7+ Best Nail Polish Strips to Put On For The Flawless Look in 2024!

Best Nail Polish Strips

Do you ever wonder how those influencers can sport the perfect nail paint? I always do that! Well, they are blessed with really exceptional artistic skills to pull it off, or maybe there’s a little secret that no one knows!Let’s see best nail polish strips.

You don’t need to learn how to apply nail polish without any mistakes. Why? Because we live in the 21st century where you can get the ready nail polish strips. All you have to do is pull them off and stick it on your nail.

Yes, that’s it! And you are ready with the Instagram-worthy nails. Click a picture with a wine glass in your hand and a beautiful sky as background, but make sure the focus is on the nails and not the wine. *wink*

So rather than mixing and matching to paint nails and explore your creative side, go for the best nail stickers and strips. But what do I have to offer you in this article?

“Nail Polish Strips are made with 100% real nail polish, so it won’t damage your nails.”

Here in this article, you will find a how-to on applying nail polish strips along with few FAQs on it and the most important part – more than seven best nail polish strips or stickers on Amazon. Without much further ado, let’s start with the article.

Which are the Best Nail Polish Strips?

1.Color Street Nail Polish Strips

Color Street Nail Polish Strips
nail polish strips

Want to rock at the party or receive compliments for your nail art on your night out in town? The answer is Color Street nail polish strips. Color Street is one of the most trustable brands for nail strips. The product mentioned here is the Tokyo Lights with a holographic finish. It has the perfect amount of glitter of rose gold & silver color and comes with 16 different strip sizes for an ideal fit.

Pros of Color Street :

  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Made with real nail polish
  • Glitter nail wrap

Cons of Color Street :

  • Too pricey

2.Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips

Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips
nail polish strips

As its name suggests, these nail polish strips are tough, thicker, but brighter. If you are looking for something that can last real longer on your nails, you might want to consider this. The 100% real nail polish strip, it doesn’t damage nails. Also, do you know? The Tough Girls nail polish strips have a four coat on a single nail. What does it include? Basecoat, color, topcoat, and an adhesive layer for extra protection.

Pros of Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips :

  • Four-layer nail strip
  • 20 ideal sized nail strips
  • Thicker nail strip
  • 10+ colors available

Cons of Tough Girls Nail Polish Strips :

  • A bit tricky to put on

3.Augoog Nail Polish Stickers

Augoog Nail Polish Stickers
nail polish strips

Looking for the best nail polish stickers with different looks? Here you are, this Augoog’s nail polish decals come with 14 sheets of several nail art. This one is the best for the girls looking for nail strips to change according to her outfits. These are designed especially for professional use and nail DIY things. Apply the gel nail polish to make it long laster.

Pros of Augoog Nail Polish Stickers :

  • Easy to apply
  • Attractive and stylish designs
  • Peel off removal

Cons of Augoog Nail Polish Stickers :

  • Takes drying time!

4.TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps

TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps
nail polish strips

It’s time to shine! Put on the shimmery nail wraps and rock the floor. Whether you are going to the office or party, these nail coats will get praises only. You will get 16 sheets of different colored glitter nail covers. Rather than spending much at the salon for getting the glittery nails, go for this one. You can use these wraps on natural nails, fake ones, or even acrylic ones as well.

Pros of TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps :

  • Non-toxic nail wraps
  • Environmental-friendly 100% real polish
  • Can be used on toes as well
  • Metallic nail strips

Cons of TailaiMei Glitter Nail Wraps :

  • It wouldn’t last long if you came in contact with moisture or water within 2 hours. (You must apply the topcoat to make it last longer.)

5.KingMas Nail Art Stickers

KingMas Nail Art Stickers
nail polish strips

This pack comes with 50 different sheets for an artistic manicure. KingMas’ nail art stickers are more suitable for fake nails. All you have to do is cut the pattern roughly, remove the protective film, wet it in water for 10 to 20 seconds, wet clean your nails, then using tweezers, simply put them on the finger and press it firmly.

Pros of KingMas Nail Art Stickers :

  • 1100+ different designs (flowers, butterflies, feathers, etc.)
  • Water transfer technique
  • Easy to use

Cons of KingMas Nail Art Stickers :

  • May look weird

6.NiceDeco Self-Adhesive Nail Decals

NiceDeco Self-Adhesive Nail Decals
nail polish strips

One more like the above one, the plus point of these self-adhesive nail decals, is that you don’t have to worry much about its tiring application. This can be used in the salons as well as home DIY sessions. This pack contains 50 sheets of 3D designs, with Halloween designs as well. NiceDecos nail art stickers may come in handy for your Halloween nail art.

Pros of NiceDeco Self-Adhesive Nail Decals :

  • Easy to use (peel and stick)
  • Various 3D designs
  • Self-adhesive design

Cons of NiceDeco Self-Adhesive Nail Decals :

  • Need to apply a top coat to make it stay longer

7.eBoot French Manicure Nail Art Stickers

eBoot French Manicure Nail Art Stickers
nail polish strips

You would have noticed the French manicure trend getting a boost from the past few years. You might have also tried it. However, we all know how expensive it can be! I guess this is the reason eBoot decided to launch the whole collection of French manicure nail art sticker packs with 36 different shapes. Get your french manicure done with these stencils and slay the look.

Pro of eBoot French Manicure Nail Art Stickers :

  • 49 various designs
  • Easy to use
  • Self-adhesive

Cons of eBoot French Manicure Nail Art Stickers :

  • You will have to use the traditional nail polish technique.

8.Incoco Nail Polish Applique – Love Potion

Incoco Nail Polish Applique - Love Potion
nail polish strips

Last but not least on the list is the Incoco nail polish applique. There are different shades and nail wraps available under the same brand. Here the one I have selected is the Love Potion. The nail strips in this pack have a clear base with pink glitters on it. You can pair it with any pastel shade and tackle the trendy see-through look.

Pros of Incoco Nail Polish Applique :

  • Holds regular nail polish
  • Non-toxic nail strips
  • No drying time
  • Lasts for two weeks

Cons Incoco Nail Polish Applique :

  • Not that flexible (which might affect the perfect fitting)

How to Apply Nail Polish Strips?

How to Apply Nail Polish Strips?

Applying nail polish strips and art stickers isn’t any rocket science. Here is the guide on how to use nail polish strips, stickers, and wraps easily. This breakdown will surely help you.

Things you will need:

  • Nail File and Buffer
  • Nail Polish Strips, Stickers, or Wraps (whatever you are going to apply)
  • Nail Polish Remover

Steps on applying nail polish strips:

Step 1: Prep the Nails

At first, you will have to prep the nails for the application of nail strips. What exactly will you have to do? Clean nails with non acetone nail polish remover to remove excess oil, but before that, give it the desired shape, push the cuticles back, and buff the nail beds.

Step 2: Apply the Nail Stickers

Once you have prepped the nails, it’s time to apply a nail strip on nails. Remove the strip from the backing paper and stick it on your nail.

There are 16 or 14 different size options for you. It is recommended to start from the pinky finger and end at the thumb. You will have to stick the nail strip’s round edge to the cuticle (not on it) and then press it to the tip.

Step 3: Fit it Perfectly on the Nail

After applying, if you feel it is small in size, pull it a little bit, and it will fit perfectly on the nail. You can stretch it in both ways, horizontally or vertically!

Step 4: Remove Excess with the Filer

Now we are at the final step! Here we will give the finishing and final touch to the nail polish strips. Once you have applied the strip don’t cut off the extra, instead, fold it and remove excess with the nail filer. It will give your nails perfect finishing and shine.

Tip: Adding a top coat will increase its life! It will stay a little longer on your finger.

You might be having many questions regarding the nail polish strips. That’s normal most of us have. In the below section, we have cleared all the frequently asked questions about the nail paint strips. Take Heed!


Which nail polish strip can be considered as best?

There are dozens of nail polish strips available in the market, but the best one can be considered, which doesn’t harm your nail and stays for a real good time on your nail.

Are nail polish strips bad for nails?

Not at all! The nail polish strips are known for their easy removal and harmless application. If they are 100% real nail polish strips, it won’t harm a bit. They are more suitable for nails. You don’t need to use nail paint remover with chemicals in it. Warm water will also work.

How to remove nail polish strips?

Many people think it is the trickiest part; however, that’s wrong. Soak your nails in the warm water, and you can easily peel it off! If the product describes removing it using nail paint remover, don’t try to peel it off!

How long does a nail polish strip last?

On average, a nail polish strip or wrap can last for 5 to 7 days. However, it also depends on the brand and the strips, wraps, and stickers’ quality.

Should I put a topcoat on Color Street nail strips?

Generally, you won’t need that as the color street nail strips have three layers in a single strip – base coat, color, and topcoat. Even if you still want to put on a top coat, you can! It might help them stay for a bit longer on nails.

Wrapping Up:

What is the takeaway? Here you learned how to apply nail polish strips, answers on FAQs, and eight products that will change the way you look at the manicure task. Nail stickers are classic things making the life of women simpler and more accessible.

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