Gordon Rush Vs Allen Edmonds: The Detailed Comparison

Gordon Rush Vs Allen Edmonds

Gordon Rush and Allen Edmonds; both are popular and good shoe brands that you might think of purchasing from. But when you want to know the real differences, you might need to dig deeper. Therefore, here we are to lessen your hassle and show you the real comparison between Gordon Rush vs Allen Edmonds to make a better choice.

Initially, gordon rush is manufactured both in Italy and China. The Italian manufactured shoes are far better than the China-built ones because they use Italian leather in the shoes. Also, they stand up for the quality and look. On the other hand, Allen Edmonds shoes are made in the USA. As a result, you will find a core difference in the design and built quality in both brands.

However, our focus is not only on the build but also on the quality, service, design, and durability. So, let’s dive in deeper to know more about what these two brands individually offer and which one you should consider for what reason.

Gordon Rush Vs Allen Edmonds: All the Differences

In the first place, we will focus on different aspects and share how these two perform and what they offer depending on the factors. Let’s get started!

Manufacturer Area:

The first difference between these shoe brands arises in the manufacturing area. The Gordon Rush shoes are usually created in Italy with pure Italian leather. Besides, these shoes are manufactured in China too.

On the contrary, Allen Edmonds is built in the USA with professional assistance. They use pure leather in their shoes and the shoes are built under strict maintenance and procedure.

Built Quality:

Built Quality

Our first consideration was the material and construction of the shoes of both brands. If we talk about Gordon Rush, then we must say that the quality varies depending on the manufacturer’s area. If the shoe is built in Italy, then you can expect it to be of good quality. But in the case of Chinese ones, the quality is not always top-notch.

However, Allen Edmonds always stands up for the shoe quality. The construction is known to be perfectly handled with high-quality materials. They use the best quality leathers in the shoes with the guidance of the world’s best shoemakers. As a result, their shoes are worldwide known to be the best in quality.


When the talk is about comfort, Gordon Rush offers good reliability in the comfort of their shoes. There is no doubt that even though these shoes are reasonable in price, the shoes provide amazing comfort in usage and every step.

Allen Edmonds shoes also provide incredible comfort. It’s like you can wear the shoes 12 hours a day and not feel any fatigue at all. The insoles and the bottoms ensure enough space and flexibility which adds to the comfort.



Both brands provide good durability. But here in the case of Gordon Rush, the longevity may depend on the manufacturer. As said before, if you get an Italian manufactured one, you can expect to have good durability. And if you get the Chinese one, the durability may differ. Besides, durability depends a lot on your usage and maintenance of the shoe as well.

Allen Edmonds is known to be durable for even almost 12 years or so. This is insane but true. The good built quality of these shoes increases the usability. So you can use these for even a decade without any second thought. But make sure to maintain proper care of the shoes as per instructions.


Gordon Rush shoes offers some timeless shoe designs with their handcrafted Italian manufacturer. They are known for balancing contemporary shoe design combining with age-old manufacturing procedures to make the best outcome out of it. You can say that you will never go out of style if you purchase shoes from this brand.

If you purchase one Allen Edmonds shoe, you can consider yourself lucky in fashion. From presidents to celebrities, everyone has been seen to wear shoes from this brand. Their high-quality manufacturing shows off the elegance of style. So if you consider design, you will get a good chance from this brand.



If you are looking for a wide range of variety, the consideration may fall into more on Allen Edmonds. They prepare their shoes based on three different methods: welted, handsewn, and cemented construction. As a result, you get to choose from a lot of various options. Alongside, the designs have a lot of varieties to pick from as well.

Gordon Rush also offers a variety of styles and designs to pick from. But the variations may fall short if you compare them to the Allen Edmonds. However, if you want a more elegant look, you might want to go for Allen Edmonds for the varieties that they provide. Otherwise, Gordon Rush also offers numerous choices to rely on.

Running True to Size:

Running True to Size

Allen Edmonds runs true to size. So you can get exactly your size and get the perfect fit. But Gordon Rush tends to fit one-half size bigger than the shoes. As a result, you need to buy a size 10 if you typically wear a size 10.5.


The costing here has a lot of differences between the two brands. For instance, because of the good quality and incredible manufacturer, the Allen Edmonds are quite higher in price than the Gordon Rush. As Gordon Rush comes from two different manufacturers, the price of their shoes is comparatively less than the other brands.

Final Words 

So now you know what we have found as the comparison for Gordon Rush vs Allen Edmonds. We have elaborately explained every aspect and shared the real talk here. So squeeze the lemon and hold on to the one brand that seems to offer the best support according to your judgment.

If you want to know about our point of view, we would say that Allen Edmonds will serve you better than Gordon Rush. The price might be quite high, but the comfort and everything else are worth the value. Now whichever you pick, make sure to get the right size for you depending on the stretchability of the shoes.

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