A Definitive Style Guide To Streetwear Jeans

street style jeans

Today’s streetwear style has come a long way since it first emerged. Originally frowned upon by those with a good deal of knowledge of the 20th-century fashion scene, streetwear grew out of casual styles, including loose streetwear jeans, t-shirts, and baseball caps synonymous with young American people and sports fans.

A couple of decades ago, streetwear became a major commodity that large sportswear brands and even record labels began to sponsor. American sports franchises such as the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Raiders, and Chicago Bulls began to capitalize on streetwear style, creating their franchises. Meanwhile, record label owners such as Def Jam’s Russel Simmons, Jay Z, and 50 Cent also launched streetwear labels that were a huge hit.

Today, streetwear style is a casual yet cool way of dressing that the masses have adopted. The staple piece that makes streetwear so well-known is denim jeans, in which there are a huge variety of styles available today. Below, we will look at the different types of streetwear jeans and how to wear them.

The Different Types of Streetwear Jeans

The Different Types of Streetwear Jeans

If you’re just getting into streetwear, the good news is there are various jeans styles to choose from, no matter what your usual preference is. Choose from baggy jeans, ripped jeans, bootcut jeans, bell-bottoms, and more.

Each type of streetwear jeans is a staple piece that can easily be paired with any style of t-shirt and sneakers combo for the ultimate streetwear look. For those looking for an older style, there are a variety of streetwear jean styles for the more mature wardrobe, including black denim jeans or straight-leg denim jeans that can easily be paired with an elegant hoodie.

Why Choose Streetwear?

Choose Streetwear Jeans

Streetwear is a style that tends to go against the current trend, yet no matter what kind of streetwear you choose, some common themes make it so popular, even today.


Streetwear is a subculture that values comfort, casualty, and an active lifestyle. It’s comfy and looks cool; that’s probably one of the reasons people love streetwear fashion.

While it started off as an activewear or sportswear trend, today’s streetwear style has evolved into much more but will always remain a comfy and casual style with loose-fitting clothes, baggy t-shirts, and baseball caps at the heart of the trend. With this style you

It’s Unique

In today’s fashion world, everything is mass-produced, and it’s not uncommon to walk through a busy city and see many people wearing the same or a very similar item. However, that’s not the case with streetwear fashion.

Today there are numerous streetwear brands that love to create unique pieces, and some hypes may even be frowned upon, but for streetwear lovers, it’s seen as a fun challenge to try and get your hands on the unique piece before it sells out.

So if you want to stand out among the crowd, you should definitely try streetwear jeans! You can style these types of jeans with button-down shirts and T-shirts in whatever way you like. These jeans will surely help you to get a unique and attractive look.

Make a Statement

Different types of styles streetwear jeans

Styling is one of the important factors when it comes to clothes. No matter how expensive clothes you’re wearing, if you don’t style them properly, they’ll not look good on you!

And the great thing is that it’s not hard to make a statement with streetwear. Just pick out a couple of shirts and hoodies that are eye-catching, bright, or contain bold statements and you’re good to go. Most streetwear styles embody classic statements and collaborations with other brands and designers are also common.

Most of all though, streetwear can be used as a statement of who you are and what you stand for. It can be a way of making a statement about your identity, or it could just be that you choose to go against the norm.

Overall, streetwear grew out of an active lifestyle and casual trend that emerged in the 50s, yet today it has become an embodiment of a particular laidback way of thinking and moving. Streetwear is so easy to pull off, looking effortlessly cool, no matter how you choose to style it.

So, whether you’re into loose-fitting jeans and statement t-shirts or something a little less bold like blackwash jeans and a smarter hoodie, you can hop on the streetwear looks and trends great wearing it.

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