5 Ways a Smart Trackable Wallet Can Simplify Your Life

Benefits of Smart Trackable Wallet

Have you ever had trouble finding your wallet when you need it the most? Or are you tired of your bulky wallet that ruined your shape and the clean lines of your outfit? — Worry not. You are not alone. 

Many of us face the same daily challenge, which is why Ekster smart trackable wallets are designed to help you. With features designed for modern living, these wallets offer practical solutions to common problems. 

But, what are these smart wallets, how it works, and what are their benefits? We will cover it all in this blog further. Let us dive in straightaway. 

What Is a Smart Trackable Wallet? 

A combination of a traditional wallet with advanced technology design to track your wallet’s location using a built-in tracker is known as a smart trackable wallet. These wallets are integrated with a tile slim tracker that helps you find your misplaced wallet quickly with the help of an app. 

For example, if you are in a rush and unable to find your wallet with your cash and important cards, you just need to open the app on your phone. By opening the app you will get help to find the wallet without any hassle which ultimately saves your time and reduces stress. 

The objective of developing and designing these wallets is to make sure user never lose their wallet again and can easily be traceable if it is misplaced. These wallets come with many different features the most that stand out is their slim fit design which makes them easy to carry and function. 

5 Ways A Smart Trackable Wallet Can Simplify Your Life 

smart trackable wallet

Generally, the smart trackable wallet can simplify your life with numerous advantages however, the 5 core of those are as follows:

1. Never Lose Your Wallet Again: 

With a built-in tracker, you can locate your wallet using a mobile app. Simply open the app, and it will show you where your wallet is on a map. If it’s nearby, use the ring feature to find it quickly.

2. Stay Alert with Notifications: 

The out-of-range alert feature notifies you when you leave your wallet behind. This proactive reminder helps you avoid the stress of misplacing your wallet.

3. Easy Access to Cards: 

The smart wallet has a sleek design with an eject button for easy access to your cards. With a simple press, your cards pop up, making transactions faster and more stylish.

4. Slim and Stylish Design: 

This wallet combines retro aesthetics with modern functionality. It holds all your essentials without bulging your pocket, keeping your look clean and minimalist.

5. Secure and Private: 

Advanced encryption ensures your location data remains private. Only you and authorized users can track the wallet, providing peace of mind and security.

How Smart Trackable Wallet Works? 

Smart Trackable Wallet Works

The process of a smart trackable wallet is as follows:

1. Setup and Pairing: 

First, download the Find My® app on your iPhone or Apple device. Follow the instructions to add your Finder Card to the app and pair it with your smart trackable wallet.

2. Location Tracking: 

Once paired, the smart trackable wallet continuously communicates its location with the Find My app via the Apple Find My Network. This network utilizes nearby Apple devices to anonymously relay location data to your app.

3. Worldwide Coverage: 

Using the Find My app, you can see your wallet’s or luggage’s location on a worldwide map. This feature leverages the global reach of the Apple Find My Network, ensuring you can track your items almost anywhere.

4. Ring Functionality: 

If your wallet is nearby and you can’t locate it, use the Find My app to trigger the ring feature on your Finder Card. This emits a loud 95 dB sound, helping you locate your wallet within a range of up to 300 feet (90 meters).

5. Left Behind Alerts: 

The smart trackable wallet includes an out-of-range trackability feature. When you move away from your wallet, your Apple device receives a notification to alert you that you’ve left it behind, reducing the risk of loss.

6. Battery Management:

Monitor the battery life of your Finder Card through the Find My app. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months on a single charge. Use the included magnetic charging cable to conveniently recharge when needed.

7. Voice Activation: 

Utilize Siri® voice commands to activate the ring function on your Finder Card or request the current location of your wallet. This hands-free feature enhances convenience and accessibility.

8. Secure Sharing: 

For added security, share your Finder Card’s location with up to 5 trusted individuals directly through the Find My app. This collaborative feature ensures multiple eyes can assist in locating your wallet if necessary.

9. Privacy and Encryption: 

All communications and location data between your Finder Card and the Find My app are encrypted for privacy and security. This ensures that only you and authorized users can access your wallet’s location information.


With so many advantages and features this trackable wallet is nothing less than your companion that keeps you updated about your wallet whenever you need it. Its sleek design, advanced technology, and user-friendly functionality make it an essential accessory for modern life. Therefore, invest in a smart trackable wallet and experience the perfect blend of convenience, style, and security.

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