How To Avoid Fake Sneakers With Authentication

How To Avoid Fake Sneaker

Few will spend much money on shoes, buying cheaper footwear regardless of how long it will last. Even though it is wise to purchase well-made footwear that will last, most choose to buy something quick and cheap.

Sneakers can be very valuable, and there is a huge following for all kinds of brands in this field.They are trendy shoes that are always in style, making them a high-ticket item for collectors and designer fans alike

However, those who choose sneakers that will last are likely to choose a brand they like and prefer, whether buying online or from a store. When choosing to buy footwear online, there are things you need to be mindful of when looking at brands.

Because of the popularity of this market, even those who have no experience or interest in luxury fashion have a preference for shoe brands.

As there is such a big interest in shoes across the field, it is difficult to get your hands on the latest releases from the biggest brands. This has resulted in a lot of scam sellers and fake manufacturers releasing their own versions, with many claiming to be legit.

If you are not buying directly from the brand’s website, you can be conned into buying a fake designer. Not all online dealers will sell fakes; however, if you are buying from a social media page, you could find yourself paying designer prices for a cheaper pair of shoes.

With so many sellers and different types of sneakers available on the market today, even the most savvy shopper can still fall victim to scams. This can be avoided, however, with one clever service.

Why Fake?

Fake Sneakers

Many people believe that you will only get knockoff brands if you purchase heeled shoes. It is not the case that fake shoes are heeled or dress shoes. Most of the time, the shoes that people buy that are found to be fake are sports shoes. 

Brands like Nike, Jordan, and Adidas are often faked, but there are ways you can find out if you are buying real shoes or a fake brand. Most people will sell fake shoes or buy fake shoes because it can be a way to make more money or own shoes that look designer for less. 

When selling or buying fake shoes,, many sellers will tell you they are fake; however, some will not. If you think you are buying a real brand of shoe, there are ways you can discover if these are real or not

How To Spot Fake Shoes

original vs fake sneakers

It can be difficult to determine whether sneakers are legit or not these days, because of how many tactics are being used by fake sellers.

When looking at the different brands, some will have sure-fire ways to show if this is a real product. It could be the stitching on the brand mark, like with Nike, or the spelling on the shoes. Many fake brands will spell Adidas incorrectly. 

Checking the color of your shoes can also be a way to check if they are a real brand. Different brands will use different shades of the same color as their preferred color. 

All you have to do is send pictures of the product to get proof, as their professional authenticators can discover this in as little as 30 minutes. 

Whether the seller is an outright scam, or simply another collector who has missed the mark you may find yourself investing in fake sneakers by accident.

It takes a lot of skills, patience and experience to be able to authenticate designer items – especially from sneaker brands. This is why many sneaker collectors and fans have used LegitGrails to provide authentication for their items.

By using sites like this, you can get proof of authenticity for a cost within a small space of time.

This is a professional service and one that is carried out by three teams of luxury brand experts, including sneaker fans. They have a specialized process for authenticating luxury items and confirming whether shoes are legit.

If they are legit, users will be given proof of authenticity for all their designer items handled by LegitGrails, which can be used to ensure value in their collections.

Authentication proof is required if you are a sneaker reseller, but it can also be useful if you are simply collecting sneakers for your own enjoyment. It is always a good idea to confirm that your items are legit and are, therefore, valuable, regardless of where they are used.

Spotting fake sneakers can be a difficult thing to do when working alone, which is where professional services like this come in. They have the skills and experience required to determine whether a pair of shoes are legit and therefore how valuable they are, so you can shop with peace of mind.

Get Proof Today

Spot Fake Shoes

As this service is run by three teams, sellers or collectors can get results on the same day. With options from 30 minutes to 24 hours, you do not have to wait long for proof of authenticity for your sneakers.

If you already have your eyes on a new pair of sneakers but are not sure whether the take the leap, work with the team at LegitGrails first to determine the authenticity. With this proof, you can determine the true value of your new shoes from a legitimate brand.


Find your perfect footwear by ensuring you are getting the real brand and not a cheaply made fake. If you are buying footwear, you should always buy a better brand or a more expensive shoe. 

A well-made shoe will last longer and make your feet more comfortable. When you are on your feet all the time, why not spend the money on keeping yourself comfortable?

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