Red Bottom Hats Explained

Red Bottom Hats

Red has always been a symbol of power. It has also signified life, war, passion, courage, love, and religious fervor. In the same way, fashion has made its own interpretations for the color red. It will always be the trendsetter color of their industry. Attributed to aristocracy, excitement, and boldness, red has become a fashion showstopper. Since then, red has been used for powerful brand-building.

So, hats have not been an exception to the rule. Similar to the red bottom shoes crafted by Christian Loubotin, red bottom hats found their way into fashion.

Keith And James

Keith And James has been one of the biggest brands in the hat industry. Popularized as the “Gentleman Milliner,” its founder James Keith has always been into hats. So, he used that. He created stylish and chic fedoras that fused classic styles and modern materials. Later on, he became a celebrity favorite, leading to his statement as a luxury in the accessories industry.

Keith and James Red Bottom Fedora Hat

Red Bottom Hats

Keith And James was one of the trendsetters in the red bottom fedora hat game. They created five collections under this trend: King, Queen, Prince, Derby, and Western.


Keith and James’ King collection is made of woolen fedora hats that come in 19 different colors. Their styles are the same, with a signature red brim and a red button at the side. However, they are formidable accessories on every gentleman, with their top-tier quality and center-creased crown.

The 3-inch hat combines the classic style of the 20th century while making bold statements with its simple yet powerful design. It is also said that its comfort is truly unmatched.


This wide-brim fedora is made of a 3.5-inch flat red bottom and a teardrop crown. It is a truly unique addition to any woman’s wardrobe. It’s a high-quality piece that exudes elegance and luxury when you wear it.

It also has a cotton sweatband that fits just right on your head. Queen also comes in six different sizes and 18 colors.


This 2-inch stingy brim fedora with a curled red brim and pinched crown is like the child of King and Queen. It has both their features while maintaining the power of its own. It also has six different size options and comes in 6 colors.


The Derby is a woven straw hat that is made up of a 3.5-inch flat red brim and a flat crown. It is offered in two colors (jet black and cocoa brown) and six different size options. If you’re aiming for a casual yet luxurious look, this is the one for you.


The Western is a cowboy hat with added spice to it. It features a 5-inch curved red brim with a high cattleman creased crown. It is available in six different sizes and four colors. For aspiring Westerners out there, this is a must-buy for you!

Bruno Capelo

Red Bottom Hats

Bruno Capelo has already become renowned in the hat industry. Despite this, they continue to offer high-quality hats at affordable prices. They aim to give fashion and functionality to all of their patrons. This is because, for Bruno Capelo, hats are not just accessories. Beyond luxury, they want to give comfort and practicality, as seen in their red bottom hats.

Bruno Capelo Princeton

The New Bruno Capelo Hat Princeton comes in four different size options. It also has a stim made brim and a smaller pop-up brim. Its ribbon in the middle with the Bruno Capelo logo oozes style with simplicity.

Bruno Capelo Monarch

The Bruno Capelo Hat Monarch is the classic gentleman’s red bottom fedora. It radiates enigma with its timeless design. It is also made from 100% Australian wool and stim made brim and a smaller pop-up brim. It comes in four sizes.

How to Choose the Best Hat for You?

There are many things to consider when it comes to selecting a hat that would best suit your outfit and personality. Listed below are the following:

  • Make sure that the hat you are planning to buy matches your physique — meaning it should be proportional to your body dimensions and not exaggerate them. For instance, if you’re short, choose hats that can make you look taller, and vice versa. The brims shouldn’t be broader than your shoulders as well. Hence, know your exact body proportions before buying one.
  • Your face shape is also very important. If you know your face shape, it should be easier for you to determine which hat style suits you most.
  • Last but not least, select the perfect hat style and color that would reflect your fashion sense and personality.

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