How to use Wooden Sunglasses

wooden sunglasses

There are many factors relating to using wooden sunglasses. Well, it depends on our budget and preference and style. As an eco-friendly person and more concerned about nature, we should go for wood sunglasses. Wooden sunglasses are from natural wood, which comes from trees, and less energy is required to make wooden eyewear.

Wooden sunglasses are so lightweight and comfortable. Every wooden sunglasses frame is one of its kind, with two pairs looking the same alike and eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment. Wooden sunglasses are a naturally hypoallergenic material; the feel and texture of wood allow us to carry a part of nature with us.

Wooden sunglasses come in various popular styles, such as wayfarers and rectangular aviators, and its popularity has been on a high among men and women of all ages. The best thing is that wooden sunglasses are sustainable and practical and stylish and can go with any outfit for men’s sunglasses. We can wear them with any business, and we’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd. They’re practical and durable and waterproof.

Some tips on how to use wooden sunglasses so that last us for as long as possible

how to use wooden sunglasses
  • Use both hands to remove wooden sunglasses. People make the mistake of taking off wooden sunglasses with only one hand. Doing this often, we can compromise our wooden glasses alignment. Especially with frequent use, use both hands to put and remove wooden sunglasses.
  • Store wooden sunglasses properly. Keeping wooden sunglasses in a safe case can risk losing or breaking them. We can grab a bamboo case specially designed to store and protect safely.
  • Avoid placing wooden sunglasses just anywhere. When not in use, our bamboo case is the best place to store our wooden sunglasses and keep in perfect shape. Like wooden sunglasses, these habits rest on top of their head or hair or hanging on their shirts can distort our wooden sunglasses’ condition over time.
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun. Wooden sunglasses are supposed to protect our eyes from the harmful rays. The fact is that leaving our wooden sunglasses lying outside their case and in places with direct sunlight exposure can damage the tint and surface coatings on the lenses and reduce wooden sunglasses’ lifespan.
  • Keep wooden sunglasses afloat. All wooden sunglasses are water-resistant. Submerging wooden sunglasses in water for a long time can cause them to change colour over time.\
  • Clean wooden sunglasses properly. We were using a glasses cloth to clean the lenses on wooden sunglasses. Whipping our wooden glasses on shirts or jeans or normal tissues to take off dirt can risk scratching the lenses.

Knowing how to use wooden sunglasses is essential. With proper use, we’ll be able to have our sunglasses for years.

Different type of wooden sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we protect wooden sunglasses?

In most cases, we don’t need additional protection. The wooden sunglasses have a water-resistant layer. That layer ensures the durability of the frames.

How can we clean wooden sunglasses?

Regular lens cleaning liquid can use to wet the wooden sunglasses lenses, then wipe them down with a glass cleaning cloth. Try to avoid getting the cleaning liquid or water onto the wooden sunglasses frames.

If we buy wooden sunglasses, then how can we take care of them?

we should always keep our wooden sunglasses in a safe place, such as a bamboo case or a pouch. We don’t put wooden sunglasses in our pocket or backpack. They are made of wood and may get damaged if we don’t store wooden sunglasses properly.

Are wooden sunglasses water-resistant or waterproof?

Well, it’s not a big issue if our wooden sunglasses get wet by a bit of little rain or are in contact with sweat. But it is recommended to protect wooden sunglasses from water since wood is a natural material and therefore may get damaged if it stays in the water for a long time.

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