7 Old Money Style Outfit for Women in 2024

old money style women

From TikTok to the Instagram feed, one fashion trend that has been going viral for quite some time is Old Money Style! The timeless style, also known as the Sofia Richie aesthetics, is a combination of old-school fashion with modern silhouettes that offer an elegant and sophisticated look. This aesthetic exudes a luxurious and powerful state of mind that anyone can adopt.

The old money women’s style focuses on quality, craftsmanship, and understated sophistication. If you want to elevate your appearance and are looking for the best old money style outfit ideas, you’re on the right page! Today, in this blog, I’ve made a list of the top 7 different ways to achieve this style. So, scroll down and pick your favorite pieces to channel your inner fashion style in the best way possible. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Old Money Style?

The old money style is associated with upper-class families with established wealth and good knowledge of fashion. The Old Money aesthetic isn’t about wearing expensive and branded clothes; it is a philosophy that focuses more on quality than quantity. This style is mainly characterized by quality craftsmanship, classic silhouettes, and refined details to create a classy and timeless look. 

Here are the key elements of the old money aesthetic: 

  • Classic Tailoring
  • Timeless Staples
  • High-quality Materials 
  • Neutral Colors and Minimal patterns
  • Sophisticated Footwear and Accessories

The womens old money style trend is known for “quiet luxury,” meaning no loud and showy designer logos or following fast fashion instead giving an emphasis on exceptional craftsmanship. Apart from these things, confidence is crucial to achieving authentic old money vibes from the inside out. 

Now, let’s dive into the best old money outfits. 

1. Blazer + Denim

Old money outfit ideas denim blazer

This outfit creates a timeless and elevated appearance, so always invest in high-quality pieces in neutral colors like nude or caramel blazers, white tank tops, and straight-fit blue jeans. To complete the look, add some accessories, like black sunglasses and a bag!

Get the look:

2. Matching Vest + Pant Set

old money classy black outfit

The next old money outfit idea for you is this classy-looking matching pinstripe vest and pant set. Here, the silhouette is modern while maintaining the elegance of the old-money aesthetic trend. You can add accessories like a silver watch and black oversized sunglasses. Lastly, finish the look by wearing black pumps and perfume of your choice, and you’re ready to head out! 

Get the look:

3. A Tailored Suit + Bag

old money aesthetic white blazer

Old money aesthetic isn’t about wearing a particular outfit; it’s about holding power through elegant dressing. For example, suits possess so much power and authority, along with femininity. Go for solid work pantsuits in subtle shades like ivory, white, and light gray, and accessorize them with a belt and a straw cross-body bag. 

Get the look:

4. Trench Coat + Striped Shirt

Trench Coat and Striped Shirt

The next important thing to keep in mind while shopping for the old money aesthetic is to select the clothing piece in the right color and length. Yes, this style mostly consists of neutral colors, like this long trench coat in tan or nude, which is paired with a striped shirt and white denim. The tan and white combo creates a chic and classy appearance without much effort.

Get the look:

5. Contrast Trim Top + Black Trousers

Contrast Trim Top and Black Trousers

Old money styling and Parisian chic aesthetics have a lot in common. Both feature eye-catching staples that can be styled in many ways. For instance, contrast trim pieces like black tops with white borderlines create a more elevated and streamlined appearance. These tops and tees can be paired with black trousers, a black belt with gold details, and a large tote bag to achieve an effortless look. 

Get the look:

6. White Summer Dress + Sandals

White Summer Dress and Sandals

Embrace your femininity with a white dress and strappy sandals. In the old money style women dresses play a vital role as they instantly bring grace and create a polished look. You can style your gown and dresses with a belt, heels, and a tote bag.

Get the look:

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7. Tennis Skirt + Striped Sweater

Tennis Skirt and Striped Sweater

Old money aesthetics also combine with preppy clothing pieces like tennis skirts. The quiet luxury and refined look are also associated with the lifestyle of wealthy women who like to play golf and tennis. You can style tennis-inspired fashion by wearing a pleated mini skirt or tennis skirt with a formal striped blue button-up shirt and a white striped sweater. 

Get the look:


Is Old Money Style only for the wealthy?

Absolutely not! While inspired by established families, Old Money Style isn’t about wealth; it’s about timeless elegance. It focuses on quality over quantity, investing in versatile pieces and refined details. 

Can I mix old money style with modern trends?

Yes, you can mix old money style with modern trends by wearing timeless staples with current fashion elements while maintaining a sense of sophistication and refinement.

Is the old money style just for women? 

This style consists of tailored trousers, polo shirts, and blazers, which are both for men and women.

What colors are best for the old money aesthetic?

This style is about going with neutral and understated colors like navy, beige, white, and black. These colors help to create a classic and versatile look, making them perfect for various occasions.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the top old money style outfit ideas. This style combines the traditional old money style with modern silhouettes to create a timeless elegance. The old money aesthetic isn’t about going with the latest fashion trends; it’s about building a classic women’s wardrobe. These old money outfit looks will help you elevate your style and overall appearance.

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