Youth Roper Boots Made for Walking, Running, and Jumping

Youth Roper Boots

In the wild wild world of western footwear, there are two types of cowboy boots loved by men, women, young and old folks. There’s the classic cowboy boot with a higher riding heel and the timeless youth roper boots that’s closer to a regular dress shoe.

Although both of these boot types hold a special place in western apparel, the latter seems to be a bit more popular option especially when it comes to children ‘s country footwear.

The comfort, practicality and style are the main reasons why many parents decide on the ropers to be the first pair of boots for their little cowboys and cowgirls.

Nowadays, many of the legendary western footwear brands such as Ariat, Thomas Cook and Blundstone offer youth roper boots in their extensive footwear collections. However, is there a better place to find a classic heritage roper boot for your bub than Roper’s youth collection? 

Since 1948, Roper has been the leading manufacturer of authentic western boots with a special focus on children’s and women’s footwear. The youth Roper boots collection features everything from cute little Roper infant boots to trendy and eye-catching boots for teens. Without further ado, let’s see what’s so special about Roper kids boots and dive into their latest boot drops.

Durable & Comfy Materials to Keep Children’s Feet Happy

Durable & Comfy Materials to Keep Children’s Feet Happy

Children love to move around, run and jump, and not all western boots are up for the challenge. However, when it comes to Roper children boots, you can rest assured that your little country rascals will stay comfy during all-day adventures, no matter the terrain or weather.

The combination of hard-wearing leather on the outside and comfortable synthetic lining on the inside is why Roper kids boots are a top choice for boys and girls of all ages. 

And if you’re looking for Roper boots to dress your kid for the winter, you can choose from a range of waterproof boots made from durable neoprene that traps the warmth inside.

Carefully Designed with Growing Feet in Mind

Carefully Designed with Growing Feet in Mind

If you’re still wondering whether Roper is a good boot brand for your child, let’s see what they have to offer in terms of design features.

First and foremost, all models of Roper kids western boots have cushioned footbeds that cradle children’s feet and provide adequate support. Combined with the flexible TRP sole for superior comfort, the youth Roper boots really are a whole package. 

Some of the models also have pull tabs and finger holes for easy putting on and off so your little cowboy or cowgirl can get dolled up on their own.

Carefully Designed with Growing Feet in Mind

Carefully Designed with Growing Feet in Mind

A kid doesn’t care about TPR soles or fine grain leather, so it’s good that Roper children boots come in a massive range of styles, colours and patterns.

From classic brown boots with authentic western motifs to floral pink boots all the way to blue boots with stars, horses and what not, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect pair of boots that your kid will love to wear.

Almost forgot to mention, Roper’s children’s collection also features the all-time kids’ favourites – the light-up boots. These bad boys have a motion light system on the saddle vamp and shaft so your child can really steal the show whenever the road takes you.

With winter at the door, now’s the perfect time to get a new pair of boots for your child. Even if the weather doesn’t turn ugly this year, you can still mix and match these booties with various spring, summer and autumn outfits.

If the grownup style icons can wear cowboy boots with summer outfits, so can the fashionistas of tomorrow. Check out these trendy Roper boots down below and take your pick.

Roper Children’s Barnyard Boots

This modern black/camo boot is perfect for colder autumn/winter days. It features a 9-inch shaft to keep those ankles ready for jumping over puddles and it comes with a removable comfort insole.

The sole is made from non-marking flexible rubber which allows unrestricted moving, running and walking and the neoprene outer keeps the water and cold away from your child’s feet.

Roper Children’s Wild Bill Boot 

A timeless classic, your little cowboy or cowgirl will absolutely love this grown-up inspired boot model. Made with premium faux leather and textile lining for superior comfort and square toe with TPR sole for high-grip and flexibility, this boot is an all-rounder.

It also features a cushioned footbed for trouble-free all-day wear. The Wild Bill also comes with handy pull-tabs and finger holes for little Miss or Mr Independence to get dressed in a jiffy.

Roper Children’s Lily Boots

These lovely pink floral boots are love at first sight. With decorative stitching and multi-metallic floral shaft, it doesn’t get more fashionable than this. Just like the other Roper children’s boots, this model features a cushioned insole, side tabs and a durable TPR sole.

Roper Children’s Lightning Western Boots

And now, the moment all kids have been waiting for – the Lighting Western Boots. Like the chic embroidery wasn’t enough, Roper included a motion-activated light system on the bottom and upper of the boot to make your little one the star of the evening.

Apart from the gorgeous design, these boots also excel in durability and comfort. 

Had something different in mind? Make sure to check out Roper’s full line of children’s western footwear and while you’re at it, let your little one have a say in the final decision. Happy shopping partners!

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