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Why Do Women Love Jewellery So Much?

Many people want to know the obsession of women with jewelry, whether it is about gold, diamond, or pearls, their craze for jewelry is unexplainable. Jewelry enhances a women’s beauty and looks, and it’s like a topping on the cake. According to a very famous quote, “you have completely no idea about a woman until you have seen her jewelry.” 

Women obsessed with jewelry are emotionally and personally attached to it. For some women, they are not ready for an occasion until they wear their gold or silver ornaments. Even if we study history, we learn that the obsession of jewelry with women ages back since the stone ages. Women before and now, still love to wear different kinds of designs on her arms, neck, and ears. There are huge names in the market that are making these ornaments for the women in various designs, you can find all these precious pieces at their stores, or you can also select and order the jewelry designs online. These days, many people have started their online businesses for jewelry and are providing beautiful yet unique designs at reasonable prices like pearls necklace, rose gold rings, and moon magic pendants, etc. These unique designs have created a boom, and women are captivated by them. 

The trend and style of these jewelry designs have changed over generations, but one thing has never changed and that is a woman’s love and craze for jewelry. So many psychologists have tried to understand and solve this mysterious obsession. And have discovered a few reasons like an addition in the women’s treasures or their desire to look pretty. Well, in this article, we are going to discuss a few points that might explain and clear their obsession with jewelry.

Desire to Look Pretty:

women in jewellery

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It is the most primary reason that comes into the mind whenever we discuss this topic. As we all know, women are more conscious and possessive when it comes to their looks and appearance. From tip to toe, they want to look exceptionally beautiful and perfect and that is why they give attention to every single thing from their designer dresses to expensive makeup and valuable jewelry. They do not even bother to go far in this case, as some women opt very, colorful gems to be the center of attention. But that is their way to add charm to their personality.

A Valuable Treasure:

Though this jewelry is precious in terms of price, it also holds some special attachments in the women’s hearts. Every piece of jewelry has its importance and memory, such as gifts on occasions while a few they receive from their ancestors during their weddings or special events. They are very emotionally attached to these pieces of jewelry as some they will pass to their children or grandchildren so it is their priceless treasure that has a special place in their heart.

Sense of Achieving:

Many people do not relate to this, but when a woman buys a high carat gold or silver for herself, it makes her feel better and she counts these things as her financial achievements.

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According to research, more women buy jewelry as compared to men. These women earn hard and work day and night to fulfill their desires and spend a lot of money compared to men to get all kinds of jewelry for them. It makes them happy and gives a pleasing feel. They can even go the extra mile in this obsession and can buy a lot of unnecessary and unwanted ornaments to satisfy and upgrade their social status.

To Look Unique and Different:

We all know that women love to wear jewelry to look pretty, but very few know that these unique pieces of ornaments also make them individual. By wearing unique, uncommon and different rings or necklaces increases their individuality and they look separate and distinct from the others. The women who want to maintain their legacy and uniqueness have their style to wear these pieces of jewelry that do not only glam their personality, but they separate them from the herd. That is why you have never encountered a high profile woman with low mined diamonds.

To Draw Attention to Her Features:

Why Do Women Love Jewellary

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Another reason for such obsession is to draw attention to their best features. Many women purchase jewelry for their favorite features only or where they want to get the attention of people. Like if a woman has blessed with the pretty hands, then you will mostly see her with a few gold or diamond rings in her fingers. And a woman with a long, slim neck will mostly go with the beautiful yet elegant necklace or earrings.


Well, the trend of wearing jewelry and their obsession with it is not new, and it is ancient and trendy for ages. One cannot deny this fact that as compared to men, women are more attracted to shiny things and they are crazy for gold or diamond jewelry. Whether they are running late for an event, their preparation is not complete until they add charm to their look with these unique designs of ornaments. They are also emotionally connected to their jewelry as they have so many memories related to every piece. For some women, it is a sign of social status that enhances their beauty and make them pretty and different from the others.