Fashion Tips for Men to Look Good in 2024

Fashion Tips for Men

Often, men pay little attention to their mode of dressing, preferring to leave the slay game for special occasions and activities. On the other side of this class are men that throw in perfect combinations of outfits all day.

It’s not all about appearing simple; nice combinations can be styled simply. So, if you’re holding onto that excuse, it’s time to leave it immediately.

It’s understood the struggle to find something outstanding in your wardrobe may be the issue. Perhaps, the money isn’t budgeted for shopping till next year.

But it is fixable – focus on what you have and always pay attention to appearing different. How?

Get ready to be amazed at how much you can achieve with just a little effort, with these essential fashion tips for men. This article is your go-to guide for mastering the latest trends and elevating your style game.

It’s All About Looking Good

A man in a suit and tie standing in front of a stair case

See, you’re not in any competition with others in this space. Dressing well is all about looking good. Remember, the good old adage states that too. Instead of appearing like a man in his mid-year suffering from a crisis, you can look like a dapper guy.

While you understand that looking good is the major goal, you need to also understand your style. Individuals are wired differently due to several reasons. So, it may be difficult to fit into another person’s style because it looks weird to you.

Instead, understand the outfits you love and would always be top on your list. Some men would appear in Tees but in different ways. You may not be the everyday suit guy.

As a tech bro, you’ll definitely want something different. So, take some time to understand yourself and the fashion styles you prefer. Then, you can channel your efforts to create the perfect combinations as you step out.

Work with Matching Colors

A man in a tan coat and black glasses

Moving forward, working with matching colors is a great way to up your fashion game. Resist the urge to always wear black pants because it works with all colors.

Look for brown, wine, maroon, navy blue, etc., and pants as well. While monochrome colors always appear lit, a good touch of colors will also show you understand the fashion world perfectly.

When mixing colors as well, some would prefer the bold ones appearing in blocked colors. If this isn’t your style and makes you uncomfortable, leave it. But scout for the cool colors that suit your skin type perfectly and go with them.

Also, pay attention to the season and activity planned for the day. You wouldn’t want to be odd amongst a group of people. Likewise, wearing a see-through shirt to look fashionable will only affect your health. It’s all about blending the needs of the season with yours.

Leave the Wrinkles Out

Fashion Tips for Men

Have you ever seen a man wearing a wrinkled shirt out in public? The first question he answers will always be about the shirt situation. It’s odd and ruins all your efforts. Although some materials tend to look that way, try to straighten them out.

This talks about your level of organization. When your wardrobe looks like a pile of clothes dumped into a basket for washing, you’ll end up wearing wrinkled shirts.

The first step you must take now is organizing your wardrobe and hanging the hangable. This will make it easier to site your clothes and reduce the hours you spend trying to make your outfit crisp.

Even with the wardrobe well-arranged, you’ll need to set some time aside for ironing. This can either be the day before or on the same day. By paying attention to these tips, you’ll be surprised at the changes in your fashion game.

Throw in Some Accessories

A man in a suit and hat

Have you thought about the part accessories play in your dressing? Well, you need to think about it now. Either bags, shades, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or other types should be included in your dressing. You can combine some accessories or stick to just one type for the day. At most, don’t forget your wristwatch.

Another type of accessory you may decide to add is bracelets and rings. These are available in various shapes, forms, and materials. More importantly, rings have become a fashion item for men these days. But remember to keep them fit and comfortable, too (according to mensweddingbands)

Hair and Skin

Hair and Skin care

Your outfit will look off when your hair and skin aren’t well cared for. A nice haircut and popping skin will add to the statement you’re trying to make. You’ll also receive enough compliments from both young and old.

Caring for your skin is particularly important during winter when the body tends to dry easily. But moisturizing your body and skin, there won’t be any problems about you looking like someone who fell from the moon unexpectedly.

What about your beards and nails? These are extremely important too. If you have long nails, get a good pedicure and manicure to trim them nicely and get the dirt off the inner parts. As for beards, making them look nice however you wish is the game.

Your fashion game is incomplete when little attention is paid to the skin and hair.

Wear Clothes That Fit

Wear Clothes That Fit

Here’s one top tip that you’re probably not familiar with. A lot will change about your appearance when you wear clothes that fit.

Don’t get it wrong, though. Clothes that fit are extremely different from tight clothes. The latter will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also get people talking about your outfit negatively. But the former makes you appear sharp and dope like the man you are.

The thing about unfit clothes is that they make you look shabby. These either add more to your body shape or make you look shapeless.

Even as a guy with six packs, the wrong fit will make you look obese. So, you need this understanding to look good. Regardless of your type of outfit, ensure they’re the right fit.

Learn from Others

Learn Fashion tips from Others

Fashion inspiration works great wonders. Whether from a celebrity like Bradley Cooper or by studying people around you who fascinate you by their dress, it’s always a banger.

So, if you’re in a fix about what to wear, search online, take a brief survey, and you’ll find the perfect combination to go with.

Also, you can ask a friend. Remember that friend of yours who wins the fashion award in your circle always ask him. A brief call about what look you’re trying to achieve will get you the right advice you need.

Ultimately, ensure it’s your style. Don’t select something that’ll make you uncomfortable too.

Wear Nice Shoes

Wear Nice Shoes

Invest in nice shoes. You may not have the abundance of money to get designers, but no one would notice when your pair of shoes is nice. Also, your choice of shoes should match the dress type and other accessories. It’s not so difficult when you’re intentional about it.

A good way to get quality shoes at unbelievable prices is by buying them during the sales period. This way, you’ll save a lot of money but still get the best quality.

Smell Nice

Perfume for men

This is very important. Your choice of perfume and deodorants are personal, but they are extremely important to keep you fresh all day, regardless of the stress your day brings. Perfumes are great and are the best way to round up your outfit.


It’s a wrap here. This article has discussed all the necessary tips to change your fashion game in this year. It’s not too late to get started, and failure to start at all will leave you in that same space your fashion game is. You don’t want that, right? Follow these tips you’ve read and see how many changes you’ll make in the next months.

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