Black Nails Ideas: 20+ Gorgeous Back Nail Designs You Must Try

black nail ideas

When it comes especially to women’s fashion and trends, nail art have always been an important part of them. And if we talk about a specific shade or color in nail designs, right now black is the most trending nail color! Black nails ideas are so popular and everybody is going crazy about them!

You may have already noticed that black is the most prominent color these days. So, whether it is fashion, interiors, or home decor, black is undoubtedly one of the most classic colors of all time! What happens if you merge these two trends together? You’ll get amazing black nail art and black nail designs!

Are you thinking about painting your nails? So today we’ve cherry-picked some of the trendy and stylish black nail designs for you.

Fall is already here, and winter is coming. These two seasons are all about dark colors like black, brown, dark chocolate, tan, and of course, mustard. So, in your next nail salon appointment, go for black inspired manicure. These black nails have a classy, chic, and sexy look.

You’ll get many options in black nail designs, including timeless black matte nail designs, black and white nail art designs, and sexy combinations like black and gold and black and red.

Not only this, you can get them in your desired nail shape, such as almond shapes and black coffin nails. Whether you’re looking for a sleek nail design or a trendy one, these gorgeous black coffin nails ideas look good with every outfit, makeup, and occasion.

So, Select the black-themed nail design that you like the most from the list and make a fashion statement with your fingers. Let’s begin with the cute black nails ideas.

20+ Cute, Trendy & Sexy Black Nail Designs

Add more confidence to your personality with these cute winter nail designs. Black nail designs are easy to create and look so cute and elegant at the same time. You can even experiment with designs by adding glitters, beads, gemstones, and patterns. Your shiny black nails will surely catch attention, and you’ll always be in style.

Below is the list of some fantastic winter nail art images and ideas for inspiration. From cute nails to all kinds of fun color combos, we’ve gathered up all types of black nail paint colors and simple black nail designs. So, get ready to give a stunning makeover to your nails. Let’s hit this black nail trend now!

1. Black Matte Nail Design for Winter

Black Matte Nail Design for Winter
Black Matte Nail Design
Black Matte Nail ideas for Winter

Let’s start with the simple but really attractive black nail idea: Matte finished black nails! You can either go with the solid black matte design or matte finished nails with trendy black nail art. Both ways, they’ll look gorgeous and go with any outfit.

You can take inspiration from these matte black acrylic nails ideas from resident goths, punks, and Suicide Girls. You can also add a simple floral design that gives a sweet and feminine look but with a tone of edginess. For an outstanding look, try longer nails filed to a square with an ultra-matte black design.

These high-drama matte black nails are so unique and stylish looking that anyone will notice them immediately. Whether you want to create a sophisticated look with a bit of drama or a badass look straight from Grace Jones’ lookbook, these simple long acrylic nails are the only thing that you need!

2. Black French Manicure with a Twist

Black French Manicure with a Twist
Black French Nails with a Twist
Black and pink French Manicure with a Twist
Black French nails

Traditional french manicures are widely popular but have you ever tried a black french manicure? If not, try this time! Whitetip french manicures are perfect for formal meetings and events, but for a fun party or occasion, go for a black tip manicure.

For a more dramatic look, you can add black tips on a solid black base. This monochrome black design looks really unique and appealing. You can create the look with matte and gloss bases. You can also add some sparkles, gemstones, and various color bases like nude and white to create different looks. This All black french manicure style is so dramatic yet practical.

3. Cute Black Cat Nail Art

 Cute Black Cat Nail Art
 Cute Black Cat Nail ideas
 Black Cat Nail Art

Are you looking for some cute nail art designs? Creativity is the answer! Yes, when it comes to nail art, you can expand and use your creativity to create amazing nail designs. Try different colors and have fun during the process. You can get inspiration from anywhere, whether it is a cute cat design or the sun and moon.

Look at these cute and adorable cat nails. You can use various nail tools and brushes and try making different types of cats and cat faces with black nail paints. They look extremely cool and goes with almost any outfit. These purrfect cat nail art designs will also be perfect for your Halloween party.

4. Glamorous Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails

Glamorous Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails
Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails
A woman's hands with black and red nail polish and a leopard print nail

The feeling of buying a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes is so great and special! The striking red soles of the heels have made women all over the world go crazy.

Many people believe that these instantly noticeable shoes give you confidence! However, they are also pretty expensive, and many of us can’t afford to buy them. Don’t worry, so what if you can’t have Louboutin shoes, you can create the Louboutin Inspired Nails!

This Christian Louboutin-inspired nail art is one of the glamorous black gel nails ideas. For this, all you need is red and black nail paint. This elegant and stylish look works best on long nails. You can try other red and black nail ideas on any nail shape from coffin black nails, square to almond and stiletto black nails.

5. Black & White Nail Designs

Black & White Nail Designs
Black & White Nail Designs Ideas
Gloss finish Black & White Nail Designs
A woman's nails with black and white designs

If all black nails are not your style, try the black and white combination! Various color combinations create excellent visual designs. This black and white nails combo is a perfect and classic combination in the modern fashion world. So solid black nail polish is too vampy and dark for you; go with this on-trend and timeless combo.

You can try various designs and patterns like yin and yang, floral patterns, face designs, and many more. This mixing of two contrasting colors will give a kind of elegant and luxurious, and stylish impression.

6. Fashion Black Gucci Nails

Fashion Black Gucci Nails
Black Gucci Nails
Fashion Black Gucci Nails ideas

Black nail polish pairs with almost everything, but do you know that it is also a fantastic base coat? Yes, you can use a solid black base for your bold nail artwork. Show your style and personality with these luxurious Gucci nails. Select just two colors, gold and black, and create a more sophisticated and luxe nail appearance.

You can add as many different blings and gemstones. The various textures in your black nails with diamonds will make them more striking and glamorous. You can try numerous stylish brands logos and names like Gucci, Chanel, and Dior.

7. Glossy Black Nails with Gold Details

Glossy Black Nails with Gold Details
Glossy Black Nails with Golden touch
Glossy Black Nails with Gold Details ideas
A woman's hand with black and gold nail polish

For winters, there is a different color scheme for nails which is a little less traditional. This season is all about a rich and luxurious combination of black and gold gel nails ideas. From high-end salons to Instagram pages, this classically chic nail look is everywhere.

You can try merging these two colors in numerous ways. Try to have fun with colors and textures and create wonderful nail art. For example, you can go with solid black gel nails with gold flames, matte black nails with gold flakes, or black acrylic nails with sparkles.

You can also try gold, silver and black nails or silver and black nail designs. The elegant matte black base will look sleek and contrasting with other shades.

8. Sparkly Black Nail Designs

Sparkly Black Nail Designs
Sparkly Black Nail Designs ideas
Sparkly Black Nail ideas

Whether it is a party, a family gettogether, or a formal dinner, sparkly black nails will never disappoint you. Black nail ideas with glitter are the perfect way to spice up nails for any occasion. Glitter nail arts are so simple to make but look so attractive and appealing. There are countless designs and patterns that you can try with glitters and sparkles.

This shimmery, shiny nail look with a twist is something that you can wear all year round on any occasion and not just during the festive seasons. Moreover, you can recreate these black glitter nails at your home without spending much. Isn’t it great? You can get these black glitter nail designs within a few minutes, and your hands will look mesmerizing and beautiful.

9. Eerie Black Halloween Nails Ideas

Eerie Black Halloween Nails Ideas
Eerie Black Halloween Nails design
A woman's hand with a black and white nails
Eerie Black and white spider web  Halloween Nails Ideas

This year after selecting your Halloween costume and doing your makeup, give an extreme makeover to your nails with some gothic nail ideas. Try black Halloween nail designs with fun spiders, cute ghosts, and spooky eyes. Look at the above pictures for reference. The details are so fantastic that they can baffle anyone’s mind.

If you’re doing this bold black manicure at home and unable to make these small details. Worry not; there are many nail stickers available which you can use to get the dramatic effect.

10. Classy Black Marble Nails

Classy Black Marble Nails
A woman's hand holding a black and white nails

Take a glance at these black nails, aren’t they looking eye-catching and beautiful? To get this gorgeous nail design, all you need is several lacquers, a bowl of water, and a toothpick. First, start with applying a base coat and add the color that you want, and lastly, use a toothpick to achieve the marble effect.

You can also use this technique on press-on nails. The best thing about this nail art is that this design doesn’t need to be clean; the more random it will be, the more it looks beautiful. So just have fun with the marbling process.

11. Trendy Black Snake Print Nails

Trendy Black Snake Print Nails
Black Snake Print Nails

Animal prints never go out of style! This matte black nail with snake print is something so smooth and beautiful that nobody will leave without noticing them. You can try this snakeskin pattern with a black, matte, or glossy base as per your liking.

All you need to do is to paste snake print nail stickers on one or two fingernails and leave the others matte or glossy black. This fun and trendy black animal prints work perfectly with every nail shape and length.

12. Floral Black Nails

Floral Black Nails

13. Black Nails with Swirl Nail Art

Black Nails with Swirl Nail Art

14. Black Coffin Nails

Black Coffin Nails

15. Black V-Tip Nails

Black V-Tip Nails

16. Black Snake-Tip Nails

Black Snake-Tip Nails

17. Black Nail with Butterfly Design

Black Nail with Butterfly Design

18. Black Nail Design with Leopard Print

Black Nail Design with Leopard Print

19. Black Short Nail Design with Moon and Star

Black Short Nail Design with Moon and Star

20. Black Nails with Heart Tips

Black Nails with Heart Tips

21. Black Nails with Eyes

Black Nails with Eyes

22. Black and White Cow Print Nails

Black and White Cow Print Nails

Here are some more winter black nails ideas and designs for you to get some inspiration for your next black manicure:

A woman's hand with a black and purple nail color
A woman with black and white nail polish
A woman's hands with pink and black nail polish
A woman's hands with black and white nail polish with Colorful tip
A woman's hand with a black and gold manicure with random design
A woman's hand with long black nails
A woman's hand with a blue and white manicure
A woman's hands with black and silver nail polish
A woman's hand with a black and white manicure with batman design
A woman's hands with black and white flowers design
A woman's nails with a snowflake design

Final Thoughts

So which black nail art do you like the most? Nail arts have always been an important part of women’s fashion and style. Long or short black nail ideas are so subtle yet on-trend that they provide the perfect aesthetics. All the black nail designs that we mentioned in this blog are so elegant.

So, whether you’re planning to go to a business trip, formal event, or Halloween party, these sophisticated black nail designs will surely help you out to get the perfect overall look.

You can experiment with black nail polishes and get the desired look from dramatic, edgy to classy and formal. Without much thinking, get a black winter manicure and get an extra fashionable look!

So this is all about the black nails ideas. I hope you liked this blog on various black nail arts, and it has helped you to pick the right black nail design for your next manicure. Don’t forget to share this blog with your family members and friends so that they can also get beautiful black nails!

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