varsity jackets with mid or long printed skirts. Floral or animal printed skirts with sneakers and varsity jackets appear cool and give a funky vibe.

4. Wear It in Street-Style

Street Style a Letterman Jacket

Street style is becoming a rage as many people are experimenting and making their choices. Letterman jackets give people room to experiment. They can make a combination of their preferences and create their fashion statement.

Pair a varsity jacket with plain trousers, a skirt or wear it on a maxi dress. Men and women can keep it simple or make it fancy and adorn it with accessories.

5. Cargo Pants and Varsity Jackets – a Winning Combination

Gone are the days when people could not think of wearing cargo pants casually. Now, they are again in trend, and people love wearing trousers with several pockets.

A prevalent misconception is that women can pair cargo pants with blazers or wear them with a crop top. Cargo pants with a button-down shirt of crop tops and a varsity jacket are a winning combo and make people appear fashionable.

6. Go Monochrome

Monochrome Style a Letterman Jacket

The combination of dark and light shades, specifically black and white, is classy- almost all dresses appear stylish and make wearers look elegant. A monochrome letterman jacket in one color with a logo in another color is available.

You can wear letterman jackets in monochrome with a variety of colored slacks or skirts. Another option is to wear black slacks with a letterman jacket.

7. Skinny Jeans and Knee-High Boots

Skinny jeans are ubiquitous, and most people love to wear knee-high boots with them. You can wear a white or pastel-colored shirt and a dark-shaded letterman jacket or vice versa. Another idea is to wear a neon-colored shirt to give a pop color appearance.

Skinny jeans make the figure appear slender and taller, and with different colored boots, they make a casual look stylish. Letterman jackets with skinny jeans in various shades of blue help people appear classy.

8. Casual Sporty Look

Letterman jackets originally came into fashion for sports. Although it was primarily associated with baseball, boys and girls can wear it to look sporty. Track pants or yoga trousers with varsity jackets and sports shoes give a sporty yet casual look. People must ensure that they wear tee-shirts inside as it helps to give a sporty vibe.

9. Style It Classically

Several people do not want to experiment with their styles as they prefer classic over new trends. They can stick to a black and grey contrast letterman jacket and complete the look with a pair of sneakers or trainer shoes.

Letterman jackets with black pants add a sophisticated twist. Pairing it with brown leather boots gives a classic touch and makes people appear stylish without effort.

10. Dark Shaded Lettermen – A Safe Choice

Dark Shaded Lettermen Jacket

Although light-colored letterman jackets have also come into the fashion scene, the varsity jackets are in for their darker shades. Navy blue with a hint of yellow or a combination of red and blacks appear timeless and work for any occasion.

Moreover, you can easily pair darker-hued letterman jackets with pastel-colored trousers or denim. They work well with dark pants. Dark shaded varsity jackets are indeed a safe choice, and men and women can don them with conviction.


Style is a personal choice; what works for one person may not be preferable for another. The holy grail does not contain any fashion standards, and modern individuals recognize that they do not need to follow all trends. Varsity jackets are in vogue, and unlike before, today, people no longer treat them as baseball sportswear.

Due to the versatility of letterman jackets, men and women can wear different types of outfits and make unique style statements. Nonetheless, it is sportswear, and people can still wear it while playing out in the sun. The key is to carry letterman jackets with confidence to appear stylish.

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