Clip-In Hair Extensions

Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are synthetic or human hair that can be temporarily attached to your natural hair to increase its thickness and length. One of the types of hair extensions available in the market is clip-in hair extensions. 

With curly clip in hair extensions, small clips attach the wefts of hair to your natural hair. These extensions blend seamlessly with your hair and are a perfect match. It provides added highlights, volume, and length. 

If you’re new to hair extensions and are looking for ways to better utilize and care for them, this post is for you. Read on and find out the best practices for clip-in hair extension usage.

1. They Have to Look Seamless by Blending

Clip-In Hair Extensions


The key to achieving seamless-looking clip-in hair extensions is blending, which is crucial. However, only some people are familiar with blending their extensions with their natural hair.

The most straightforward way to blend extensions is by using a flat iron. Straightening a small section of the clip-in weft along with your natural hair is the quickest way to ensure a seamless blend.

Another effective way to blend the extensions with natural hair is by using beach waves or loose curls. This will give your clip-in a refined and natural appearance.

2. Always Secure Your Weft on Its Position

Clip-In Hair Extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are only a temporary solution for adding hair length and volume. It’s common for them to slip out, a situation hair extension specialists call weft slippage. 

A potentially embarrassing scenario is when the hair clip falls out of the weft, leaving you awkward. The thought of such a situation is daunting. This is precisely why you should know how to protect yourself when using clip-in extensions, especially if you’re new to this form of hair enhancement.

The first tip for avoiding weft slippage and ensuring that your clip-in hair extensions stay in place is to backcomb your hair to create enough space for the clip to hold onto. This gentle teasing motion differs from the technique used for achieving voluminous hair. You only need to ruffle up the hair near your scalp slightly. Anyone who clips their wefts without backcombing is risking the security of their clip-ins.

3. Angle Your Weft Properly

Clip-In Hair Extensions


While it may seem unusual, positioning the track of your weft at a certain angle rather than a straight line across the edge of your head can be helpful. You can achieve a softer, less harsh look by angling the weft toward the back of your head.

This technique might seem strange to newcomers and is a deviation from the usual recommendation of the hair company and manufacturer. This works for most people using clip-in hair extensions and is worth trying.

4. Twist Your Hair at Your Nape

Clip-In Hair Extensions


For those with short hair around the nape of their neck, the twist technique can be a lifesaver when wearing clip-in hair extensions. You can create a smooth surface by twisting and pinning the short hair horizontally. You can clip the extensions on top, avoiding any length differences that could ruin the look.

To achieve a flawless look with clip-in hair extensions, follow these steps recommended by experts:

  • Divide the hair on your nape.
  • Twirl the hair around your finger, creating a horizontal twist.
  • Secure the twist using bobby pins, making sure to use enough to keep it secure.
  • Clip your extension on the twist, blending it with your natural hair.
  • Admire your new look, free of pesky shorter strands around your neck.

This technique can help you achieve a seamless and natural-looking style with clip-in hair extensions.

5. Stack Your Hair Extension Up

Clip-In Hair Extensions


One of the most clever hacks involves stacking the extensions on the other with minimal space in between. Doing this allows you to add a lot of volume and length without exposing the extensions to the world. 

This technique ensures a seamless blend and creates a more natural appearance. Experts emphasize that placing the extensions close together is a smart strategy, particularly for women with short hair or few layers.

6. Watch Out for the Hair Extension Color

Clip-In Hair Extensions


Color matching is crucial for seamless hair extensions, and hair experts emphasize the importance of working with a hair company that offers this service. Most hair styling companies request a photograph from the customer to determine the best match for their desired hair color.

This process requires experience and attention to detail, as most people’s hair has multiple shades. Experts find the color-matching work fascinating and enjoy helping clients achieve their desired looks.

7. Watch Out for Headaches

Clip-In Hair Extensions


There are two solutions if you love having voluminous hair but struggle with headaches from wearing ponytails or braids.

First, you can use fewer wefts so that the weight of the hair is lighter, or you can use a lighter weight weft altogether. Clipping the hair wefts half an inch below your part can also relieve tension and prevent pulling on your scalp, allowing the extensions to move more freely.


Clip-in hair extensions can be a fantastic way to add length, volume, and versatility to your hair without committing to a permanent change. By following these top 7 tips and tricks for clip-in hair extensions, you can ensure that your hair extensions look seamless, stay secure, and are comfortable to wear. 

From choosing the right color to stacking the wefts strategically, these tips will help you achieve the hair of your dreams. With practice and patience, anyone can master the art of clip-in hair extensions and enjoy a stunning new look.