How to Clean Flat Iron with Vinegar

How to Clean Flat Iron with Vinegar

The flat iron, also known as straightening iron, it is a device designed to straighten and smoothen hair. It is equipped with metal heated plates where the hair place and press firmly. Cleaning your curly hair flat iron is essential, primarily if you use it regularly. Dirt, dust, oil, and hair usually pile up on the flat iron plate, reducing its effectiveness. Cleaning it regularly will not only eliminate dirt that has piled up on the plate will also remove the foul smell that usually accompanies dirt and dust buildup. It is advised that you clean your flat iron at least once every month to keep and free of any residues and impurities that may reduce its effectiveness. While there are multiple ways of cleaning a flat iron, cleaning it using vinegar is highly recommended because it delivers excellent results. This post will give you a step-by-step process on how to clean flat iron with vinegar.

Things That you will Need

How to Clean Flat Iron with Vinegar
  • Vinegar
  • Towel or soft cloth
  • Warm water

Step One: Plug the Flat Iron in the Wall Socket

Plug the Flat Iron in the Wall Socket

Plug the curly hair flat iron on the wall socket then put the lowest temperature setting. Allow it to heat up for at least five minutes. This process will help to loosen up tough dirt, dust, and grime accumulated on the heating plate, thus making the cleaning process easy.

Step Two: Unplug and Cool the Flat Iron.

Unplug and Cool the Flat Iron

Before you start the cleanup process, unplug the flat iron and allow it to cool off completely. This will ensure that you don’t electrocute or burn your hands when adding vinegar. Here you can also check about some coolest ways to wear iron on patches.

Step Three: Inspect the Flat Iron Heating Plate.

Inspect the Flat Iron Heating Plate

The heating plate is the most crucial part of the flat iron. This is the place where dirt, dirt, grime, and hair accumulate. Inspect it and remove any residue that is easy to remove using a plastic toothpick, a toothbrush, or a cotton swab. This will allow the vinegar mixture to clean the heating plate better and faster. Please avoid using a metal product to remove residue from the heating plate because it can scratch the surface, leaving unsightly marks.

Step Four: Wipe the Entire Flat Iron with a Towel

Wipe the Entire Flat Iron with a Towel

Deep the hand towel in warm water, then wipe the whole of the flat iron to remove all loose dirt, debris, hair, and oil from the flat iron.

Step Five: Make a Vinegar Paste Using Baking Soda or Salt.

Make a Vinegar Paste Using Baking Soda or Salt

Mix equal parts of baking soda or table salt with distilled white vinegar. Stir the mixture thoroughly to form a paste that you will use to scrub stubborn mineral deposits, grime, and dirt from your flat irons heating plate. Dip a clean hand towel into the paste then gently clean the heating plate while moving in circles. Apply more pleasure when cleaning heavily stuck residue from the heating plate. Let it soak for between 5-10 minutes.

Step Six: Rinse Off the Heating Plate with Plain Water

Rinse Off the Heating Plate with Plain Water

Dip a separate hand towel on plain clean water then wipe the surface of the heating plate to remove deposits or residues that the paste has removed plus the paste itself. Rinse until when you are sure that all residue buildup has been eliminated.

Step Seven: Allow It to Dry.

Allow It to Dry

Once you are done clean your flat iron, allow it to dry completely before plugging it. Proper drying will help to prevent the risk of electrocution.

Final Verdict

If you want to remove all residues built on your flat iron, including those that are hard to remove, clean your flat iron using vinegar. The cleanup process is simple and straightforward; you only need to follow the simple instructions given above.

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