Complete Guide: How to Choose the Right Dress Shoes for Your Child

Choose right shoes for your child

Growing children look up to their parents for dressing etiquettes. If you are getting ready for an evening party by marrying your dress shoes with a formal suit, your little boy will also try to imitate you. And what’s wrong with it? Everyone looks dashing in formals, be it a 40-years-old man or a 4-years-old boy. Still, picking a perfect pair of dress shoes for kids or toddlers can be confusing. So, keep in mind the following points to avoid the fuss.

Why Are Dress Shoes Best for Kids?

Why Are Dress Shoes Best for Kids

Inarguably, you would love to grab the cutest pair of shoes for your kid from the shelves. But are these walking shoes supporting the foot muscle’s development of your child? Here’s the point where you need to check both style and comfort together.

Thanks to the dress shoes for kids for excelling in the league of trendy yet comfortable footwear. Let’s know a few more good things about dress shoes.

  • No matter what, it’s tough to beat dress shoes in terms of durability. Kudos to their quality construction, be it Oxfords or Loafers.
  • Dragging the toes is one of the common tendencies of a growing child. So, they require closed-toe shoes over open-toed shoes to avoid injuries. And most of the dress shoes for kids have a closed-toe structure.
  • A pair of dress shoes for toddlers is excellent for ankle support. Therefore, stay assured about your child’s heel protection.
  • Most of the dress shoes for boys come with a leather upper, making them breathable.
  • Are you concerned if the dress shoes are slip-resistant or not? Thankfully, they are. And the credit goes to the rubber outsole in most of them.
  • Toe flexibility is another essential feature that makes a few of the dress shoes stand out flawlessly.
  • Don’t worry if your children mess up their dress shoes into the mud as these are easy to clean.

Different Type Of Dress Shoes for Kids

Different Type Of  Dress Shoes for Kids

Just like you, your children also deserve a perfect pair of dress shoes that matches well with their outfits and comfort level. Hence, there are ample dress shoes available for them too.

Isn’t it exciting to know the available styles of dress shoes for children and the benefits of wearing those on various occasions? Take a look at the options given as below.

Black Danny Dress Shoes for Children

Is your baby boy all set to go to school? In this situation, your kid needs a pair of Danny dress shoes to embellish his overall school uniform.

Beige Oxford Style Dress Shoes for Kids

If you are going for lunch with your child, dress up your little champ by combining his beige oxfords with a pink check shirt and white pants. Indeed, he is going to look adorable!

White Lace-up Dress Shoes for Boys

Are you looking for some apparel for your kid to match the vibes of Easter Sunday? In that case, marry his white lace-up dress shoes with a pink shirt, green jeans, and a check jacket.

Buckle Style Dress Shoes for Toddlers

Do you want to add a style element to your toddler’s fancy outfit? Then, match the buckle style dress shoes with his short pants and white knee socks.

Navy Lace-up Dress Shoes for Children

Another statement outfit for your toddler boy is the combination of navy lace-up dress shoes with a party wear romper suit and grey waistcoat. Undeniably, your boy will look stunning.

Loafer Style Dress Shoes for Boys

Be it a casual outfit or a formal attire, your little boy is going to look adorable with a pair of Loafer style dress shoes. Besides that, Loafershoes are a perfect example of style and comfort.

Brown Lace-up Dress Shoes for Kids

You can add charm to your kid’s outfit of navy jeans and a chambray shirt by teaming a pair of brown lace-up dress shoes with it.

What Things Should You Consider Before Selecting Dress Shoes for Kids?

Do a Flexibility Test

Try to bend the dress shoes for kids. Are they easily flexing or too stiff for the purpose? Well, a pair of shoes is good to go if they bend down effortlessly. However, avoid buying them if they are stiff. A stiff pair of dress shoes can create discomfort for your little boy.

Check the Soles

Things consider before Selecting  dress shoes for kids

Your child might slip on the floor if the outsoles of his dress shoes are sticky and thick. So, pick dress shoes for toddlers with slip-resistant outsoles, such as rubber. Also, choose padded insoles over hard insoles.

Avoid Buying Second Hand Shoes

Of course, it can be tempting to get various pairs of dress shoes for your toddler at a thrifty price. And second hand shoes are available at such prices. But, it’s not a great idea for his foot health. Such hand-me-down footwear might carry some germs that lead to nail fungus or an athlete’s foot.

Know Your Child’s Feet Type

Know Your Child’s Feet Type

What’s your child’s feet type, flat or high-arched? You should know the answer to this question. Flat-footed children should wear dress shoes with a wide front and excellent heel support. You should not pick dress shoes with a pointed and narrow front for him.

Take Professional Help

It’s okay if you don’t know about the feet type or shape of your little boy’s feet. Seek professional help in such cases. What might happen if you don’t take professional assistance before picking dress shoes for toddlers or kids? Unknowingly, you can get narrow-toed shoes for his square-shaped feet.

Ensure That the Shoes Stay Put

Kids usually fall while moving due to overly loose shoe fittings. In this condition, always ensure to tie the buckles, straps or laces properly, keeping the shoe firm. Anyhow, this doesn’t allow you to put the shoes too tightly on your child’s feet. Strive to maintain a balance between comfort and safety.

Examine the Current Shoe

Did you observe any areas of irritation on the toes and heels of your little champ? Maybe, it’s an indication that his current shoes don’t fit him properly. Possibly, he needs a pair of dress shoes with a different fitting. Save yourself from repeating the mistake and choose another dress shoe type.

Notice the Upper Part

While purchasing dress shoes for toddlers or kids, another not-to-miss aspect is their upper part. Since children are quite active, their feet sweat a lot.This can further cause several health problems like foot odor, foot nail fungus and what not. And that’s why choosing dress shoes with breathable upper parts like leather or mesh is essential.

Final Thoughts

Wearing a pair of dress shoes can be fun for your kid if you look for the ones specifically designed for him. The above-discussed guidelines on selecting the appropriate dress shoes for toddlers or kids will help you a lot.

So, cheers and let your child carry an unstoppable smile without compromising style and comfort when he walks.

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