How to Style Vintage Pieces into Fabulous Outfits

Vintage Pieces

Today’s fashion industry is gravitating more towards the past and manufacturing pieces we used to wear in the 90s and prior. So, why not disappear into our closets and come out sporting our favorite style vintage pieces into fabulous outfits? After all, it’s nonsense to go out and buy the latest trends when we already own timeless pieces we love.

Finding vintage items to wear will never be a struggle. The challenging part comes when we must make the outfit work and fit the contemporary look. If you haven’t kept yours, you can always find some excellent cheap pieces in a vintage store to add to your collection.

No one wants to get weird looks when walking down the street for a mismatched outfit. You want to avoid appearing as if you’re wearing a costume!

With this in mind, let’s look at ways to combine your vintage and contemporary pieces to create evergreen styles.

Styling Vintage Pieces

Styling Vintage Pieces

It is essential to discover the latest vintage trends when creating your vintage look. Dressing full vintage might not be the right choice, so make sure you mix and match for better versatility.

Try mixing contemporary outfits and vintage accessories or vice versa. Some of your old pieces will get a new and refreshed look when you combine them with some trendy accessories.

Keeping it Neutral and Classic

Keeping Vintage Pieces Neutral and Classic

The best way to start if you are new to vintage combinations is to keep it neutral and opt for clean-cut items. These pieces can have a versatile use and are less intimidating to style. That is the easiest way that you can integrate vintage into your outfits.

Mixing Contemporary and Vintage

Mixing Contemporary and Vintage

The best way to introduce vintage clothing into your closet is to start by mixing them with new pieces.

No one will even recognize that you are sporting vintage if you match them just right! Start by picking out a fancy vintage piece and pairing it with a contemporary item.

Look through your favorite pieces and brainstorm creative ways to combine them. Try pairing a vintage skirt with a modern top and boots or shoes. You can go even bolder and match an Edwardian blouse with jeans.

Contemporary Hair and Makeup

Contemporary Hair and Makeup

If you have decided on a vintage outfit, ensure that the hairstyle and makeup remain modern and trendy. It’s an excellent way to embrace vintage but stay in the 21st-century chick.

Try a combination of a slicked-back ballerina bun and a dress from the ‘50s. You can even experiment with modernized loose waves from the ‘40s, which were all the craze in the past years.

Combine the Eras

Combine the Eras of Vintage Pieces

When picking out vintage garments, you don’t want all pieces to be from one period. Surprisingly enough, mixing the eras can result in fantastic outfit combinations. It is very similar to making vintage and trendy combinations.

Mixing up eras may be the most fun way to make fantastic vintage outfits. Matching different textures, contrasting patterns, vibrant colors, and silhouettes can create some timeless looks. Try combining a 1990’s dress with a 1970’s blouse and finish it off with slingbacks from the 1980s.

Mix and Match Vintage and Modern Accessories

Mix and Match Vintage and Modern Accessories

Accessories can make or break any well-thought-out outfit. You can go both ways here. Pair vintage clothing with modern accessories, or use your vintage accessories with some trendy pieces.

Try choosing a color in the clothing and complete the outfit with a stylish bag and shoes, or even sunglasses in the same color. Using this mix-and-match method can tone down any playful garment.

You can even try to modernize classic black vintage clothing with accessories in vibrant colors, or vice versa. Whatever your choice of mixing garments with accessories, use your imagination to create some stunning outfits.

Garments That Resemble Current Trends

Fashion designers often dig through their vintage archives for inspiration. They are simply adding and removing items and reinventing styles from previous eras.

Look around you, and you will notice that many are wearing replicas of old garments with freshly added touches. That is an excellent way to wear vintage outfits and not worry about looking like you are wearing a costume.

Make a Statement!

We all try to find the style that reflects our personality when it comes to fashion. The possibilities of using vintage pieces to create outfits are endless. Vintage clothing conveys uniqueness and builds a strong personal sense of style.

Be different and be you in a world where everyone tries to be someone else’s copy. It’s a way to express your creativity by adding color and mixing different styles. You’d be surprised by the things you can do with some of those stunning pieces you may have found in your grandmother’s or mother’s closet!

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