Top 6 Sustainable Fashion Tips That Are Easy To Follow In 2023

Sustainable Fashion Tips

The fashion industry is huge and there are so many different types and styles of clothes to choose from. With that much choice, we ended up frequently changing our clothes and styles and thus created a lot of pollution and waste. Today, people are trying to dress more mindfully and they are doing their best for their clothes to last longer and to recycle. However, sometimes, that’s not enough and there are so many different ways you can dress more sustainably. Let’s take a look at the top 6 sustainable fashion tips.

Wash Your Clothes Less and Avoid Tumble Dry

Sustainable Fashion Tips

The best advice to make your clothes last longer is to be careful how you wash them. It is a fact that we sometimes wash our clothes way too often or even in the wrong way. If you have sensitive materials, make sure to put them on the gentle cycle or hand-wash them. Also, not everything has to be washed immediately after wearing and if you wash some clothes less often the more they are going to last and you will spend less energy.

Additionally, make sustainable decisions when choosing detergents. You can switch to a plastic free laundry detergent instead of the regular one and look into more eco-friendly detergents and softeners, too. Plus, you can save more energy by avoiding using a tumble dryer and instead hanging your clothes to dry, especially during the hotter days.

Try Buying Organic Cotton

Sustainable Fashion Tips

In order to be more sustainable when purchasing new clothes, try buying organic and natural materials. There are too many pieces that use microfibers which pollute the ocean and are difficult to clean up. You should try and avoid such clothing pieces and try buying organic cotton clothes as much as possible. You can even look for clothes that are GOTS-certified cotton.

This label means that the cotton is monitored from the very growth to the fair trade of farmers, including regulation of pesticides and consumption of water. Do thorough research to make sure the fabrics you are planning to buy are from a source that can be replenished.

Don’t Throw Away Clothes

Sustainable Fashion Tips

The best advice is to buy less, choose materials well and make it last. When buying clothes of any style, try choosing pieces that you love and that you know you will keep forever. Also, if the clothes tear, don’t throw them away. Instead, try and repair them before you decide to put them in the trash.

Small rips, missing buttons, and minor tears can easily be patched up. And even if there is no fixing the piece, consider giving it another purpose. Maybe you can use an old T-shirt as a rag to dust the furniture or find another purpose. Also, focus on recycling always!

Read the Labels

Sustainable Fashion Tips

When you go shopping, make sure to carefully read the label before you buy it. The labels have all the information you need regarding materials, how to wash the clothes, and eco elements. And by going through labels you can make better buying decisions, and more importantly, sustainable decisions. And when you pair this with good research on the brands, you can rest assured you are being sustainable.

Swaps and Thrifts Over Fash Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Tips

The fashion industry is almost rigged to make you buy new pieces even if you don’t need them. Plus, fashion trends and styles are changing way too fast and we end up with a lot of waste. So, to nip this in the bud, go to swaps and thrift stores to find recycled clothes.

If you buy second hand it doesn’t mean you have no style, but it actually means that you are sustainable and mindful. There are so many great pieces to be found at such stores and they are all in great condition. So, don’t rush to the mall, and visit some thrifts instead. You’ll be surprised what you find there.

Get Clothes That You Can Wear All Year

Sustainable Fashion Tips

Last but not least, try buying clothes that you can wear throughout all seasons. We all have great clothes that can easily be matched with various other pieces no matter the season. This is really an easy way to dress sustainably instead of filling your clothes with way too many pieces for different seasons. Get something you can work at any time of the year and you can prevent items from sitting at the back of your closet forever.

It is a fact that we have too many clothes and still have nothing to wear. This is mostly due to impulse decisions when shopping. To avoid filling your closet with idle items, make sure to shop more sustainably. Buy quality clothes, take good care of them, and don’t forget to recycle.

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