Best Necklace Guide for Men in 2024

Necklace Guide for Men

Necklaces have always been a popular choice of accessories for women. This kind of jewelry is frequently used as a show stopper of a look. Though, when it comes to necklace guide for men, the whole perception of such piece changes. They can no more stand out as much and attract that much attention.

The task of finding the right combo of these accessories and a clothing look is kind of tricky. It becomes extremely important to balance the outfit out, so that it neither looks overwhelming nor loses its’ masculinity.

That doesn’t mean you should give up and avoid necklaces at all costs. There’s plenty of safe choices on the market to pick from. For instance, there’s rosary necklace, leather necklace and the list goes on. Here’s our helpful necklace guide for men that will help you explore the three most popular types of these accessories.



Men’s leather necklace is an option to choose if you want to stay on the safe side. This type of necklace tends to look quite rough and subtle, which is exactly what you want to be looking for.

Leather pieces come in variety of colors and patterns, and that’s perfect for someone who’s searching for an everyday necklace. These stand out in the most subtle of the ways possible. So, you can pair it with any shirt you own. Also, necklaces made of leather are definitely one of the most durable and wearable options to go with.

This example, nicely illustrates what we have in mind. This classic brown woven necklace for men will only grow better with age. Made from genuine leather, it’ll soften with time, giving it that rugged appeal. Don’t you see yourself wearing leather necklace daily?



Despite the fact that women’s sizes of necklaces vary much widely, men still have plenty to choose from. Depending on the length of the chain, there are such sizes:

  • 18 inches: Base of neck of smaller man
  • 20 inches: Collarbone; most common size
  • 22 inches: A few inches below the collarbone; medallion can be added
  • 24 inches: Above the breastbone

We highly recommend trying each size on in order to find the perfect match. But one of our favorites is the long necklace (about 22-24 inches).

Big necklaces are bold and versatile. The piece above comes at 24″ (61 cm). Such length is perfect for almost any look in your wardrobe.



Another great option for men’s necklaces are dog tag necklaces. Despite their quite an embarrassing name, there’s nothing except manly and stylish in wearing them. You can simply wear them as a centerpiece to your plain grey/black/white T-shirt. Or you could go a bit further and engrave some meaningful things or thoughts for you.

What’s great about dog tag necklace is that you can customize them and add either your initials or date of birth or even horoscope sign, if you’re into it. The choice is limitless. Everything’s up to you.

These come in different colors and chains, so you may play and experiment a little bit. This type of necklace is extremely suitable for everyday wearing. Though, you can play and add a funny quote or an unacceptable joke and tuck it underneath your work shirt. That’ll bring a little secret to the relationships with your colleagues and boss.

Our advice is to pair it up with any casual top and go into the big world.

Those three types of necklaces are just a glimpse of a whole new world of accessories. There’s much more to the choice of necklace for men. But choosing these pieces would surely be a sensible and a stylish option.

You can match a leather necklace with a simple shirt and jeans, add a comfortable pair of footwear and you’re good to go. Your friends will notice something stylish and new in your look, but they’ll need a minute to figure out what that is.

On the other hand, the long necklaces may not as seemless and effortless as the leather ones, but the former would make a stronger statement with your appearance.

And last but definitely not least, dog tags. Customize them to your own liking and combine them with any casual outfit that you’ve got.

Anyways, give them all a try and find your personal favorite.

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