Top 40+ Easy and Simple Mehndi Design Ideas for 2024

Simple Mehndi Design

Indian Weddings shenanigans are incomplete without the mehndi designs. Not just weddings but any ritual or even calls for beautiful, simple, and easy mehndi designs on hands and feet. Simple mehndi design is usually done on the hand and feet but you can go for the designs you like on any part of the body.

The design of mehndi is usually done by hand. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours to apply mehndi depending on the intricacy of the design. The process starts with applying a base coat of henna paste on the palm and fingers of one hand. This layer dries quickly and then more layers are applied to create intricate patterns and shapes.

The most popular Mehandi designs are simple ones that can be drawn with a single hand. These include basic patterns like dots, lines, and curves. The simplest one is a dot called “Choti” in Hindi or “Nakhra” in Urdu. Another simple mehndi design is called “Jhoomer” which has loops on both sides of the hand that are usually filled with dots or lines.

Mehndi, also known as henna and is an ancient art form from the Indian subcontinent. It is applied on the skin as a paste which can be temporary or permanent, and it comes in various colors. Whether you are a newbie in the world of Mehandi designs or are a pro, here you will find Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs to adorn this wedding season.

Top 40+ Simple Mehndi Design

All the women wait anxiously while they wait to see what color the henna paste is! Why? The darker the colors the better the relationship the person has with their life partner. And it applies also to grooms’ hennas! This belief still continues today. Here’s your inspiration for the simple and elegant new Mehndi design.

1. Mehandi Design For Every Minimalist Bride

Mehandi Design For Every Minimalist Bride

If you don’t like the traditional and intricate mehndi design, you can pick this minimal and simple mehndi design for the bride. Lotus and a mixture of basic henna designs make this Mehandi look beautiful!

2. Simple Mehndi Designs For Brides-to-Be

Simple Mehndi Designs For Brides-to-Be

Having a roka function coming up? Don’t worry. For brides-to-be, this mehndi design is simple and easy to replicate even for beginners. All you need is basic knowledge of shapes and how to nail them.

Henna, with its intricate and symbolic designs, has become a beloved tradition in many cultures, often adorning the hands of brides as they prepare for their engagements, adding a touch of cultural richness and significance to the joyous occasion

3. Customize Simple Mehndi Design

Customize Simple Mehndi Design

Get your mehndi design customized for you! You can either get your picture drawn to customize it using a quote, words, or letters. You might need the help of a Mehandi expert to give you the customized mehndi design look!

Trending Simple Mehndi Designs

These are some of the trending mehndi designs that you can apply for this festive and wedding season. This design has everything a beautiful mehndi design has, all you need is to get the henna cone and get started. Also, don’t forget to play the best mehndi geet from Bollywood movies.

5. Chic And Trendy Mehndi Design

Chic And Trendy Mehndi Design

Who said, mehndi needs to be properly filled? You can go for outlined mehndi design as well or a mixture of modern and Arabic mehndi designs. Here you can see the image of chic and trendy mehndi designs for girls!

6. Mehndi Designs For Your Feet

Mehndi Designs For Your Feet

You can never go wrong with these unique feet mehndi designs. The mandala design in the middle and sides is covered with the laced mehndi design, it will give you the proper wedding vibes in the simplest and most sophisticated way!

7. Jaali Mehndi Designs To Try

Jaali Mehndi Designs To Try

The word itself, mentions the meaning of the mehndi and how you can draw it. For this mehndi style, all you have to do is draw jaali and decorate it with flowers and leaves.

8. Mandala Simple Mehndi Design

Mandala Simple Mehndi Design

One of the most popular and preferred simple mehndi designs is the mandala. You might think what is mandala mehndi? It is the same mandala design that you draw on paper. It is way easier to draw on hand if you get the first circle perfect!

9. Traditional Simple Mehndi Designs

Traditional Simple Mehndi Designs

Don’t get confused about how to keep the mehndi simple and still get the traditional design placed! Here are a few ideas that will inspire you to get the traditional simple mehndi design on your hands and legs.

10. Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners

Are you a beginner? Think the mehndi designs are the hardest to learn or get used to? Well, here are the best simple mehndi designs for beginners that will help you reach the advanced level of mehndi!

11. Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs

Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs

There are many backhand mehndi designs available on the internet. If you want to start with the simple and easy mehndi designs that also look beautiful, try the ones you see here!

12. Backhand Simple Mehndi Designs

Backhand Simple Mehndi Designs

Here are a few more backhand Mehandi designs simple to apply and easy to learn. Practice till you get the perfection. Once you feel this is the easiest move ahead and try a bit harder design.

13. Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design Easy and Beautiful

Front Hand Simple Mehndi Design Easy and Beautiful

The ones you see here are the easiest and well as beautiful mehndi designs for the front hand. All you have to do is draw the outlines first and fill in the figures with a repetitive pattern. And it’s done!

14. Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic mehndi is the one that goes in a straight slanted line on the hand. You will find them in both intricate and open designs. Check out one of the best Arabic and easy mehndi designs in the above image.

15. Intricate Easy Simple Mehendi Design

Intricate Easy Simple Mehendi Design

These are some of the designs that are intricate and easy mehndi design with a simple look. You can wear this design to any function and it won’t look too loud or too subtle.

16. Mehandi Designs Simple Half Hand

Half Hand Simple Mehandi Designs

Aren’t you a fan of full-hand mehndi? Don’t worry we have half-hand mehndi designs as well. Start with the simple half-hand mehndi designs and move ahead with a bit more complicated one for the practice.

17. Modern Henna Designs Simple

Modern Henna Mehndi Designs

Modern henna designs are simple and easy mehndi designs. You can go for a simple veil with leaves or small flowers. Or a small round with a lotus motif!

18. Latest Simple Mehndi Design New

 Latest Simple Mehndi Design

Here is another inspirational image for the latest simple mehndi design in the market. Today, everyone likes to get their hand-painted in henna with minimalistic mehndi designs.

19. Legs Mehndi Design

Legs Mehndi Design

It’s okay to apply mehndi on legs and not just on feet. Also, it doesn’t imply that you are getting married or just got married. The mehndi on legs with the traditional Indian suit, makes the girl look like an angel from heaven.

20. Simple Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth

Simple Mehndi Design For Karwa Chauth

These are the mehndi designs that were most applied on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. Save them for your next one! Or You can also use them as your current new mehndi design to attend that relative’s function.

21. Simple Geometric Mehndi Design

 Simple Geometric Mehndi Design

Do you think making a circle or a peacock is a bit too complicated for you? Don’t worry, try this geometric mehndi design this season.

22. Minimalistic Mehndi For Foot

Minimalistic Mehndi For Foot

Minimalistic mehndi design is for everyone and for every body part (where you want to apply mehndi design).

23. Simple Mehndi Design With Lotus Motif

Simple Mehndi Design With Lotus Motif

This mehndi is simple but will need your practice to get the lotus motif perfect. Once you get that, all you have to do is fill up the remaining space around it!

24. Multi-Patterned Mehandi Designs Simple

Multi-Patterned Mehandi Designs Simple

Multi patterned mehndi designs are a mixture of all types of designs or styles you know about. It has a criss-cross mehndi design, the paisley, floral, mandala, and whatnot!

25. Peacocks and Heart Mehndi Design

Peacocks and Heart Mehndi Design

This isn’t the simplest one but if you know how to draw a peacock and lotus motif, you will be able to nail this peacock and heart mehndi design in no time.

26. Raja-Rani Mehndi Design

Raja-Rani Mehndi Design

The most loved and preferred bridal mehndi. In this mehndi, there’s dulha-dulhan or raja-rani in the center of your palm, and the rest is the multi-patterned mehndi design surrounding it!

27. Indian Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Design

Indian mehndi design is the one, where you’ll see every little empty space on your hand. There will be more henna and mehndi designs. However, it is also the simplest one. How? It requires you to learn two-three basic shapes and repeat them in sections.

28. Jhumki Mehndi Design

Jhumki Mehndi Design

To get this easy mehndi design to look good on your hand, keep the design minimal with the two jhumkis hanging on your palm.

29. Trail Mehndi Design

 Trail Mehndi Design

This trail and easy mehndi designs are applied mostly on the backhand. You can make different shapes with this mehndi design, even jewelry like hath-pan, bangle, etc.

30. Floral Mehandi Designs Simple

Floral Mehandi Designs

Flowers are everywhere! Whether you are getting a tattoo or your hand painted in a henna design. The floral mehndi design will look good for every function and event you have to attend. Look for the best floral mehndi designs that are simple and elegant.

31. Couple Mehndi Designs

Couple Mehndi Designs

Is your groom/partner ready to get his hands painted with henna too? Go for the minimal mehndi designs like initials, mandalas, etc. And if not show your love for him with the most romantic and amazing couple Simple mehndi designs.

32. Simple and Elegant Finger Mehndi Design

Simple and Elegant Finger Mehndi Design

If nothing the most trending finger mehndi designs are all you need to look for! They won’t cover your hand but will surely get you compliments!

33. Typical Punjabi Mehndi Design

Typical Punjabi Mehndi Design

There are many different types of Punjabi mehndi designs, ranging from very simple and basic ones to extremely complicated and artistic ones. In complex designs, you can see the spectacular art of embroidery on palms, hands, arms, legs, and feet.

Simple And Easy Mehndi
Simple Mehndi Design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi designs for front hands
Traditional Mehndi Design
Bracelet Mehndi
simple mehndi design for baby girl
simple mehndi design
Unique mehndi design ideas
Unique mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi design
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands
Mehndi design ideas
simple mehndi designs for front hands
simple mehndi designs for front hands

Simple Mehndi Design For The Beautiful Girls!

These were the best Mehandi designs for you to adorn this wedding and festive season. The simple mehndi design looks more beautiful and elegant on the hands of females. No matter whether you are a married woman, a bride-to-be, or a girl studying in college or school, the Mehandi designs we helped you with are the best to apply!

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