French Braid Hairstyles for Men: 20+ Trendy Looks for 2024

French Braids Men Hairstyles

Achieving the perfect blend of style and effortlessness is a forever task for men. Above everything else, they desire to appear cool without investing their time standing in front of the mirror and getting groomed. Fortunately, men’s hairstyles have evolved to accommodate their choice, and among various versatile options, braided hairstyles have become a trendy choice.

Irrespective of race and culture, men from all walks of life have embraced these braids. It has become a go-to hairstyle for men desiring a simple and stylish hairstyle.

Box braids, braided dreadlocks, straight cornrows, or cornrow French braids for men, are a few examples that look intriguing and help guys set a powerful style statement. These braided hairstyles have transcended their roots to become something exclusive for men and offer a sense of masculinity and fashion-forwardness.

Why is the Braid Hairstyles for Men so Famous?

One of the main reasons why these braided hairstyles are so popularized is because they have little maintenance characteristics. They possess a unique ability to stay intact for extended periods for a minimum of 8-10 days or a maximum of up to 6 weeks. Sounds like a blessing in disguise for men, doesn’t it?

However, it is important to note that the braids may start becoming frizzy from the roots and lose their intactness accumulating oil and dirt on the scalp. But, this wear and tear is pretty manageable and convenient, especially when you consider the popular look for the party and special events. So, let’s delve into the world of braided hairstyles and see which one of these can revamp your look for various occasions.

1. Short Hair Braids

Short Hair Braids

Short hair braids have been gaining immense popularity, especially among Afro-Americans. This stunning hairstyle is well-suited for those having thick and curly hair. The reason is, that with thick hair, it becomes easy to braid and style.

You can begin the hairstyle preparation by washing your hair and allowing it to dry. After drying, make a central partition of the entire hair. Now with the evenly divided parts, start braiding, moving from right to left, and coming back, creating an x-shape. Continue this twisting till you have even braids on each side.

To complement the look, you can wear a stylish, casual outfit that enhances the beauty of the hairstyle.

2. Long Box Braids in a Ponytail

Long box braids in a ponytail

Long box braids together with a ponytail can create a fashionable look of a lifetime. This hairstyle allows you to showcase your hair length while also offering excellent protection against any damage.

Long hair provides an ideal background for crafting braids. Braiding your hair protects them from any external friction. You can try a variety of styling options like a drop fade, temple fade, low ponytail, or high ponytail, to make a long box braid look that is uniquely yours. The long box braids styling starts from the center and goes to your back. The braids are evenly distributed on both sides and you can tie an elastic rubber band at the end to secure it. A long box braid in a ponytail is stylish and practical for any casual or formal event.

3. Zig-Zag Braids

Zig Zag braids

Are you craving a bold and unconventional braided hairstyle? Try having a zig-zag braid hairstyle. The Zig-zag hairstyle is eye-catching and requires a bit of creativity and expertise. To begin this hairstyle, divide the hair into two separate rows. Brush down each row to ensure smooth and organized hair for styling.

Now start braiding each section, working your way down to the end of each one. Secure the ends by tying a rubber band or hair ties. Once this is done, start placing one braid over another to create a distinctive zig-zag effect. It can be challenging to try this hairstyle at home, therefore it is better to seek help from the hairstylist.

4. Two Braids

Two braids

Two braids hairstyle is your escape from the scorching summer heat. The hairstyle not only keeps you comfortable but also reflects a laid-back charm for those seeking minimal design. You can start the two braids hairstyle by dividing the hair into two equal parts, braiding them, and allowing them to relax over your shoulders.

You can also tie the braids in a ponytail to add more convenience. To add more charm to the style, you can taper the sides of your hair. This will give a touch of sophistication to your entire look.

If you are looking for a no-fuss hairstyle to beat the heat, two braids are your perfect choice.

5. One-Sided Braid

One sided braid

How about this Hollywood-inspired twist hairstyle that is quite similar to the side-swept bangs? Imagine a sleek one-sided braid on men with long hair. Here is how you can craft the look. Start braiding your long hair neatly, and instead of hanging it down, sweep the braids on one side. This creates an asymmetrical and attention-catching effect.

The one-sided braids look exceptionally well with a casual outfit, say, for example, a polo t-shirt and classic blue jeans.

6. Braided Ponytail with High Fade

Braided ponytail with high fade

This hairstyle has an uncanny similarity with the French braids men’s hairstyle. A braided ponytail with high fade looks truly distinctive and eye-catching, especially on men with an oval or round face and thick hair. To prepare your hair for this style, cut your hair short to medium length on the sides and combine it with longer layers on the top. The high fade on the sides gives a clean and sharp contrast with longer hair in the center.

You can achieve the desired definition and texture by applying a hair gel or a standard styling product. This hairstyle showcases your flair for fashion.

7. Big Box Braids

Big box braids

For those looking out for an effortlessly chic hairstyle, big box braids are the ultimate choice. These modern variations of braids offer low-maintenance options while allowing you to customize with various fade styles. You can create a bold and stylish look with drop fade, temple fade, or high/low fade on the sides. 

This hairstyle aims to create square-shaped sections that look like a box. Divide the hair into multiple sections, forming a symmetrical square section. You may take professional help to create a sharp look with big box braids. 

8. Braids with Bangs

Braids with bangs

Let’s go a little extra-ordinary by styling braids in a way that forms stylish bangs. This hairstyle puts forward a playful and fashion-forward element to your look. To create this hair-do, make multiple braids from the center of your head towards the length of the hair. This will create a foundation for the hair-do.

You can create bangs by braiding a section of hair near the temple. The bangs add a touch of elegance and drama to your look.

The rest of the braids can be styled in multiple ways. You can gather them and tie them or twist them into a bun, depending on your comfort and styling preference. To maintain the proper positioning of the hairstyle, it is best to use hair gel and styling products.

9. Pompadour Braid

Pompadour braid

Pompadour is a pinnacle of modern, chic, and classic elegance. The hairstyle looks timeless, and sophisticated and also adds a touch of contemporary flair. If you taper your hair, the pompadour braid creates wonders. However, the tapering should gradually decrease as you move towards the middle of the head. Tapering adds a touch of refinement and structure to the entire look. Now, twist the middle hairs and brush them back to create the famous pompadour braid look.

Pompadour braids are a versatile choice and can be dressed up for any formal occasion, or can be worn in your everyday life.

10. French Braid Hairstyle for Guys

French braid hairstyle for guys

French braid hairstyle is breaking gender stereotypes. It isn’t just reserved for women anymore. Specially favored by men engaged in sports, this hairstyle is practical and stylish. To create a French braid, start braiding the hair from the middle and continue till the end. This ensures that the French braid for men remains well-structured and in place. When someone mentions French braids, the only thing that comes to mind is an image of women.

However, french braids can be made with men’s hair too. Men associated with sports often prefer this hairstyle the most. It’s the most versatile hairstyle that suits casual outings to sports events.

11. Low Bun Braid

Low bun braid

If you are looking for a transformative hairstyle with low maintenance, a low bun braid is the best to go with. This simple hairstyle is straightforward and works wonders with straight hair. With straight hair, the hairstyle looks more sleek and tidy.

However, to create a low bun braid, you will need sufficient hair length. Make sure you have sufficient hair to braid from the crown to the tips. Maintain a tidy knot using a hairspray or styling product. The low bun braid is the epitome of elegance and suits a wide array of occasions.

12. Dutch Braid with Taper Fade

Dutch braid with taper fade

For those who admire a clean and polished look, the Dutch braid with a taper fade is the best to opt for. This hairstyle suits both thick and thin hair and creates an illusion of volume. A Dutch braid is an inverted French braid and adds a touch of modernity. You should consider tapering the sides of your hair to highlight the intricacy of the Dutch braid.

13. Vikings Braids

Vikings Braids

Viking Braids reflect the rugged charm and timeless trendiness. This iconic hairstyle draws inspiration from the warriors of Norse mythology and is a symbol of strength. For this look, you will need sufficient hair, long enough to create braids. Start dividing the hair into three different sections, create two braids on both sides, and make a central braid in the middle. The central braid is usually kept ticker to achieve the desired look.

14. Dreadlock Braids

Dreadlock braids

Dreadlocks, as the name suggests is a fusion of two different styles, combined to form a captivating hairstyle. Dreadlocks are formed by interlocking the hair strands to develop a structured look. The foundation of this hairstyle is formed by creating dreadlocks, rope-like rocks. Now select two or more hair strands to create zig-zag braids. This criss crossing pattern adds depth and texture to the hair. Whether you are attending a musical festival or a fashion statement, dreadlocks are the ideal choice.

15. Unique and Perfect Braids

Unique and Perfect Braids

When it comes to adding uniqueness to your hairstyle, there is no hairstyle better than braids. Whether you are looking to carry a classic cornrow style or any intricate braiding style for an event, you can opt for a unique braid style that matches your hair type and length. You can also try French braids for men to have a more individual and polished appearance.

16. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk Braid

We haven’t seen anything more handsome than a man with a Mohawk braid. This head-turning hairstyle is a perfect blend of the edginess of Mohawk with the beauty of braids. To create this distinctive hair-do, you need to shave both sides of the head and extend to the back of the head. Now the center hairs need to be braided in style so that it runs down through the center of the head. Mohawk is a powerful combination of classic and contemporary elements, making you stand out.

17. Stylish Feed-in Braids

Stylish feed in braids

Want to throw some creativity into braiding hairstyles? Style your braids using the feed-ins. Feed-ins allow you to craft unique patterns and shapes into braids. Feed-ins offer a versatile background to try new hairstyles including cornrows, box braids, and even French braids for men. Do not hesitate to experiment with various patterns and designs, let your imagination come out with feed-in braids.

18. Blonde Highlighted Braids

Blonde highlighted braids

To achieve a more fashion-forward twist, you can consider adding blonde highlights to the hairstyle. These highlights bring freshness and a contemporary vibe to your look. To achieve this perfect look you can start putting one hair over another and let the highlighted part flow freely. Consult a skilled hairstylist to ensure that the highlights complement the braids perfectly. This will create a picture-perfect look, but the highlighting needs to be on point.

19. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braid

Are you looking for a trendy braided hairstyle for men, look no further, a fishtail braid is the ideal choice. Fishtail braid suits the best over thick and long hair. It has a strong resemblance to the French braid style. However, it exudes a unique charm that differentiates the fishtail braid hairstyle. The Fishtail braid is also referred to as the Herringbone braid. It is crafted using three sections of hairs intricately intertwined with each other. The Fishtail braid looks a bit messy but stands out in the crowd.

20. Hipster Braid

Hipster braid

The hipster braid hairstyle offers a refreshing look different from the regular bun and ponytail hairstyle. The side and the back hairs are cut short, and the top hairs are braided and pulled back.

To achieve the perfect hipster braid look, you can tie the braids and pull them back to secure them. The best thing about this hairstyle, you can try a lot of variations in this hairstyle.

21. Small Braids in Cornrow Style

Small braids in cornrow style

Small braids in cornrow style are an ideal choice for men looking to make a fashion statement. This versatile look can effortlessly be achieved if you have thin and short hair. You can begin creating neat and precise cornrows by braiding the small sections close to the scalp. You can also include a French braid element to include something more stylish to the look.

Parting Words:

Braids have truly stood as an evergreen hairstyle for men seeking versatility and a distinctive look. They offer an array of styling options, which you can select depending on your personality and personal interest. In recent times, men’s French braids have taken center stage, offering a contemporary twist on braids. Simply speaking, with braids, the styling possibilities are endless. Just carry the hairstyle with confidence and you will rule the stage.

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