Top Wedding Trends Every Bride Should Know

wedding trends

COVID-19 pandemic has shaken populations across the globe, and the wedding industry has not been exempt from the socio-economic impacts the virus has caused. Many couples were dealt a blow this year as they were forced to rethink, if not postpone their special days.

As we approach the new year, we do see a light at the end of the tunnel with a number of potential vaccines in the pipeline, though we can’t guarantee how quickly these will be rolled out. As it stands, the nature of wedding ceremonies looks to be dramatically changed for the foreseeable future. Those of us planning weddings for the coming year will need to take account of the changes and adapt accordingly.

Here are some of the major wedding trends that couples should be aware of when planning that big day:

Intimate Ceremonies

Intimate Ceremonies

Although many couples postponed the nuptials in the hope that they’d be able to have those big wedding celebrations next year, it’s now evident that this is unlikely to be the case. In many countries across the world, restrictions on mass gatherings are likely to remain in place, and so couples should prepare to have more intimate celebrations with their nearest and dearest low-risk friends and family.

However, all is not lost, and thanks to advances in technology, there will be plenty of ways for those unable to physically be there to tune in to the celebrations. Creating photo slideshows of your big day or souvenir photo albums are also great ways of capturing your big day for those unable to attend.

Support Local

You can’t fail to notice the economic impact that this pandemic has had, especially for small local businesses that have struggled to deal with the financial blows. Supporting local vendors as you plan that big day has never been more important.

Furthermore, as opportunities for international travel remains somewhat limited thanks to second-wave outbreaks, honeymooning in exotic far-flung locations may not be viable for everyone so use this opportunity to discover hidden gems closer to home and opt to travel domestically.

Sustainable Wedding Fashion

Sustainable Wedding Fashion

As the damaging effect of the fast fashion industry has come to be known, there has been a shift towards sustainable fashion, which is likely to continue next year in bridal fashion. Repurposing your mother’s old wedding dress or purchasing ‘vintage’ or ‘pre-owned’ wedding dresses is growing in popularity.

In addition, when it comes to purchasing bridesmaid dresses a nice idea is to find items that your bridal party can also wear for other occasions after the big day. Check out some great autumn clothing selections online for inspiration for adaptable bridesmaid attire.

Without a doubt, this year has been a game changer, and it has made people reflect on their priorities. As we look towards wedding planning, it’s important to maintain perspective.

Adapting to change has never been more crucial and finding ways to ensure that your big day has a positive impact on the lives of those beyond just our immediate circle, will make the event ever more meaningful and memorable for years to come.

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