The Nine Best Layering Pieces for Fall and Winter

Layering Pieces for Fall and Winter

With the end of summer approaching, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and winter – and for us in the UK – now is the time to consider how we’ll wrap up for the notoriously chilly months ahead.

Autumn and winter are both cold, but they are very different seasons. Thus the clothing styles associated with these seasons might differ. This guide has put together the Nine Best Layering Pieces for Fall and Winter.

Let’s Dive Into the Closet!


Gilet for Fall and Winter

Gilet, body warmer, or vest – whatever you call it, this layering piece is essential to providing you with style and practicality throughout fall and winter. The gilet adds some additional warmth to where warmth is needed most – over the internal organs.

They look incredibly stylish and can completely change the aesthetic of your overall look.

When worn over shirts for men or even a jumper, they can elevate any outfit while keeping you toasty.

Light Parka Jacket

Light Parka Jacket for Fall and Winter

Lightweight parkas are not only fantastic fashion pieces, but they also keep you dry in wet weather. They are hooded coats that have been modified over the years but derive from the clothing used by the Inuit people in Canada.

They can be anything from thin fishtail parkas (ala Oasis) to bulkier fur-lined jackets and anything in between – but the lightweight parka is great for most weather conditions as a layering item.

Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket for Fall and Winter

While puffer jackets have been all the rage in recent years, the quilted jacket is a classy and traditional style piece that boasts a signature diamond design. Making you look smart and stylish, they are great for fall and make for a good winter layering piece too. Give your wardrobe a splendid refinement by investing in a quality quilted jacket for this fall.


Knitwear for Fall and Winter

Winter screams for a touch of knitwear in your wardrobe, which could be anything from jumpers and cardigans to half-zip sweaters.

Younger individuals consider them ‘old-fashioned,’ but this is not true. You can look cozy and stylish when pairing knitwear with the right clothing items.

What’s excellent about knitwear is the myriad of colors and textures available when choosing knitted gear. Let’s not forget the fantastic warmth and comfort knitwear offers during the colder months. Layer knitwear over shirts for a laid-back yet classy look, and find yourself a pair of stylish jeans and boots that compliments the knitwear of your choice.

Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket for Fall and Winter

If Danny Zuko comes to mind when thinking of leather jackets – we don’t blame you.  Be daring and choose a leather or suede jacket to give your outfit some flair and edge. It should be no surprise that it’s a layering necessity for various reasons.


Hoodie for Fall and Winter

Hoodies are a staple of fashion nowadays for a good reason. Hoods are comfy and casual, so you can wear them with jeans to create a relaxed, cozy look. With an abundance of styles and colors to pick from, the hoodie is an item you should undoubtedly have in your wardrobe.


Blazers for Fall and Winter

Blazers are a necessary layering piece and a mainstay of every outfit. You can wear them as an outer layer over a button-up shirt, t-shirt, turtleneck, or even a sweater to add elegance to any ensemble.

Despite being a type of jacket, blazers don’t necessarily need to be your top layer, especially if the weather becomes chilly.

Blazers are a simple way to add color and pattern to an autumn or winter outfit, and you can layer them beneath a coat for added warmth. Additionally, it’s simple to dress up an appearance to make it look more professional.


Shacket for Fall and Winter

Although it has an awful name, the shacket is a great layering item, a hybrid of a shirt and a jacket. It has evolved from a fashion accessory to a wardrobe need.

It serves as both an outer and middle layer. It’s a layering need on most fall days, warm enough to be worn by itself yet thin enough to go under a coat, making it great for layering in the winter.

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Turtleneck for Winter

You can layer turtlenecks beneath various garments, including trousers and button-down shirts, giving them a lot of versatility. It’s an essential item, but it’s stylish and functional nonetheless!

Make sure the fabric isn’t too heavy if you use it as a foundation layer. Additionally, choose something breathable to keep calm when it becomes heated.

Final Words

And there you have it – 9 clothing items that are perfect for layering in the cooler months, which are essential to any wardrobe.

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