9 Types of Socks for Men & Women and How to Wear Them

types of socks

What are socks? They are the only thing that has protected our feet (selflessly) since birth and has never let us down! Still, they are so underrated. YES. Can’t believe us? Do you know how many types of socks are there? No, you don’t. Because we don’t take socks seriously. 

The main aim of socks is to protect our feet – the workhorses of our body. Albert Einstein said, “The legs are the wheels of creativity.” At Fashionterest, we believe in preserving creativity and you should also. Our feet constantly work, no matter the situation. Whether you wear tight boots, high heels, sports shoes, or slippers, feet are still going to do their work of walking, running, dancing, and whatnot.

However, we still don’t understand the power of socks.

Only today, my husband and I were talking about buying socks. He has a collection of different types of shoes including loafers, sports shoes, sneakers, slip-on, and boots. The same is with me. From sandals and slippers to high heels and sneakers, I have everything. So, we researched socks that go well with each of them and the result boggled my mind. Did you also go through all the trouble? Do you also want to know what are the different kinds of socks? If yes, read this blog till the end.

Here, I’ve covered every detail on them from sock styles to different sock lengths. Let’s dive in!

Different Types of Socks [For Men and Women]

1. Toe Cover – Mute Socks

Mute Socks

Just as its name suggests, it covers only your toe and the mid arch. This type of socks best suits sandals, moccasins, mules, and slide-shoes. You can’t wear these socks under every footwear. 

Do you hate socks bunching? If yes, then get your hands on mute socks to mute all the irritating socks bunching moments. 

2. Invisible – No Show Socks

No Show Socks

Are you thinking about where you can wear these literally half-size socks? The invisible or no-show socks go well with ballerinas and loafers. Just like its name, this sock doesn’t show up on your bare skin when you wear any of the formerly mentioned footwear.

If you are someone who hates showing socks to others, but want to protect your feet from winters and getting stinky, opt for the no-show socks.

3. Liner – Extra Low Cut Socks

Extra Low Cut Socks

The liner socks or the ankle socks are the extra low cut socks and cover only your feet, protecting them. You can wear these socks with casual shoes, loafers, or even sneakers. It will protect your feet from getting blisters and will be comfortable as well.

Craving to get the sophisticated look with socks and shoes? Wear ankle socks with your casual outfit and woo everyone around you.

4. Ped – Low Cut Socks

Low Cut Socks

The ped socks or you can say the low-cut socks fit slightly above the top of the shoe and have ribbed edges. These are the best choices for runners. Why? They want a sock that won’t slip down the shoes and will stay fit at the ankle bone. It offers them a comfortable zone for active men.

Wear low-cut socks or the ped socks when you are on your running or walking adventure with the best sports shoes you have! It will protect your feet and make you utterly comfortable.

5. Quarter – Anklets Socks

Anklets Socks

If you are not a fan of low-cut or ped socks, you will surely love the quarter socks. Among all the different types of socks, the quarter is perfect for wearing formal shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, or even just to protect your feet. The quarter or anklet socks cover your feet above the ankles and just below the shins. 

Get two more pairs of quarter socks as you will also love wearing them in summers under your pants. The length of the socks will protect your feet from wearing out and won’t make you feel roasted as well.

The diabetic quarter sock styles are cushioned to provide relief for people with foot issues like nerve damage, cold feet, and poor circulation.

6. Mid Calf – Crew Socks

Crew Socks

Another sock shape that will help you as an athletic person is a mid-calf sock. Among the different sock lengths, this one doesn’t go too high or stays too low. The crew socks or (you can say) mid-calf socks cover up to the middle muscles of your calf, but not the entire calf.

These socks’ length varies from 6 feet to 8 feet. Crew socks are perfect for runners, walkers, hikers, and those who just want their feet protected from the winter. They are mostly made with woolen fabric.

7. Over the Calf / Executive Socks

Executive Socks

The length of executive socks is understandable by looking at its other name. It goes above your calf and stays right below the knees. These are the perfect match for men and women who are into athletics. These socks come in handy for physical activities as well as formal wear staples.

If you are someone who loves wearing socks that are fashion-forward, functional, and can also protect and give warmth to your feet, executive socks are for you.

8. Knee High Socks

Knee High Socks

The socks that go high right up to the knee area are knee-high socks. These types of socks are perfect for outdoor activities, fashion statements, or to be worn as a uniform. It keeps your legs warm and goes under the footwear as padding.

These types of socks are widely used in the hospitality business as a part of their uniform. Men can wear it for running or hiking adventures. Women can wear it for a fashion statement too with their short dresses.

9. Over The Knee Socks

Over The Knee Socks

Last but not least are the over-the-knee socks. Women wear over-the-knee or thigh-high socks with boots to look stylish. These socks’ length goes above the knee and till the thigh part. 

They are a perfect option to wear under the skirt in winters to protect your legs and be fashionable enough. They come in different prints and colors if you want to add a pop to your outfit.

A Beautiful End To Different Sock Types

Each type of sock has its own function. You can’t wear mute socks with every footwear and the same is with executive socks. All the socks’ shapes and lengths are designed for a specific purpose. Now, you know about them.

All the different types of socks come in different colors, patterns, and fabrics. Among all the options, select the one ideal for your needs. Till then, take care of your feet well, or else you won’t be able to stand on your feet to get the girl of your dreams.

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