4 Golden Rules of Men’s Style and Accessories

Golden Rules of Men’s Style and Accessories

Men’s style has gone through many transformations and is constantly evolving. But, despite the major developments in men’s fashion, numerous fashion brands are getting inspiration from early-age clothing styles to retain that classic and traditional masculine look. This is the reason why there are still a few clothing article staples that stood the test of time to define the rules of wearing clothes for modern men.

These simple-to-follow guidelines allow men to express their individuality while staying true to tradition. It includes constantly learning how to select functional attire, pair it with the right accessories, and put together a complete look to make an impression and create a classic wardrobe.

On that note, here are four golden rules of men’s style and accessories:

Invest in Timeless Accessories

Invest in Timeless Accessories

Accessories are the perfect add-on items to accentuate a stylish outfit. While there are endless varieties to choose from, having classic accessories are always a good investment because they’re long-lasting, like a Full Hunter pocket watch from Dalvey

Timeless pieces include a premium stainless steel analog watch that’s comfortable and fits correctly over your wrist and a functional RFID-blocking wallet to ensure your credit card safety. The durability of leather makes it the best material to choose for the watch strap and wallet jacket.

But it doesn’t end there as a leather belt with metal buckles, a textured braided bracelet, and a single-strapped messenger bag are accessories essential for your wardrobe as well. Black, tan, and mahogany-colored leather are ideal for matching both formal and casual attire. Non-leather timeless items you can include are dark sunglasses, a fedora hat, and silver cufflinks to your shirts.

Style Clothing According to Occasion

Style Clothing According to Occasion

Stylish men keep their closets organized by occasion, so you don’t have to do the guesswork of finding which clothing items match each other. So naturally, your outfit choice should reflect this, too, by wearing the appropriate ensemble for the right event or dress code. You can do this by sorting your closet space into categorizing your staple outfits, such as casualwear to athleisure and corporate attire.

For instance, dress pants can be put together with a winter coat and blazer for workwear or a formal event, while cargo pants and jeans can be paired with a denim jacket and puffer jacket for everyday style. Seasonal and layering items such as sweatshirts, track pants, and windbreakers are versatile enough to mix among your outfits.

Get the Right Fitting Suit

Get the Right Fitting Suit

A well-structured suit should allow you to transition from business wear to formal and evening wear effortlessly. The key to achieving this is getting a tailor-made suit that fits your height and body proportions perfectly and choosing a style of jacket, trousers, and dress shirt that compliments your proportions. The golden rule is that the suit shouldn’t be too tight or loosely worn.

The most important factors that determine fit are how the items sit on your shoulders, the shape they create on your chest and waist, and where the hem should end. Many tailors would recommend a buttoned-down and single-breasted jacket with a pant break that just touches the top of the shoes, as they create a flattering silhouette on most men. Slimming black, charcoal grey or navy-blue suits that are darker than your dress shirt will give you a traditional and minimalist look.

Wear High-Quality Shoes

High-Quality Shoes

Since shoes are often worn last, they are essential to bringing the entire look together. Thus, you should have a stand-out pair that coordinates with your outfit choices and colors. Furthermore, your shoes should ideally be constructed from high-quality materials such as full-grain leather and durable textiles.

Shoes with high-quality materials allow for greater longevity, help it remains functional to your style, and showcase your taste for good-conditioned shoes. While there’s no absolute rule on which specific shoes to have, modern men have a shoe collection consisting of oxfords, athletic and dress sneakers, and rugged boots. Additionally, for a more dress-downed occasion, you can go for sock-less loafers, slips, and sliders. These types of footwear are best for loungewear or dressing down a structured outfit.


The golden rules of men’s style are about achieving a classic masculine look with the right outfit choices and accessories to build your style. To do this, you have to invest in timeless accessories, categorize outfits according to the occasion, have perfectly fitting suits, and wear high-quality shoes. Following these simple rules will lead any man to a capsule wardrobe that will last longer and be a worthy personal brand investment.

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