8 Things to Consider When Buying New Shoes

Buying New Shoes

Are you thinking of getting new shoes? There are probably thousands of shops near you and on the internet that you could buy from. However, first read our points. Everything to consider before buying new shoes is discussed. 


Size of New Shoes

The most important thing when buying shoes is buying the right size. Even if you know the size of your feet, it would be ideal to measure them again. As you get older, your feet get bigger. 

Measure your feet more than once to get the most accurate reading. 

Here’s a tip: 

If you buy a shoe that’s too big, it’s not the end of the world. You could stuff its tips with socks to make your foot fit snug. It’s only a problem when you buy shoes that are too small. 


Do you want a shoe that has a heel? If you’re on the shorter side, a shoe with a slight heel would be great. The max heal you could find on a sneaker would be around 2 inches. 

If you’re someone who has coordination issues, an option with heels would not be a good idea. You might find it hard to move around. 

Weather Condition

What type of shoes are you getting? If winter is coming around, you won’t be able to wear regular sneakers outside. You would need special boots. You can Prepare for the winter in summer with Sorel. Their boots are known to provide ample protection from the cold. 

Geox is a brand that focuses on more waterproof boots. You can get Geox online if you’re going on a camping trip. 


Of course, make sure the shoe you’re getting is comfortable. Its size would affect its comfort. Moreover, the material its insides are made from would affect this as well. Hopefully, it is made from a breathable fabric. 

Although leather looks good, it is not the most comfortable. A fabric that’s ideal would-be cotton. It is very breathable, so air would be allowed to flow in and out. 

Even if your shoe fits perfectly, its edges might be tight. They could cut you when you first start wearing them. 

If there’s a specific shoe you’re looking to get, you would know how comfortable it would be by checking reviews. 


Appearance of Shoes

Make sure that what you get looks good.  You want shoes that would go with any outfit. Go through Pinterest and social media to find shoe brands that have product selections to your liking. 

If you just check one shop, you would likely not be able to find shoes that are the type that you like.  Visit as many shops as you can before you make the purchase. 

Intended Use

If you buy a normal pair of sneakers you’ll usually be able to wear them in most situations. But what if you want to go running on trails? Running shoes for trails will have more grip so you don’t slip and hurt yourself.

Minimalist shoes are popular right now because they are completely flat, so it feels like you’re walking around barefooted. It’s a good way to build up the strength of your feet and reduce knee injuries.

Think carefully about what you intend to do when you’re wearing a new pair of Running shoes for women.


I know it’s easy to find cheap shoes that look great, but you need to buy them from the right places. Even though auction sites have deals you have to wonder about the overall quality of the shoes.

If you end up with low-quality shoes you’ll save some money upfront, but you’ll likely lose money in the long run. Once they fall apart because they’re not manufactured properly you’ll need to spend more money.

Be prepared to replace your footwear within a year if you find a pair on eBay.


Color of New Shoes

Black sneakers are good if you want to wear them on nights out because they can look like loafers unless someone is paying close  attention. White shoes aren’t good if you’re going to wear them to play sports.

Some colors will be able to blend into the forest easily if you’re going to wear your shoes hunting. Don’t just choose a certain color because you think it looks nice.

You should choose your color based on how you’re going to use your shoes.


There are many tips to consider before you go shopping. Thankfully, they are not hard to follow. Make sure you’re buying from a quality brand if you want an excellent product. Of course, the shoes you get should be the right size and have a design that you like.

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