How to Cut Your Own Hair in 5 Different and Easy Styles

How to Cut Your Own Hair

So welcome again to Fashionterest, we are here to give you hacks on fashion styling and trends. The purpose of today’s article is to get you done with your haircut.

The lockdown 2020 has put a ban on our salon visits. We can clear up the facial hairs (including upper lips), get done the waxing, manicure, and even pedicure, but what about a haircut?

You can’t deny the fact that you need a haircut. It’s been almost a month, and your hairs would have grown tremendously. Right? But you might be struggling with the thought of how to cut your own hair.

You can do any DIY from making a hair tie to color-up the T-shirt. Then why not DIY haircut?

The fear surrounding your head is probably related to the ruining it. You will be like, “I’m not a professional hairstylist,” “My hand shivers when I pick up scissors,” “I might have to lose all my hair if I make a single mistake,” “Will it look good?” “Can I do it?”

Hey, bro, stop! You can cut your own hair too (with precision). No doubt, it won’t look as good as your hairstylist does, but still, you will learn something new and importantly better to have some haircut than none.

Enough of the talk, let’s get into the topic.

In this article, you will find tutorials on how to cut hair by yourself from trimming split ends to having a makeover. Make sure you concentrate!

What will You Need for a Haircut?

  1. Hair Cutting scissor
  2. Hair ties
  3. Water sprayer
  4. Brush
  5. Rattail comb

1. How to Cut the Split Ends?

If you don’t want to take a risk for actually styling the haircut, just cut off the split ends so that all the damaged hairs are gone and allow the hair to regrow healthily.

This is the easiest one. Comb your hair, take an inch of the section, and roll it all the way down. Remember the split ends will never be able to roll in, so the parts you see peeking out from the rolled strand are the split ends.

Chop them off, be careful about not cutting the hair. Repeat the process. Go slow and focus!

2. How to Cut Hair in Long Layers?

Getting the long layers is kinda tricky, but don’t worry! With our guide, you will go through it. Self hair styling may be overwhelming, but with correct steps, you can achieve the some-how professional look.

Step 1:

Wet your hair and brush it. Now the next step is to determine the hair length. For which, you will have to part your hair in two sections: bottom and top. Tie the top part with a hair tie.

Now get half of the hair on the right side and other on the left side. The next step is to part the section again in two fragments: top and bottom.

Step 2:

Brush the bottom fragment thoroughly, then use the index and middle finger to get a grip on the hair. Slide it downwards, now hold firmly and cut the hair diagonally. Recheck the shape.

Repeat the same for the left side. Later, work with the top sections of both sides. At this step, you determined the longest length of the hair.

Layers have the sections in hair, where the top layer has a shorter length, and it increases with each fragment.

Step 3:

It’s time you add another section to the layer, and it should be shorter than the bottom section. You will have to follow the same steps as above.

Step 4:

When it comes to adding the last section to the layer, always remember it should frame your face. While working with the topmost or the final section, start off with the top fragment in the segment. Make sure the length is framing your face perfectly, then using that measure cut the rest.

Use it for cutting the hair on the other side too. Then the last step is to blow-dry and straighten. With this, you will be able to find the mistake and rectify it.

Your long layers are ready to be captured (*wink*).

3. How to Cut Hair Using Unicorn Style?

When cutting your hair, you need the right hair cutting scissors to avoid causing damage and split-ends. So to cut your own hair you need quick and easy methods. Of which one is “Unicorn Style.” With this style, you can cut your hair straight or in a deep V cut.

As usual, first, wet and brush your hair. Flip your hair in front, then tie a ponytail on the top of your forehead, make sure the hair of sides are there only, and the middle one on its place.

Now brush the ponytail and place it parallel to the forehead. The pony should be flat with bottom hairs on the upper side and vice-versa. It must look like a unicorn’s horn.

Now the hair is ready to be cut. If you are going for the straight one, cut the hair in a straight line from downward by keeping the scissor parallel to your face.

For a deep V cut, you will have to cut diagonally at an acute angle. And that’s done!

4. How to Cut Your Hair Short?

Humidity or summers can make you feel chopping off your hair, right? So here we are with a tutorial by which you can cut your hair in short. A bob cut!

Step 1: 

Part your hair from the middle, then tie both sides of the fragment after brushing them properly. Now, fasten another hair-tie at the required distance. This will be the marking from where you will cut the hair. Make sure it is equal on both sides.

Step 2:

Cut the hair from the marked hair tie. Open the hairs and look for the equal length all over. Straighten the hair for the perfect results if there is any excessive hair, cut it.

5. How to Cut Bangs?

Done with the trimming? And now you are craving bangs? Come, we will teach you how you can cut the front bangs easily.

First, measure the part from your forehead where you need bangs to start from, then using a rattail comb fragment the rest of your fair and tie it behind.

Now grab a sleek comb and make the top section of the bang area and pin it backward. First, we will work on the front part of the bangs. It shouldn’t be wider than your face’s arch.

The next step is to cut the fringe, make sure it is straight, and then using scissor tips the soften the edges by snipping little by little.

It’s time to work on the top part. Bring them down and repeat the same process. After cutting is done blow-dry the hair and look for any uneven fair, if you find some cut them off.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Get Makeover in the Lockdown Period:

So this was the haircuts that you can try at your home to beat the COVID blues. All these are full-proof and easy to do haircut tricks. After that, you might want to sign up for a few hairstyles, nail art, and even fashion styling ideas. Be insta-post ready with our number of articles on fashion and makeover. Stay home, stay safe, and stay tuned with us.

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