Frugal Male Fashion – The Complete Guide

frugal male fashion

Fashion is all about trends and comfort. When we talk of fashion, every man loves to style themself according to the latest fashion and trend. As per fashion experts, men believe in style based on the Frugal Male Fashion concept.

I am pretty sure you are wondering what this term Frugal is. The ‘Frugal fashion’ concept means investing in a long-lasting fashion item. In other words, Frugal fashion is picking the style that will last for a more extended period.

Frugal male fashion teaches you how to restyle your wardrobe collection again and again. It is not at all necessary to keep updating your wardrobe with new collections. Though yes, being a fashion enthusiast, I believe updating after a while is preferable.

However, if you are not interested in spending or wasting your money updating your wardrobe, consider frugal fashion.

In this blog, I have discussed some of the professional tips and ways to style frugal fashion. Stay tuned and explore more.

What Is Frugal Male Fashion?

What Is Frugal Male Fashion
frugal male fashion meaning

Though you learned a basic about frugal fashion, here is a better understandable definition of the concept. Fashion is a vast concept. Every fashion style has a concept behind its evolution. Before exploring the types and styles, it is significant to know well about the concept.

The word ‘Frugal’ derives from the Latin word, which means ‘to enjoy. However, Frugal fashion means investing in intelligent fashion instead of inexpensive clothing. The Frugal fashion concept evolved when people realized it is not worth spending your pockets every time.

Usually, what men do is spend money on new styles and trends. They will enjoy wearing it for the initial days and later store it back in their wardrobe. This eventually leads to disposing of clothes and a source of polluting the environment.

After experiencing the failure of short-term fashion trends and styles, frugal male fashion evolved.

Now that we have learned what frugal male fashion is, we must consider some professional tips.

How to Style Frugal Fashion

How to Style Frugal Fashion
frugal male fashion style
frugal male fashion style ideas

After long hours of research, I am sharing some trending ideas on how to style Frugal male fashion in this year. Keep reading and explore the ideas. If you want some more exciting ideas, keep experimenting with your frugal fashion collection.

Classic Shirts

frugal male fashion Classic Shirts
 Classic Shirts for frugal male fashion

A classic shirt is the central part of frugal fashion. Every man must have a classic shirt. A classic shirt in the wardrobe collection will help you pair them with different styles of bottoms. Unless you lack a classic set of shirts, believe me, your wardrobe is incomplete.

Whether a solid design or a checks print, a formal shirt will always make the right choice. No matter which new fashion is entering the trend, a classic shirt won’t lose the trend and craze amongst the people.

For a complete frugal fashion collection, it is advisable to have a collection of good classic shirts in your wardrobe.

Formal Jeans and Pants

Formal Jeans and Pants for Frugal Male Fashion
Formal Jeans and Pants for Frugal Male Fashion

Just like a male must have an excellent classic set of shirts in their collection, the second on the list is jeans & pants. Make it a point of having a good set of Formal pants that are made of good quality. Having the best quality bottom is really essential.

The other thing in the bottoms that you can consider is jeans for a frugal male fashion collection. You will get various options of jeans that are made of sustainable quality and at a reasonable price.

Explore different shades and patterns that will add an excellent collection to your wardrobe. Every man must try to experiment with various forms of fashion of the best quality.

The Trio Look

The Trio Look for Frugal Male Fashion
The Trio Look ideas for Frugal Male Fashion

One of the most trending male frugal fashion is this Trio Look. The Trio look is the combination where you pair t’s with a casual sexy jacket and a good choice of jeans. Believe me, this is one of the most alluring attire.

The other trio set is the formal shirt, with a formal set of pants and blazers. If you consider adding this to your collection, go for some royal colors that will never back off from the trend.

Being a fashion enthusiast, it is advisable to explore every option you can before finalizing anyone.

Corduroy Shirts

Corduroy Shirts for Frugal Male Fashion
Corduroy Shirts ideas for Frugal Male Fashion

Corduroy shirts are highly recommended by fashion experts who look for sustainable fashion. Corduroy shirts are lovely if you actually know how to style them. They are well paired with any sort of t’s and jeans.

If you are looking for a great confident look on a casual day, pair your corduroy shirt with a white pair of sneakers, t’s, and a good choice of jeans. I don’t think I have any need to explain it further. There is no such fashion trend in this world of social media that isn’t seen on social media.


Blazers for Frugal Male Fashion
Blazers ideas for frugal male fashion
frugal male fashion Blazers Ideas

Blazers are one covering that can easily cover up any look and make it altogether appealing apparel. No matter whether you are wearing formal or casual wear, a blazer can change your look altogether.

Blazers are a great source of attire that can make men look extremely smart, confident, and handsome. As per fashion designers, choosing the suitable blazers can be a tremendous frugal male fashion collection.

You get various options in the market, it is a matter of your taste. Choose the right design and style, and it can last for years long. You can wear it in whatever way you want to try. As per frugal male fashion of the year, blazers are the most recommended fashion styling.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets Ideas for frugal male fashion
Leather Jackets for frugal male fashion

After blazers, something that can give you an appealing look is Leather jackets. You can pair the leather jackets with any t’s and jeans with a pair of proper boots or shoes. You can explore different companies and websites that sell original jackets.

Investing in the right quality of jackets can last for years. Explore the colors and have at least two different colors of jackets in your wardrobe collection. If possible, go for a standard color that can go with most of your other apparel.

Shoes and Boots

frugal male fashion Shoes and Boots
Shoes and Boots for frugal male fashion

The last that you can add to your wardrobe for a complete frugal male fashion collection are shoes and boots. It is not compulsory to have many pairs of shoes. Have a minimum pair, but look that they complete your collection.

There are some shoes every man must have from a good brand that provides you the ultimate quality. Look for the list of shoes a man must have.

  • Trainers or sneakers
  • The Chukka Boot
  • The Oxford
  • Loafers
  • The Service Boots

These were some of the Frugal men’s fashion stylings you can add to your collection.

Professional Tips on Styling Frugal Male Fashion

Professional Tips on Styling Frugal Male Fashion

Professional tips will help you with how to choose frugal fashion for men. These fashion tips will help you with how to invest frugally. As per fashion experts, considering these tips can safeguard your pockets and give you the best wardrobe collection.

Sustainable Collection

frugal male fashion Sustainable Collection
Sustainable Collection of frugal male fashion

Men always prefer wearing 3 pieces when it’s about a professional or a formal look. It is better to understand, there are some colors and styles that you can wear for decades. Yes, you heard it right. DECADES. It is preferable to explore more and more classic styles.

Classic fashion styles won’t lose their trend and craze. This means you can definitely invest in classic styles of shirts, coats, and jeans & pants. If you consider shirts, prefer opting for classic check printed shirts and pockets on the side. Choose some standard classic colors that will guide you in the right direction to repeat the clothing.

Choosing standard colors, patterns, styles, and designs allow you to experiment with different pairings. I am pretty sure all the businessmen who travel a lot will agree with me. Even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes, you get to wear only a few of them when traveling.

If you want to try something exciting and challenging, what you can do is try branded accessories. Even famous fashion designers believe pairing quality and royal-looking accessories can enhance your dressing style.

Thus, frugal male fashion is about collecting sustainable fashion trends.

Pricing Impact

frugal male fashion Pricing Impact

There is no fun unless your fashion collection won’t last for a long time. Thus, it is rather advisable to invest in higher pricing that will give you a better quality. Instead, you can quote it as every quality requires a price. Spending on cheaper fashion stylings and accessories won’t last for long.

It is okay if you have a limited amount of collection. The cheaper cost will lead to low-quality fashion collections. The low quality of dress gets easily damaged. You start finding them dull in colors, they tear out soon and eventually ask you to dispose of them off.

At least if you are investing in branded and quality fashion outfits, they will last for a long time. Professionals believe it is essential to move with the trend, but what is the point if it is not worth the cost. Male frugal fashion allows you to invest in the correct fashion quality.

Wait for sales of famous fashion brands. Avail the opportunity of exploring sales. Have you wondered why exactly they offer you a sale option? There are two possibilities, first, they are finding a way to sell off the excess production.

The second assumption is they are willing to let you try their fashion styles. And believe it or not, if the brand is not offering any sale, it explains that the prices are fair enough.

Even the fashion shows this year promoted Frugal male fashion to spread the awareness of sustainability.

The Ideal Quality

The Ideal Quality of frugal male fashion
frugal male fashion Ideal Quality

Frugal male fashion focuses on making people understand the significance of the right quality. People must understand how important it is to invest in the right quality. It is not a matter of money, but quality. Unless you are not acquiring the right quality, you won’t get satisfaction.

Okay, tell me, don’t you like to wear something qualitative and worth the spending? It feels so satisfying when you spend on the excellent quality of the product. There are times when you are still looking for the right quality. In such times it is beneficial to look for the ultimate quality that will give satisfaction.

By good quality I mean, the best quality. If you want to further know the benefits of the right quality, read the pointers below.

  •  They will maintain the same shine and look for years.
  • Colors won’t fade
  • You will achieve the satisfaction of investing in the right dress.
  • Repetition of the dress is possible.

In short, Frugal male fashion is formed from three factors, suitable quality, pricing, and sustainable collection factor. As per fashion experts, if you understand these three factors, you will quickly understand and accept Male Frugal fashion.

The Bottom Line 

The concept of Frugal Male Fashion is to have a wardrobe collection that allows you to enjoy it for a longer time. Frugal fashion shows how you can repeat your collection with different combinations of attire. So, what are you waiting for, man? Go Grab your frugal fashion collection.

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